Transmigrated into a Female-Oriented Card Game
Transmigrated into a Female-Oriented Card Game Chapter 174

* * *

Lydon sat on the bed, one leg dangling over the other. His face was radiantly beautiful with a faint smile beneath his disheveled blond hair, but there was an eeriness in the air that one couldn’t quite put their finger on. Perhaps it was the presence of the healers crouched in the corner, shivering.

“Ugh, I feel bad. I guess you never learned that you shouldn’t touch other people’s bodies carelessly. If I kill you all, will this bad feeling go away?”

A smirk crept into his voice.

His current location was an Imperial healing chamber, but the interior was icy – not just atmospherically, but actually icy. The floor was icy, the ceiling was covered in icicles, and the only doorway was frozen solid with ice.

The healers who had gathered to help Lydon recover were frightened for their lives by the sudden outbreak.

“We, we were merely using our healing skills to help Mr. Lydon recovered. We, we just follow His Majesty the Emperor’s orders.”

Lydon’s red eyes rolled gently as one of them found the courage to speak up. A faint hint of displeasure flickered in his small, curved eyes.

“Did I tell you my name?”

“That, that is…….”

“Who is the Emperor?”


“Hmph, are you going to make me say it twice?”

“It’s…… It’s His Majesty, Emperor Derek Osma.”

I don’t know this human. Lydon muttered under his breath and stretched his feet under the bed. In the midst of all the intimidation, the 190 cm fairy was enough to make the healers feel dizzy.

That angelic face was only admirable at first. To those who had suffered through the ravages of magic, the smiling face of Lydon was a terror.

Whether he knew it or not, Lydon laughed out of habit, his bare feet crunching across the icy floor. The healers huddled against the wall with nowhere to retreat to, keeping their eyes peeled for any sign of harm from the mad fairy.

Lydon swept a quick glance over their gathered heads, then pointed to the one healer who had dared to speak up.

“You, stand up.”


“Are you having trouble hearing because your ears are deteriorating with age? Let me know if you want to replace it. I’ll help you.”

“There, there is no need. I’m getting up!”

Lydon gave the healer a refreshing smile as he quickly stood up and placed his hand on the frozen door. The healer thought he was just melting the ice, but Lydon thrust an ice spear into it and broke the entire door.

The loud noise made the healers standing behind him shudder. Lydon spoke to him as he leisurely stepped outside.

“Take me to my human.”


“Ahaha! Why do you keep asking me back?”

“It’s, it’s because…….”

“If you’re not having fun, at least be smart, because I want to kill you.”

Anyone who heard the order of ‘Take me to my human’ would ask back for more clarification. However, instead of making excuses, the healer fell into a cold sweat and tried to please Lydon.

“Who are you referring to when you say my human…….”

“You ask the obvious. My human is Ca…….”

Lydon was about to casually mention Cadel’s name when he stopped himself.

「“Don’t call me by my first name here.”」

Was that request still valid? Since he said he was a wanted person, it would probably not be a good idea to call him by his name.

Lydon, who was able to think with common sense for the first time in a long time, began to describe Cadel’s face.

“His hair is a light brown color, soft and thin, and when the wind blows, it flows like a painting. His eyes are the color of tree bark, and when he smiles, his eyes fold…… in a lovely way. His cheeks are flushed, his lips are rosy even when he’s unconscious, and his face is so full of life. You get it now, right?”


Get what? Even though the healer didn’t want to ask, he had no choice but to repeat the same mistake. At that, Lydon frowned and smiled, which was rare.

“Find the prettiest and cutest guy here.”

“The, the prettiest and cutest…….”

“Would you rather just die?”

“No, I’ll find him right away!”

If the man before the healer were a normal human, he would have gone to the knights and begged them to remove the madman, but Lydon was a fairy, not a human. His Majesty had ordered him to be especially careful. The healer decided to follow his survival instincts and his duty.

The characteristics of the man that Lydon mentioned were useless information from beginning to end, but it was not difficult to identify any human being he could find.

The Commander of the Scarlet Scales Mercenary.

The healer’s steps were swift as he made his way to his only life-saving rope.

Lydon followed the healer at a leisurely pace, recalling the face of Cadel that had appeared in every single one of his dreams. He should have gotten tired of seeing it, but the thought of seeing the real Cadel excited him.

He quickly outpaced the healer with his long legs and jokingly said.

“If you fall behind, I’ll break your leg, so let’s lead the way quickly, shall we?”

But the healer could instinctively sense that it wasn’t a joke.

* * *

“Darling, why do humans like to touch other people’s bodies so much?”

“If you ever call Commander that creepy name again, I’ll rip your snout off.”

“Hmph, I call him Darling because he’s my Darling, but what does it matter to Van, who’s not even mine?”

Van raised his voice almost out of habit, and Lydon inflamed his anger with a familiar, innocent expression. It was the tailor, not Cadel, who was at a loss among them. Cadel made eye contact with the tailor who was in trouble and smiled awkwardly.

After the conversation with Van, the tailor and servants who had been away for a while returned. Cadel had been taking measurements earlier, so he had nothing better to do but watch Van, when Lydon, who had regained consciousness before he knew it, burst into the room.

「“Ahaha! Ca…… No, darling! I’m here. You missed me, didn’t you? I missed you. I missed you so much that I saved this stupid person’s life even though he couldn’t find the way around and procrastinated!”」

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