Vampire Race and Werewolf Race Are Impossible
Vampire Race and Werewolf Race Are Impossible: Chapter 53


I was high off of sleep depravation when working on these extras so, train-wreck ahead. I’ll try to go through them and iron out the mistakes later. I decided to release them as they are as I didn’t want to keep anyone following this story hanging for too long. Anywho, enjoy~


53. If my family is still here.

“Side Story (If Line)”

On a summer night, a torrential rain brought with it muffled thunder, and the noisy sound of rain only ceased as dawn approached.

The vast sky cleared up, immaculately blue, and the land, refreshed by the rain, emanated the fragrance of earth.

A droplet of dew fell from the eaves and landed on the windowsill. Startled by the sound, a young wolf cub wrapped in a thin blanket jolted awake from a chaotic and unsettling dream.

Rubbing sleep from his drowsy eyes with his furry paw, little Gu Rong wriggled out of his pajamas. Skilled at shaking off his fur, he transformed back into his human form and retrieved his clothes from beneath the blanket.

The jumbled dreams vanished as awakening memories took their place. Gu Rong recalled that last night, he had been supposed to accompany his older brother in the study, drawing formation diagrams. Eventually, feeling too sleepy, his brother carried him back to their bedroom.

Afterward, his brother had said he was going to pick up their parents and told Gu Rong to sleep obediently by himself.

Young Gu Rong got out of bed and crawled around on the floor, but he couldn’t find his slippers.

His silly brother had only carried him back home without bringing his slippers; they were still in the study.

So, he ran out of the bedroom barefoot.

The sound of the little one’s footsteps showed no restraint, “Thump, thump, thump,” echoing on the wooden floor, easily heard by someone standing at the staircase.

Across the corridor, without any warning, Gu Rong was lifted up by someone lurking in the shadows.

“Classmate Gu Xiaorong! Who’s back?”

A kiss landed heavily on his cheek. Gu Rong pushed away his dad’s face in disgust, but his father promptly hoisted him up over his head, settling him securely on his broad shoulders.

Gu Rong kicked his legs, giggling atop his father’s shoulder. His father held down his wiggly legs, calling out, “Stay still! If you move too much, you might fall!”

Mrs. Gu emerged from the bedroom, catching sight of the playful father and son. She voiced, “Put our son down quickly. Your hair isn’t dry yet.”

Holding his son’s little hand, Mr. Gu lifted it up and gave it a playful shake, asking, “My little troublemaker, where are your slippers?”

“They’re in the study!” Seated on his father’s shoulders, Gu Xiaorong swayed from side to side, seizing the opportunity to tattle, “Daddy, when did you come back? I said I wanted to go with my brother to pick you up, but he didn’t let me!”

“Hahaha, of course your brother wouldn’t let you come. Daddy went to catch some bad guys last night. You’re still too young. When you’re a bit older, your brother can take you along.”

“Mr. Gu carried his son to the study to find his slippers, while Mrs. Gu called from behind, ‘When you find them, come down for dinner. Xiaozheng will be back soon!’

“Where did big brother go?” Little Gu Rong held onto his dad’s head and asked.

“He went to make a report for the council, he’ll be back soon.” With Gu Rong in tow, Dad found the slippers and led his son back to their bedroom for washing up.

While brushing his teeth, Gu Rong listened to his dad’s story about a wolf clan battling demons. He threw his head back and howled in excitement. From downstairs, his mom shouted, ‘Stop howling! If you continue, I’ll toss both of you onto the mountain!’

Father and son exchanged a glance, simultaneously making a “shh” gesture. Gu Rong used a hushed voice to urge his dad to keep telling the story.

“Did big brother manage to seal the demon in the end?” Gu Rong asked, tilting his head.

“Yes, he did. Big brother is about to become even stronger than dad, but he’s still a bit behind!” Holding his son’s hand, Dad descended the stairs, and just as they reached the bottom, they encountered someone unwelcome standing at their doorstep.

Prince Moor Kate gave a disdainful hum and said, “Without my son’s help, could your son alone have sealed the demon?”

Dad Gu: “…”

He gestured towards Gu Zheng, who was searching for slippers in the shoe cabinet, and asked, “Why is this person in our house?”

