Transmigrated into a Female-Oriented Card Game
Transmigrated into a Female-Oriented Card Game Chapter 82

Meanwhile, an unexpected enemy had also appeared in the path of Cadel’s group as they searched for Lumen.

“You’re lucky to be alive, and you’re stealing other people’s food……. You humans are disgusting after all.”


“Keh keh, did this body ever give you its name?”

A pool of mucus appeared out of nowhere. Ergo emerged from it, and he stared at Lydon on Van’s back with his usual unpleasant grin.

“You couldn’t hold it in and called your comrades, little fairy.”

“You couldn’t hold it in and regenerated your fingers? Do you want me to rip them off again?”

“Keh keh…….”

Ergo smiled benignly at Lydon’s provocation and looked away…… Or so they thought.

Phoosh puck!

A relentless blast of mucus was aimed at Lydon. Van quickly dodged the attack and glanced briefly at Lydon, who laughed loudly at his back.

“Don’t give him that useless provocation. You can’t even move.”

“The only one who can order me is Cadel!”

“Then I’ll give the order. Keep quiet, Lydon.”

Lydon grumbled with a pout as Cadel spoke. But Cadel didn’t care at all.

‘The red thread is still trembling. Is Lumen not with the Twilight Knight Order? Or did they all fall to this guy?’

Did they all go back to check on Lydon?

‘……Ergo is strong, but not strong enough to slay and slaughter a good knight order in one fell swoop. Especially not now, when he’s not in perfect condition.’

So there was only one conclusion to be drawn.

“Ergo’s clone.”

In a low whisper, Cadel told Van.

“I’ll buy some time, and you can take Lydon to the temporary garrison.”

A single clone was worth fighting. Due to Ergo’s nature, close combat was disadvantageous, so it was better for a magician to deal with him.

That was what Cadel thought.

“Nope. I’ll deal with him.”

Instead of following his orders, Van’s eyes glowed with determination. Holding Lydon with one arm, he tapped the greatsword in his free hand against the ground and looked back at Cadel.

“I’ll take care of this.”

“He’s a magician, and he’s got acidic mucus that burns flesh with the slightest touch—”

“I can do it.”

Cutting him off, Van placed Lydon down, no lesser than throwing him off. Cadel narrowed his eyes as he reflexively supported Lydon.

“I know better than you what he can and can’t do because I’ve been in the fight with him. You’re no match for him.”

“You can’t just pick your battles. Besides, if that demon is a clone, as Commander says, then the others are likely dealing with the main body, right? No one knows that demon better than Commander. Your help will be needed.”

That fact was irrefutable. Cadel was going to kill the clone as quickly as he could, and then join the other group to fight the main body.

As if sensing Cadel’s hesitation, Van smiled his usual affectionate smile.

“I’m Commander’s partner. Please trust me.”

Cadel’s fists tightened. Though he had disappointed his subordinates by making pathetic mistakes, he had never, not once, failed to believe in his own knights.

“……Don’t overdo it. If you think you’ve earned some time, don’t deal with him anymore and run away.”

In the end, Cadel accepted Van’s will and wrapped Lydon’s arm over his shoulder.

“Lydon. Can you run?”

“Hmph, you’re not picking me up?”

“Don’t expect too much.”

Cadel’s body shook after a long walk. It was better to support Lydon, even if it was a little slower, than to pick him up and fall flat on the face.

“Why don’t you stop thinking about running away from this body? If it were me…… I would rather hand over the fairy and declare my surrender.”

“Such weak thoughts aren’t befitting a demon like you. Stop talking and start fighting.”

Van raised his greatsword, guarding Cadel and Lydon’s path. A wave of red swirled over his pupils as he summoned his red aura.

Cadel shifted slightly under Van’s protection and cast a wind barrier around him.

“It won’t hold for long. You should avoid close combat as much as possible.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Cadel, supporting Lydon, leapt into action. Before Ergo’s attack could reach Cadel’s barrier, it was bisected by a rush of red sword energy.

The mucus from the fall soaked into the ground. Ergo’s eyes narrowed.

“I don’t even want to imagine not being able to take you on my own. I need to prove my skills, you disgusting demon.”

Van’s eyes narrowed as he fixed the greatsword. He had no intention of playing nice with Ergo’s clone and then running away.

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