Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 2

Chapter 2 — Quarrel

After talking on the phone with the principal, Shen Muan subconsciously went to look for Fang Xu, Zhizhi’s uncle, but he was gone.

He had gone already?

Shen Muan pressed down his uneasiness and quickly ran to the gate of the kindergarten. There was no one… and the car was gone.

“Uncle, the car that was parked over there, it already left?” Shen Muan ran to ask the uncle in the security room. The uncle was holding a thermos cup in his hand and sat peacefully. “It’s been five or six minutes.”

“What happened?” the uncle asked.

“The child was sent to the wrong kindergarten.” Shen Muan sighed. Although some parents secretly left while the children were happy, they would tell the teacher before leaving. If they were satisfied, they would go through the formalities with other teachers. Unexpectedly, Mr. Fang who came today took an unusual path.

He left without saying a word, no formalities, and also did not even leave any contact information. If it weren’t for the temperament of the other party and the luxury car, Shen Muan would doubt whether he had deliberately left the child here.

Shen Muan couldn’t be blamed for thinking badly. In the past, some parents left their children at the gate of the kindergarten. When the police finally found the parents, the parents were unwilling to take the child back.

Hearing Shen Muan’s words, the security guard couldn’t sit still. He jumped up and couldn’t hurry. “Oh, what should we do? Should we call the police?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll ask the child if he remembers his home phone number. If he doesn’t remember, it’s not too late to call the police.” Although Shen Muan was a little worried, he soon calmed down. Even if he sent it to the wrong one, he would pick up the child in the afternoon.

It was his first time to experience such a mishap, which made Shen Muan feel very complicated. Life… was really rich and colorful…

Shen Muan went to look for Zhizhi, but Zhizhi had absolutely no idea of what was going on.

There was no other way. Shen Muan could only contact his brother who was a policeman, tell him all the information he knew, and ask him to help contact his family.

Zhizhi grabbed Shen Muan’s clothes and ignored other children. He asked nervously, “Teacher An, did I make a mistake?”

Shen Muan was slightly stunned when he heard Zhizhi’s words: “No, why do you think so?” Shen Muan noticed his uneasiness and picked him up. Zhizhi wrapped his arm around his neck and leaned his little head against Shen Muan’s chest, “then why… look for mom and dad?”

In Zhizhi’s memory, only when he did something bad, would the teacher find his parents. He seemed a little nervous as he held Shen Muan’s collar, but he didn’t know what he had done wrong.

“You didn’t do anything wrong, you’re good.” Shen Muan noticed that he was in a bad mood and patiently explained to him why he wanted to contact his family. “There was just a small mistake. Zhizhi’s uncle just forgot to go to school formalities and left.”

Shen Muan didn’t know how to tell him that his uncle sent him to the wrong kindergarten, and he mistook him for the child who was going to school today because of incomplete information. There was no need to say it to him since he wouldn’t be able to understand it. He was afraid that he would be sad after listening.

“Uncle is too careless!” his cheeks bulged, and he was very unhappy. “Grandpa asked Uncle to take Matcha last time, but uncle took it as mustard!”

“Uncle is always like this!” he said angrily.

Shen Muan didn’t know how to answer for a moment. He thought that Zhizhi’s uncle took that mustard flavor intentionally.

Zhizhi was still angry. Shen Muan found that the time agreed by the principal and the parents of the new child was coming, so he said to him, “This teacher has to pick up other children. Just play with other children here now, okay?”

“I don’t want to!” he hugged Shen Muan’s neck almost strangling him.

The time was rushing, but Zhizhi refused to let go. Shen Muan had no choice but to take him to pick up the new children.

The new child was also a boy named Chu Siyuan. He was about the same age as the grandson of a friend of the principal.

When Shen Muan came with Zhizhi to the gate of the kindergarten, Chu Siyuan had arrived. He was followed by a man with a reluctant expression. It seemed that he was losing his temper because of something.

The man next to Chu Siyuan was tall and straight, wearing a black suit with slightly wrinkled eyebrows. Looking at the aura, he was very strong. The handsome face of the man showed a touch of displeasure. The expressions of a big man and a small man were very similar and looked very interesting.