Gu Zheng, having found a pair of new, unopened slippers for the fastidious prince, opened the packaging and stood up. “There are documents to be filled out, so I had them come over. Dad, you’ll need to fill out some later too. We need a detailed account of last night’s events.”

The prince lifted his chin. “Did I want to come to your house?”

Dad Gu retorted, “My house doesn’t welcome you either.”

Gu Zheng shook his head helplessly, waved for Gu Rong to come over, and said, “Come on, Xiaorong, call him uncle.”

Gu Rong stood by Gu Zheng’s side, looking up at this strange uncle who looked disdainful but intriguing. He obediently said, “Uncle.”

The uncle responded with a cold hum, and Gu Rong’s father followed suit with a similar hum.

Gu Rong: “…”

I don’t get it, but you’re both weird.

On the way back, Gu Zheng stopped by a traditional Cantonese dim sum restaurant and got some takeout. Mrs. Gu and Miss Yan were unwrapping the packages, and there was a handsome young man sitting at the dining table.

Gu Rong peeked out from behind Gu Zheng, stealing glances at the well-mannered young man.

He felt like a graceful and noble young lord sitting on the wall in their backyard, elegantly stroking a big cat.

Gu Rong took the initiative, “Big brother.”

The young man nodded slightly, “You.”

His voice was nice to listen to as well.

The adults at the table were discussing things too complex for young ears to understand, but Gu Rong kept his eyes fixed on the handsome young man, who inadvertently lowered his gaze to meet his.

Mrs. Gu teased, “Do you like Yan Ling gege that much? You keep staring at him.”

“Like.” The young man’s clear eyes met his, and Gu Rong couldn’t help but break into a silly grin, saying happily, “Like a little kitten!”

Yan Ling: “…”

Everyone around the table burst into laughter, except for Yan Ling who remained expressionless. Gu Rong blinked in confusion, realizing he had said something wrong. He looked helplessly at Yan Ling.

Yan Ling glanced at him and placed a crystal shrimp dumpling onto the little boy’s plate.

Gu Rong stared at the shrimp dumpling on his plate and then sneakily looked at Yan Ling. A sunny smile bloomed on his face.

After breakfast, the adults started filling out paperwork. Little Gu Rong sat on the floor, building Lego blocks on his own. Occasionally, he sidled up to his brother, rubbed against him, peeked at what everyone was writing, and then secretly glanced at the handsome young man who was focused on his penmanship.

Gu Rong noticed a red birthmark on Yan Ling’s wrist.

Against his snow-white skin, it resembled a touch of red plum blossoms in the snow.

The little wolf’s claws scratched at the carpet for a while, and he couldn’t resist reaching out to touch that tiny red dot.

The skin of the vampire was cool, just like snow.

The pen that was writing paused. Yan Ling lowered his head and noticed the little child sitting beside his brother, gazing up at him.

Children, always cheerful and carefree, were like little suns radiating happiness.

Gu Zheng lightly tapped the little sun’s head, saying, “Don’t disturb Yan Ling gege while he’s working.”

Gu Rong rubbed his head, placed a small flower made of building blocks near Yan Ling, and said, “Big brother, the red birthmark on your wrist looks like this little flower, very pretty.”

Yan Ling glanced at his wrist but didn’t find it particularly pretty. However, he did find the small red flower that Gu Rong had constructed cute.

After playing with building blocks for a while, Gu Rong grew bored and took a stroll around the backyard. He then rummaged through the fridge, retrieved a ham sausage, and went out to feed the cats.

Once the reports from the adults were all completed, Gu Rong, who had been napping against Gu Zheng’s leg, wiped his drool, got up, and clung to Gu Zheng’s clothes. He bounced around excitedly, saying, “Gege, you promised to take me to the mountain today!”

Gu Zheng hesitated, looking at the files in his hand. He crouched down and discussed, “Gege needs to visit the Violations Department this afternoon, and considering it rained last night, the path up the mountain might not be good. How about gege takes you there another day?”

Gu Rong had waited all morning and was a bit disappointed to hear that his big brother would still be going out.

The little child pouted in discontent.

