Transmigrated into a Wealthy Family, Acting as Sickly Stepmother
Transmigrated into a Wealthy Family, Acting as Sickly Stepmother Chapter 17.1

Chapter 17

The day’s schedule came to an end, and Sheng Xia, watching Sheng Lanqiu eagerly leaving with her child after bidding farewell, felt innocent. “Clearly, she was the one who invited me. Why does it seem like I forced her to comeLook at the speed she’s escaping with; is there a zombie chasing her from behind?”

Feng Jingxu sarcastically remarked, “Isn’t it because you ordered two children’s meals again?”

Sheng Xia, sitting in the car, responded confidently, “The portion of children’s meals is so small; it’s normal for kids not to feel full. What’s wrong with ordering two extra?”

Did she really order them for the children? In the end, who ate them all? Did this woman have no self-awareness?

Watching the twins next to him, already tired and on the verge of falling asleep, Feng Jingxu couldn’t help but roll his eyes in silence.

Upon returning home, they were warmly welcomed by the enthusiastic care of the servants. Even the chef came out specifically, eagerly asking Sheng Xia what she would like for dinner.

Before, they didn’t feel it, but when Madam took the children out to play, they suddenly felt that the villa was too quiet, even a bit uncomfortable.

Thinking carefully, it seemed that over this past month, the house had gradually become lively.

Even the sight of them gathering together and making noise, which used to give a headache to Feng Shaoyu, who was originally planning to rest at home for the weekend, made him suddenly realize that the house was empty. He felt a sense of abandonment.

Clearly, it used to be so empty and quiet here, and he should have been used to it… No, getting used to things could be a scary thing.

Feng Shaoyu pinched his brow, suddenly realizing something, and couldn’t help but smile bitterly. Upon learning that his sister-in-law and the children might not be back until the evening, he decided to pay a visit to the company.

Now, seeing them return all lively and energitic, including the unmistakable sound of Sheng Xia’s exasperated shouts that had not disturbed Feng Jingxu, Feng Shaoyu couldn’t help but smirk. Suddenly, he felt at home again.

While everyone showed exceptionally warm attitudes, there was one person who acted strangely.

Upon seeing the twins being carried back listlessly by Feng Jingxu, Nanny Ye’s eyebrows furrowed, and she couldn’t help but step forward, “Young Master Jingxu, let me take care of the children.”

Though she tried to be polite, the ever-sensitive Feng Jingxu naturally sensed her guarded attitude. Reacting instantly, he coldly frowned, “What do you mean?”

Nanny Ye was momentarily stunned, seemingly at a loss as she explained in a hushed tone, “I feel that taking care of the children is really hard for you. Seeing the kids not feeling well, I thought it would be better to entrust them to me.”

Feng Jingxu’s attitude became colder, and he directly handed over the twins in his arms with an indifferent expression.

Nanny Ye’s attitude towards him has always been subtle.

She was hired by the Late Young Master Feng the brother of Feng Yan and his Wife the former Madam to take care of the twins. Naturally, her stance was on the side of the two children. Therefore, she was naturally cautious towards Feng Jingxu, who was also adopted and had inheritance rights.

In Nanny Ye’s view, the twins were the ones with true blood ties to the Feng family. Moreover, Feng Jingxu had entered the entertainment industry and surely couldn’t inherit the family business.

It wasn’t just her who thought this way; the servants in the villa also had similar thoughts. Hence, they treated Nanny Ye with courtesy and friendliness, not wanting to offend her easily.

However, the twins were still very young and didn’t understand much. Nanny Ye naturally worried that Feng Jingxu might harm the two children.

Feng Jingxu, having experienced several changes in guardianship, was particularly sensitive to the emotional changes of those around him. Naturally, he could sense Nanny Ye’s subtle wariness towards him.

As a result, he couldn’t get close to his younger brother and sister.

If it weren’t for Sheng Xia deliberately teasing him and always throwing the two little ones to him, Feng Jingxu would never have taken the initiative to approach the twins.

