Transmigrated into a Female-Oriented Card Game
Transmigrated into a Female-Oriented Card Game Chapter 23

“Why do you sometimes rush so fast? You can just ignore it and move on.”

“I’m sorry, Commander. But that old bastard dares to ignore Commander.”

“What old bastard……. Just put up with it. If you get a big request in the future, you’re going to be on a decent axis, but you’re going to temper yourself every time? Don’t you know that the aftermath is all my responsibility?”

On the way to search for the traps, after parting with the Holy Knights, Cadel was scolding Van, who was drooping like a downtrodden mutt. Of course, he was proud of Van as he fiercely stepped up whenever he was ignored, and on the other hand, he was reassured. Still, if he didn’t stop Van from making it a habit at this point, it seemed that more tiring things would happen.

“From now on, count ten before you get angry. Think carefully about whether it’s okay to get angry.”

However, he couldn’t help but feel sympathy for Van’s pitiful expression, who defended himself and listened to scolding. Was this why people tended to take sides in favor of someone close? Cadel let out a deep sigh as if he couldn’t help it, and stroked the sullen Van’s head.

“If the size of the mercenary corps grows, there will be fewer cases of us being openly ignored like just now. Let’s hang in there until then. Okay?”


Van’s expression, which had been in tears, was also relieved when Cadel touched him. Then he even lowered his head to find a good angle for Cadel to pet. He looked like a puppy snuggling his hand, so Cadel forgot the nagging and laughed. He was, in many ways, a real stupid but endearing dog.

‘Anyway, since I left proudly, I must disarm more traps than the knight order for the sake of my face. I don’t know if I’ll have any mana left.’

Although cooperation seemed to be out of the question anyway, they declared independence, but searching for and disarming the traps took more power than expected. In the game, the trap was searched for by releasing magic in a certain space and detecting magic that was not theirs, and the trap was released by disrupting the flow of the magic circle with the player’s magic. When playing, it was a simple task that was completed with a few touches.

Of course, he knew that reality wouldn’t be so easy. Feeling tired already, Cadel closed his eyes for a moment.

‘Is it fortunate that the wind attribute was unlocked? Wind magic is perfect for exploration.’

Slowly lifting his eyelids, he found a suitable spot and stopped.

“I’m gonna start searching. Keep an eye out for me, Van.”

As Cadel stretched his arm forward, a silky breeze began to whirl around him.

‘Wow, it’s no joke.’

The 4th trap disarmed. Cadel stuck out his tongue, wiping away the rain of sweat.

He had prepared his mind in advance, but the mana used to disarm the trap was beyond his imagination.

How to say it. It felt like he was singing the full song while maintaining the plank position on top of the magic circle for 30 minutes. In other words, it was terribly difficult. The amount of mana was positive, but cutting off the flow of magic left by the witch was also a difficult task.

“Here’s water.”


Cadel took the water bottle that Van handed him and gulped it down. The hand holding the water bottle trembled, and if he didn’t rest at this point, he felt like he was going to collapse.

Van looked at Cadel’s condition and used his hands to fan from the side. It was much cooler than normal fanning, perhaps because of his large hands and good strength. Cadel took a deep breath as he calmly accepted his consideration.

“Aren’t you overdoing it?”

“I was just trying to get some rest. One minu…… No, let’s take a break for about 15 minutes and go get rid of it.”

“Is there really nothing I can do to help? Commander is suffering so much alone, but all I have to do is run these small errands.…….”

“None, none.”

This time it was true. It was not a white lie for his one and only subordinate. There was nothing Van could do to dispel the magic.

Anyone who could handle even a little bit of mana might not know it, but Van, who was an unmanned man to the bone, could only handle aura. The aura did not affect the flow of mana. So, unless he ignorantly intended to break the magic circle, there was no way he could disarm the trap.

However, Van did not want to accept the helpless reality. Looking down at the ground with a sulky face, his eyes soon shone as if he had decided.

“Then, even if it’s just the way to the trap, I’ll carry Commander on my back.”

“What? Forget it, I don’t need it.”