Mrs. Gu suggested that Prince Moor and his wife have lunch at their place. Yan Ling stood in the living room, waiting for the stubborn Prince Moor to make up his mind. He looked at the little boy, whose mouth seemed almost capable of holding an oil bottle. Yan Ling spoke up, “I’ll take him out.”

Gu Zheng, still consoling his brother’s emotions, raised his head. “That would trouble you…”

Although his brother wasn’t comfortable, Gu Rong was very happy. Following the saying “A child’s face is as changeable as the weather in June,” everything changed in the blink of an eye.

Gu Rong turned away from his brother and ran to Yan Ling, grabbing his hand. He looked up with an expression that said, “I’m well-behaved, please take me to play.” Yan Ling looked down at him and said, “It’s okay, not a bother.”

Gu Zheng: “…”

For some reason, he felt abandoned.

After lunch, Gu Zheng headed to the Violations Department and took the opportunity to drop off Yan Ling and Gu Rong at Yannan Mountain.

Gu Rong held Yan Ling’s hand and walked up the mountain path. He looked up at Yan Ling, whose expression was usually cold. August was hot, and a child was like a moving little stove. Even his own older brother found holding his hand uncomfortable while walking.

However, Yan Ling’s hand was cool, just like a piece of jade. It was very comfortable to be held by him.

Yan Ling lowered his head and looked at him. “What does your big brother usually do when he takes you out to play?”

Gu Rong replied happily, “Big brother transforms into a big wolf and takes me to catch rabbits on the mountain!”

Yan Ling: “…”

Why hadn’t Gu Zheng told him anything?

Where could he have gone to transform into a big wolf?

Listening to the adult conversation earlier, Gu Rong had already figured out that Yan Ling was a vampire. He looked at Yan Ling’s silent expression and asked expectantly, “Can big brother turn into a big bat?”

Yan Ling: “…”

Yan Ling: “No.”

Well, he could turn into a little kitten, though.

Gu Rong didn’t seem disappointed by his answer. He was already content that Yan Ling was accompanying him.

Gu Rong puffed out his chest. “Then I’ll transform into a wolf and catch rabbits for you!”

The rain had left the mountain path damp, with small puddles scattered around. After pondering for a moment, Yan Ling hesitated and asked, “Are you afraid of heights?”

Gu Rong tilted his head. “No, not at all.”


The wind whooshed past their ears, branches threatened their eyes, and Gu Rong held onto Yan Ling’s neck, tightly shutting his eyes. The next moment, they avoided the branches and soared upwards.

Nestled against Yan Ling’s neck, Gu Rong carefully tilted his face upwards and saw a pair of broad bat wings flapping, carrying them through the layers of the forest.

Leaves fluttered down, and Gu Rong’s eyes widened. A smile tugged at his lips as he released one hand to catch a falling leaf.

The resting birds on the branches were disturbed and flew away squawking. Gu Rong snuggled back against Yan Ling’s neck, looked up with a joyful “Ah! Ooh—” expression.

Yan Ling lowered his head, and the little child planted a kiss on Yan Ling’s cheek before continuing to excitedly cry out.

To avoid drawing attention, Yan Ling didn’t fly too high, but it was still exhilarating for the young wolf cub. He caught a small rabbit with Gu Rong and flew in circles. As they descended, Gu Rong held the rabbit and shouted happily, “Ah! Uh—ooh!”

Yan Ling’s heart skipped a beat when he felt a lightness. He quickly reached out. One hand held the little wolf cub, the other the little grey rabbit, ensuring a safe landing.

The young wolf cub emerged from his short sleeve, tilting his head with a sheepish expression. He made a cute whine before poking Yan Ling’s leg with his nose.

Yan Ling asked while holding the wolf cub, “Aren’t you going back to your human form?”

The little wolf cub: “…”

Yan Ling: “Can’t you change back?”

The little wolf cub scratched at his collar and buried himself back into his clothes.

Yan Ling called Gu Zheng to confirm that the little wolf cub was just too excited, unable to control his form for a short period, and he would revert soon.

After putting down the phone, Yan Ling turned around to see Gu Rong running to a distance, enthusiastically digging something.

