Transmigrated into a Female-Oriented Card Game
Transmigrated into a Female-Oriented Card Game Chapter 21

After taking a quick glance at the system window that announced the successful completion of the quest, he took a clear glance at his knights.

‘Well, I don’t think I got caught looking at those expressions.’

Aside from Van’s awe-filled eyes, Lumen, who couldn’t understand what was happening, was also surprised. Although stung by his conscience, it was clearly his own ability to find the perfect timing and blow the enemy away in one blow. If Van and Lumen had properly followed his orders from the start, he wouldn’t have had to do this.

‘Lumen aside, I didn’t know that they wouldn’t listen until the loyalty level exceeded 70. How the hell am I supposed to nurture him?’

Cadel shook his head inwardly and turned around while holding onto an expression that could still show the ‘dignity of a commander’.

“Let’s withdraw. Van, you take the female believer.”

“Yes, Commander!”

“Luman, you take this.”

Cadel took out the recovery potion he had bought in preparation for an unexpected situation and threw it. Lumen’s expression as he received the small vial was strange. He inhaled the medicine without delay and asked while wiping his lips.

“Just now, how did Commander know?”


“That I could have been beaten. I didn’t see any signs of a counterattack…….”

“’cause I’ve fought a few times.”

“……Are you talking about witches?”

“Whether witches or demons.”

As Cadel deliberately responded casually and moved on, Lumen didn’t ask any more questions.

He dealt with large and small enemies by type. He didn’t know the story, but he was more knowledgeable than anyone on how to attack enemies. But if you dig into that fact persistently, it becomes difficult to explain. All the enemies he faced were characters from the game. It was difficult to explain until the question was answered.

After confirming that Van was carrying the fallen believer, Cadel started going back the way he had come.

‘If the reward is good, let’s try to match Lumen’s equipment with better ones. If I give him a gift, his favorability might increase.’

He successfully completed the quest again this time. A happy sense of accomplishment was filled by the definite result. A smooth future was giving him a warm smile with its arms open before his eyes.

Sadly, however, the soft sense of accomplishment did not last more than 10 minutes.

* * *

It was not like Cadel was the head of a faction for nothing. Yes, the average magician enjoyed being treated as a member of a group and did not set out to lead a group himself.

However, Cadel became the head of the mercenary corps of his own will. He handled a capable soldier who could be a double-edged sword freely like a ball in his hand and jumped into a risk-filled incident without hesitation. Only to raise the name of the mercenary corps. Everything he did was contrary to the tendency of ordinary magicians.

The magicians Lumen knew took a passive attitude in both human relationships and battles, and those who occasionally used bold magic were usually rude and had few people around them. They were people who were comfortable following orders rather than doing something. He would say it was a synonym for passive. Anyway, it was different from Cadel.

The magic he showed, breathtakingly magnificent. A curiously accurate intelligence of the adversary against whom one was dealing. Even if the first plan failed, the momentum to immediately connect the other plans.

He was honestly coveted. To such an extent that if Cadel were not the commander, he would be willing to be drawn into his faction right away.

‘It’s a pity.’

It was really a pity. If the one led by Cadel was a decent knight order. If it had been, he might have been able to bend over.

* * *

「The favorability of the knight ‘Lumen Dominic’ has increased by 10.」

「Current favorability: 15/100」


Cadel had a stupid look on his face at the sudden appearance of the favorability window.

‘What’s going on here?’

Looking at the system window again, the favorability of ‘Lumen Dominic’ had risen. Why? He had been talking to Van a moment ago. It was a conversation that was close to Van one-sided apology and his plea to please stop apologizing. But why did Lumen’s favorability rise suddenly?

Cadel, who couldn’t comprehend the absurdity, looked back in search of Lumen. However.


Of course, Lumen, who was supposed to be following him, could not be seen.

Cadel stopped and quickly looked around. However, no sign of Lumen could be felt anywhere in the dark forest.

“Luman! Where are you?”

Even when he called out loud, there was no answer. Beside Cadel, who was flustered, Van clicked his tongue, saying ‘I knew it’.

“He was a stupid-looking guy, Commander. I think he’s lost.”

“No, he’s walking so slowly and missed us? Don’t tell me that the remnants of the demon were left…….”

The very moment he bit his lips with an ominous feeling.


Along with the sound of something breaking, the rustling sound of leaves, reminiscent of the sound of huge waves, surrounded and attacked in all directions. There was no time to figure out the situation.


He blinked once and he saw Van’s face who was hugging him, he blinked twice and he felt a dull sense of rolling the ground, and he blinked thrice…….

「The knight, ‘Lumen Dominic’, has left the Mercenary Corps.」

「The knight, ‘Lumen Dominic’, was lost.」


The most absurd notification came to mind since he transmigrated.

“Are you, are you hurt? Commander!”

Cadel, who had been staring blankly at the system window, came to his senses belatedly. He was lying on the ground in Van’s arms. Van looked at Cadel’s face over and over again to see if he was really unscathed before getting up. Cadel slowly rose to his feet, holding Van’s outstretched hand.

He was still bewildered. Was it because he let his guard down because everything was over? Unbelievable things happened one after another, and his mind was hazy as if he was dreaming.

It was after discovering the scene spreading over Van’s shoulder that he managed to gather his reason and face reality. At that gruesome scene, a laugh came out of Cadel’s mouth.

“How the hell do all these trees……. Look at the cross section, Commander. It can only be said that someone did it on purpose.”

He agreed. In front of his eyes, seven obliquely cut wooden pillars overlaid exactly Van’s and his location. If Van didn’t roll with him, he would have died instantly. Even if he were lucky enough to survive, he’d be crippled.

He breathed heavily. Cadel forced himself to breathe and raised his hand to Van’s back.

“Van. The believer?”

“Ah……! I’m, I’m sorry, Commander. I forgot that I was carrying her on my back…….”

Cadel couldn’t scold him. Van only threw himself to protect him as the commander. No, there was no reason to scold him in the first place. Cadel took his hand off Van’s back and clenched his fist. He was so angry after a long time that he almost felt dizzy.

Perhaps misunderstanding Cadel’s cold expression, Van drooped his eyes pitifully.

“I should have been more careful. To kill the believer you tried so hard to save…….”

“No, that bastard stole her.”


“Lumen, that bastard, ran off with the female believer.”

Cadel smiled forcefully, curbing his temper. Van, who understood the meaning a beat later, quietly covered his mouth.

Lumen Dominic. Van didn’t believe him from the beginning, but he didn’t want to offend the commander by bringing it up now. Van was silent and sneaked a glance at Cadel’s face.

If Lumen stole the believer, the intention was clear. As he initially intended, he would visit the temple and claim that the defeat of the witch was his own achievement. If there were no means to refute the claim, all compensation would belong to Lumen. And, in Van’s opinion, they had no evidence other than the female believer.


Cadel’s dejected laughter fell helplessly as he rode through the forest where the trees had been cut down.

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