“It’s not like the traps are close, and it’s all exhausting! It’s for efficient work, Commander. Okay?”

Cadel glanced at Van with a bitter gaze. Normally, he would have refused over and over again, saying it was nonsense.

‘It’ll be comfortable if he carries me on his back. ……If you think about it, friends can carry you on their backs, right? Even now I am very, extremely, exceedingly tired. There is no clearer path to suffering than useless stubbornness.’

The current Cadel was in a state of pain enough to justify anything for rest. Eventually, he nodded as if he couldn’t win, and Van smiled like a flower in full bloom.

“I’ll make you comfortable!”

It wasn’t just a good reassuring.

After a short break, Van began to move in search of the trap with Cadel on his back, whose body was almost limp like wet laundry, forgetting the initial embarrassment.

‘What’s going on with this back? It’s so comfortable.’

I should have asked him to carry me on his back earlier.

The unwavering comfort was as good as any luxury bed. Thanks to this, he was able to reserve his stamina, albeit a little, and Cadel was able to disarm the trap while maintaining a state on the verge of death.

‘How many did the Holy Knights Order disarm? Even if it’s not twice as much, it would be nice if our team was ahead by three traps. That’s enough to save face and boast, right? There’s a difference in the number of people.’

The 6th trap disarmed. Cadel, who was squatting in front of the magic circle, thought that while rubbing his eyes.

The reward he received from the temple was also a reward, but he had a strong desire to show off in front of the Holy Knights who ignored him. On the outside, he pretended to be calm and pretended to be unscathed, but he also has something called pride. He wanted to make the other person feel bad even though he couldn’t growl openly like Van.

Cadel got his heavy body together with such a single thought. It was the moment when he slowly felt that he needed a second break in the blurred vision.

“That’s fast. Even though you’re a magician, you’re twice as efficient as the Holy Knights.……. The pride of those with a high nose will be hurt.”

A familiar voice came from the top of the tree surrounding the magic circle.


Van, who discovered the master of the voice before Cadel, immediately took out his greatsword. Despite the brutal killing intent, the owner of the voice let out a silly laugh.

“It’s a reaction that doesn’t go beyond my expectations.”


Cadel slowly raised his head and called his name in a cold voice.

Lumen Dominic. He was perching on a branch as if to show off, looking this way.

Cadel clenched his fists as he glared at Lumen, who waved lightly at him. If he had enough mana, he would have fired a fireball right there.

“Hi, Cadel.”

But Cadel didn’t have the extra mana, and he didn’t have the strength to pull Lumen down from up there. Therefore, he moved his relatively normal mouth.

“Unfortunately, there is no evidence for you to steal from this request. Why, are you going to come back before us and beg for compensation first?”

“Not really. The reward I received last time was generous.”

“Then go get a good drink with that money. Don’t make people feel terrible by being smart.”

Even though he was exhausted, Cadel’s voice was surprisingly cold. His tone, which naturally became insipid because of his lack of energy, also played a role. At that, Lumen licked his lips for a moment, then jumped from the tree. Despite the considerable height, he landed softly without any damage and adjusted his clothes leisurely.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t expect my betrayal. From the beginning, I only volunteered as a subordinate for the sake of exchanging information. The person who made the outrageous proposal would know best.”

“Commander, I’m going to cut off that bastard’s snout and come back.”

Cadel grabbed Van’s arm as he was about to go on a rampage. Then he took a moment to catch his breath. Anger filled his head, but he had to stay calm nonetheless.

The reason why Lumen, who had already left the mercenary corps, came back dared to talk.

It was the value of Lumen to decide whether to talk or ignore.

He was in a position to think and choose.

“Expecting betrayal is different from being subjected to it. It’s different from ordinary departures and running away with rewards.”

“I have no intention of making excuses.”

“I have no intention of listening.”

Cadel kept his eyes on Lumen. His neat appearance, confident attitude, and strange eyes that felt a shallow sense of alienation.

‘……Yeah. I remember when I recruited Lumen Dominic in the game, the conditions were annoyingly difficult. It was such a performance that I thought there was nothing I could do about it.’