Approaching, Yan Ling saw that the little grey rabbit had been pinned down by the little wolf cub, who was enthusiastically digging at the dirt, while the wolf cub was ferociously scratching at Yan Ling’s pants that had fallen from mid-air.

“What are you looking for?” Yan Ling asked.

The little wolf cub took a step back and wagged his tail at Yan Ling.

Just like a little dog, Yan Ling thought.

Following the little wolf cub’s indication, Yan Ling retrieved half a carrot from Gu Rong’s pocket.

He had no idea when the little boy had hidden it, but the wolf cub joyfully carried the carrot to the little grey rabbit, nudging it gently with his nose.


Rabbit: Don’t move. Don’t move.

The sociable little wolf cub spent some time feeding the rabbit and frolicking in the mud. After completing his task, Gu Zheng hurried back to Yannan Mountain. He was there to pick up his muddy little wolf cub brother, and the little blood prince who had sacrificed his pristine shirt to amuse his little brother. However, that unreliable father of the little prince had done something unreliable again. He had left his son alone at someone else’s house and driven away with his wife for some alone time.

Yan Ling: “…”

One could only say that he had gotten used to it.

Seeing the torn shirt on Yan Ling’s back and the mud on his clothes and face, Mrs. Gu felt apologetic. She suggested, “If Little Ling doesn’t mind, why don’t you stay at our place tonight? You and Xiao Zheng have a similar build, so you can wear his clothes.”

The little wolf cub, who was busy scratching his paws at the door, perked up when he heard this. He excitedly trotted over to Yan Ling’s side and rubbed against his leg.

With mud now splattered on his black pants, Yan Ling couldn’t leave.

That night, Yan Ling leaned against the headboard, and a small head peeked out from the bedroom door. Seeing Yan Ling, Gu Rong displayed a silly grin and softly asked, “Gege, can I come in?”

Yan Ling shifted over on the bed, making room for him. The young wolf cub happily climbed onto the bed, snuggled up to Yan Ling, and looked up with shining eyes. He pitifully said, “Can I sleep with gege tonight? I had nightmares last night because of the thunder.”

The little wolf cub was already lying on the bed. After a brief hesitation, Yan Ling, succumbing to the onslaught of the innocent puppy-dog eyes, nodded lightly.

The little wolf cub cheered, moving closer to Yan Ling, and whispered, “Gege, you can read your book. I won’t disturb you.”

Yan Ling covered Gu Rong with a blanket, then returned to his book. Gu Rong fidgeted under the blanket, turning around, leaning against Yan Ling’s shoulder, staring at the book for a while, then lying down again, staring at Yan Ling’s face.

The little wolf cub didn’t say a word, but his eyes were so fervent that they were hard to ignore. Yan Ling glanced over and saw a big begging expression on Gu Rong’s little face.

Yan Ling put down the book in his hand and looked at him, asking, “What’s wrong?”

Gu Rong hesitated and nervously moved closer to Yan Ling’s embrace. He looked up with a bashful expression and said, stammering a bit, “Ge-ge, older brother, school starts tomorrow. Can you, can you maybe… fly me to school?”

Yan Ling: “…”

Yan Ling: “I can take you, but I can’t fly with you. People might notice.”

A pair of furry ears popped up on top of Gu Rong’s head, and he looked at Yan Ling with pleading eyes, “What about a place with no people? Can’t we fly there?”

Yan Ling: “…”

The little wolf ears twitched.

Yan Ling: “…There’s nowhere without people.”

The cute plan of the little wolf cub to be carried while flying succeeded. He reached out, hugged Yan Ling, and snuggled close, saying in a clear voice, “Yan Ling gege is the best!”

“Yan Ling gege is the best!”

Yan Ling pushed away Gu Rong, who was clinging to him like a set of Russian nesting dolls, picked up his luggage, and headed out.

Gu Rong, brimming with excitement, lifted his bedding roll and followed.

Today was the day of enrollment at University A. Ten years had passed, and the little rascal who used to pester Yan Ling to fly high had grown into a tall young man, half a head taller than Yan Ling.

Once again, President Gu and his wife had gone on a trip, this time accompanied by Yan Ling’s parents. Over the past ten years, the relationship between the two women had grown remarkably strong after facing demons together, while the two men still couldn’t stand each other’s presence after all these years, speaking as little as possible.