Now, looking at Nanny Ye and the two children in her arms, he instinctively stepped back, the thought “this is not his home” rising in his mind again, clenching his fists as he was about to leave.

Feng Shaoyu, who was originally about to ask how they were playing, frowned upon seeing this. Although the nanny seemed fine, he could feel that his nephew was not okay at the moment and stood up involuntarily.

Just as he was about to speak, he suddenly heard Sheng Xia’s light voice, “This statement is interesting. Why didn’t I feel that the two children were uncomfortable anywhere? So, do you think that as their brother, Xiaoxu can’t take care of the children at all, or are you…worried that he might secretly bully the children?”

Nanny Ye’s expression stiffened. She didn’t expect that without provoking Sheng Xia, she would still take the initiative to make things difficult for her.

She forced a smile and hurriedly explained, “No, Madam, you misunderstood. I didn’t mean that at all. I just thought the children were tired after playing all day, and it’s hard for Young Master Jingxu to take care of them, so I wanted to take them over.”

Seeing Sheng Xia’s noncommittal expression but feeling an indescribable pressure in her black eyes, Nanny Ye gritted her teeth and added in a low voice, “Chenchen and Ranran haven’t been out much besides going to school, so I’m worried they might not adapt easily. I just wanted them to rest properly…”

“With their brother and me accompanying them, what could they possibly not adapt to? Or are you implying that I’m unreliable and can’t take care of the two kids?” Sheng Xia interrupted before Nanny Ye could deny anything.

Without waiting for Nanny Ye’s response, Sheng Xia suddenly blinked innocently, showing a puzzled expression, “In fact, I’ve been wanting to ask for a long time, Miss Ye, what exactly are you trying to imply?”

“Is it you their mother or me?”

“So, are you… trying to take my place?”

At that moment, not only Nanny Ye but everyone present gasped in shock.

Nanny Ye’s legs almost gave out, and the two children almost fell. Fortunately, Feng Jingxu quickly lifted them back up.

He looked down at the twins. Feng Xuchen seemed oblivious to the complex emotions of the adults, only flashing a sweet smile at his brother.

Feng Xuran, on the other hand, didn’t smile. It seemed like she understood something. She pursed her lips and hugged her brother’s neck, softly calling out, “Brother.”

Feng Jingxu hesitated. Although he didn’t say anything, his expression appeared somewhat complicated.

“No, Madam, I absolutely didn’t mean that. Please don’t misunderstand!” Nanny Ye was scared stiff, trembling at the thought of facing Feng Yan’s cold and terrifying face. She quickly shook her head. “How could I dare? Please believe me, I really didn’t mean it!”

“But now, aren’t you questioning me in the tone of the lady of the house?”

Sheng Xia cleared her throat, touching her chest lightly. She sighed softly, “No wonder I didn’t have much interaction with the kids before, and they were so afraid of me. It turns out someone has been poisoning their minds behind my back.”

Thinking about the terrifying expressions of the former madam in the past, the onlookers felt a bit overwhelmed. Really? Was that true?

Ignoring their subtle expressions, Sheng Xia suddenly looked at the housekeeper. Her tone was leisurely, with a hint of a smile that wasn’t quite a smile, “So, what’s the purpose of keeping someone who only causes trouble behind our backs in the Feng family? Are you waiting to corrupt the kids in the future?”

Realizing something, Nanny Ye widened her eyes, and her raised voice sounded particularly harsh, “Madam, I was specially invited by Young Master Feng. You have no right to drive me away!”

She suddenly met Sheng Xia’s gaze.

Despite the pale complexion with a hint of blush from her coughing earlier, making her look fragile and pitiable, those dark eyes were calm, profound and Cold exuding an intimidating pressure that made people hesitant to meet her gaze.

Nanny Ye’s heart suddenly skipped a beat, feeling a sudden sense of fear towards the current madam.

But… how could that be possible?

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