“Chu Siyuan, stop fooling around.” The man didn’t seem to be aware that Shen Muan had approached them. His attention was focused on the little bean that didn’t even reach his knee who was jumping and kicking him.

Chu Yi looked at this little demon and felt annoyed. His brother and sister-in-law had some things to deal with recently, and his parents went on a trip again, so they threw the little demon to him to take care of. Chu Yi thought it was just a piece of cake, but he didn’t expect such a little bean to be so difficult.

Chu Siyuan had already made trouble at home because he was going to kindergarten today. Chu Yi forced him and brought him to the kindergarten. As a result, he lost his temper again.

“Excuse me, are you Mr. Chu and the child Chu Siyuan?” Shen Muan took the initiative to break the stalemate between the two.

Chu Yi and Chu Siyuan looked at Shen Muan at the same time.

“I’m Shen Muan, the teacher of the Rose class of Chuntian Huahua kindergarten. Hello.” Shen Muan smiled at them. The one he held in his arms just looked at the little bean on the ground. With a cold hum, he turned his head into Shen Muan’s arms. “This is Zhizhi. Does Zhizhi know Siyuan?”

Before Zhizhi could even speak, Chu Siyuan started to speak. “I know him. He peed his pants in the restaurant last time!”

Chu Yi: “… You shouldn’t let this kid speak.”

Shen Muan: “… Are children so cruel now?”

Hearing Chu Siyuan’s words, Zhizhi’s body stiffened. He rubbed his head, and the original steamed stuffed bun face became even rounder because of anger. He waved his hands and feet to go down, but he was held tightly by Shen Muan. He could only argue by shouting, “I didn’t! I said that the water spilled on me last time!”

“Humph, I don’t believe it.” Chu Siyuan turned his head and he looked determined not to believe it.

The more Zhizhi thought about it, the more angry and anxious he got. Finally, he couldn’t help crying.

Shen Muan blinked his eyes at Chu Yi and met each other’s eyes. They couldn’t keep up with the story of the two children.

Seeing Zhizhi crying, Chu Yi also wanted to comfort him, but he didn’t know what to do, so he directly picked up Chu Siyuan, “Apologize, you can’t say that to others.”

Shen Muan coaxed Zhizhi and saw Chu Yi’s action. He hurriedly said, “Mr. Chu, you can’t hold your children’s clothes like this. You’ll strangle his neck.”

Chu Yi looked at Chu Siyuan, who was still struggling in his hand. He was silent for two seconds and put the kid down.

“Teacher An’an can’t talk to bad children!” He cried and scratched Shen Muan’s shirt with both hands.

“I’m not a bad boy!” Chu Siyuan was unhappy when he heard this. He ran directly to Shen Muan and hugged Shen Muan’s thigh. “Don’t hug him. You hug me. I haven’t wet my bed since I was one year old!”

Chu Siyuan’s words were like the last straw that broke the camel’s back and Zhizhi cried even more.

Shen MuAn could only coax the two at the same time.

Chu Yi, the uncle of one of the bear children, stood there and didn’t know what to do. He would rather fight with the people in the mall than watch the two children quarrel with each other……

Not only did Chu Yi feel it was a headache, but Shen Muan also felt it was a headache. The children quarreled and didn’t listen to anyone at all.

If he wasn’t afraid that two little guys would fight, Shen Muan would want to let them go and let them quarrel, especially Chu Siyuan, who was holding his pants… He always felt that his pants would be torn off by this little guy……

“Shut up.” Chu Yi also couldn’t bear it and snapped.

The two little peas closed their mouths at the same time. Zhizhi went straight into Shen Muan’s arms. Chu Siyuan held his legs tighter, and the atmosphere suddenly dropped down.

Neither of the two little guys was willing to pay attention to the fierce man behind them.

Seeing this scene, Shen Muan suddenly felt that it would be good if the kindergarten could have a more strict teacher.

Chu Yi also regretted what he said. He was afraid that the two little guys would cry harder, but he didn’t expect them to be frightened. Chu Yi looked at Shen Muan, who had become a human climbing frame, and found that the other party was smiling at him.

In this kind of situation, a person who could smile…

Chu Yi felt that this man must not be an ordinary person!

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