The journey was filled with liveliness.

Gu Zheng had gone early to the department that handled irregularities, leaving Yan Ling to take Gu Rong to school.

The trunk was filled with various kinds of luggage. Gu Rong took the front passenger seat, leaned in, and quickly pressed his cheek against Yan Ling’s, saying with a smile, “Wife, I love you.”

Yan Ling: “…”

Yan Ling: “Why are you saying random things?”

“What’s wrong? Aren’t you my wife? Wife, wife, wife~” Gu Zheng held Yan Ling’s hand and playfully kissed his clean wrist.

Ten years had passed, and the clingy little boy had grown into a young man who could openly express his affections.

After the college entrance exams, Gu Rong hadn’t slept a wink during the summer vacation or gone on any trips. Instead, he had tirelessly rushed to New Moon Media, claiming it was for an internship but mainly to chase after his wife.

Three months of summer vacation had passed, and Gu Rong fully utilized his talent for being adorably charming. He successfully melted the heart of the CEO, who couldn’t bear to keep rejecting the enthusiastic advances of the little wolf cub.

Yan Ling stopped Gu Rong from pouncing for another kiss and said seriously, “You’re used to calling me that, but what if you slip up and call me that in front of your parents and your brother?”

“Well then, I’ll call you that~” With just one hand, Gu Rong could hold Yan Ling’s wrist. He pulled Yan Ling towards him, gave a loud smack, and planted a big kiss. “I never really intended to keep it a secret anyway.”

The young man who was in the early stages of falling in love had a very poor technique when it came to kissing. Gu Rong pecked at Yan Ling’s lips like a chicken, but eventually, the prince couldn’t endure it any longer. He wrenched free from the grip on his wrist and pressed down on the back of the wolf cub’s neck, deepening the kiss.

After an extended and erratic kiss, the little wolf cub tentatively responded to Yan Ling’s kissing advances. 

The temperature inside the car continued to rise, and a sudden knock on the window shattered the silence, much like a basin of cold water being poured over their heads, extinguishing the eager but flickering flame.

Gu Zheng, who had hurried back from the department handling violations to see his younger brother off to university, muttered, “…”

Yan Ling glanced at Gu Zheng, who was speaking outside the window, straightened his disheveled tie, and uncertain about what expression to adopt, he opened the car window with a stiff face.

Gu Zheng repeated, “Come out and let’s talk.”

The car was parked in their own yard, and lost in a whirlwind of emotions and confusion, they hadn’t considered their surroundings. It was quite unexpected that right after admitting that he had no intention of concealing anything, the next moment he was inadvertently forced to reveal the truth.

Even someone as noble as a prince-level figure within the vampire aristocracy found himself confronting such a situation for the first time.

Yan Ling solemnly opened the car door, and Gu Rong seized him, cautiously addressing his elder brother, “What do you want to discuss? Isn’t talking to me up here the same, brother?”

Gu Zheng was too weary for lengthy explanations; he directly swatted away Gu Rong’s paw, snatched the car key, forcefully closed the door, and locked Gu Rong in the car.

The car window automatically rolled up, and before Gu Rong could open the car door, he scrambled over to the driver’s seat and shouted out of the window, “Brother! Don’t bully my wife! Don’t think I’m unaware of what’s going on between you and Huo Zhixing!”

Yan Ling covered his face, the term “wife” from Gu Rong causing his face to emit smoke. Crimson ascended from his neck, spreading to the base of his ears.

Gu Zheng was also reddened by the situation, turning around with a vehement blush and saying, “You rascal! Just wait, I’ll deal with you later!”

Author’s Note:

Yan Maomao being scolded by his brother.jpg

With this IF line, it’s all wrapped up~ Brother can’t prevent his younger brother from treating Yan Maomao like a puppy. Hahaha!

The only issue is that the relationship between the two in-laws is truly complex and heated. (Little Pigeon shakes its head.jpg)

Additionally: Huo Zhixing is Huo Ye’s brother, and he and Gu Zheng share a history of childhood friendship, a light sip indeed.

(This pigeon is truly loving these sips, everyone needs a sip) (Innocent emoji) (Pointing at oneself)

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