The fact that the proud and arrogant Lumen did not leave but came again clearly had a positive meaning.

Cadel was troubled.

Take that traitor back, or not. No, even if I earn him, do I have the ability to control him now?

“I just came because I missed you.”

“You missed me……?”

“I’m interested in you. Is it unpleasant?”

“Honestly, I don’t feel good.”

Lumen laughed bitterly at the neat answer. If it weren’t for each other’s positions, it would have been a sad smile that would have lifted Cadel’s guard for a moment.

‘This is why this female-oriented game is a no-no. Don’t try to solve everything with your face! Such a jerky handsome man.’

Cadel, who was annoyed inside, crossed his arms.

“To be more honest, I liked your abilities quite a bit. I thought it was the strength I needed for the mercenary corps I was going to lead.”

“I can’t afford to fight anywhere.”

“In terms of personality, I think you’ll feel small wherever you go.”

“That’s too much.”

“Stop talking about useless conversation. I know you are Lumen Dominic.”

Was it too much of a surprise attack? Lumen’s expression, which had been relaxed the whole time, hardened faintly.

The stiffened corners of his mouth slowly rose. He spoke to Cadel, who was staring at him casually.

“I wasn’t sure. It’s even more surprising that you offered me to join even though you knew that. Were you going to bring in an aristocrat to make the name of the mercenary corps known?”

“It doesn’t matter if you are aristocrat or royalty. All I want is a strong human being.”

“Then why are you telling me you know who I am? It doesn’t hurt my reputation for being in a crappy mercenary corps for a day or so.”

“You still don’t understand what I mean.”

As he said it sarcastically, Lumen twitched his eyebrows. Cadel struck first before Lumen was able to fire back.

“The second son of the Dominic family is so ambitious that he is aiming for his brother’s position, leaving the family to travel from place to place to have the power to overthrow him……. I’ve heard that rumor before.”


“So that’s what I suggested. Although I can’t give you that kind of power, I’m willing to wield that kind of power for my subordinates.”

This time, not even Lumen could hide the agitation. He strained his eyes, as if he had heard something unexpected, as if the remark was rather shocking.

Cadel drove a wedge facing Lumen.

“I’m going to be a big shot, Lumen. My goal isn’t just to put one family down.”

There was a brief silence.

Lumen regained his composure, but the initial smile was gone. He stared at Cadel with an impassive, determined expression.

“You want me to gamble? You want me to devote my life to being a travel companion of an ordinary magician’s journey, who might or may not be a big shot?”

“That’s funny. I never asked you to be my companion. I have no intention of accepting a person who betrayed me once as a subordinate.”

“Then why would you say that…….”

“But I still covet your ability.”

Clearly, Lumen was a coveted talent. As he was a regular face in Cadel’s favorite final deck, his skill was unmistakable. Cadel asserted that he understood Lumen’s potential better than anyone else in the world. However, he was still worried and anxious about whether he, a beginner with nothing, would be able to develop a talented person like Lumen.

That was why he made this choice.

“Be a temporary member.”


“You’re gonna have to wander around anyway, and you’re gonna have to raise the value of your name, right? Then you might find a useful group.”

The state of neither discarding nor possessing Lumen. If he could maintain that halfway state and grow, the timing to get Lumen in the palm of his hand would surely come.

“It’s okay if you don’t participate in all the quests. You don’t have to introduce yourself as a member of the mercenary corps.”

“Then what’s the point of me accompanying you?”

“It’s just watching each other. I wonder if you’re a person worthy of embracing even after a single betrayal, and whether you’re a person worthy of me risking my life.”

If Lumen was made a temporary member, the range of cost that could be used also widened. The amount of money to be invested would certainly decrease. Participating in optional quests might be uncomfortable, but it was worth it, Cadel thought.

Lumen was speechless. He seemed cautious about Cadel’s proposal. Cadel spoke lightly to Lumen, who had his mouth shut.

“The deadline is two days. Let’s decide then.”

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