Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 60

Chapter 60 – Lost Contact

Grandma Gu’s attitude was very determined, Shen Muan had no choice but to accept the card.

“Then I will keep it for Ruirui for the time being. When Ruirui grows up, I will give this card to him.” Shen Muan said to Grandma Gu seriously.

Grandma Gu believed everything he said, but this was not the result that she wanted. But no matter how she persuaded, Shen Muan stood firm on his decision.

Grandma Gu had no choice but to stop mentioning this matter. She watched Shen Muan lead Ruirui away and sighed deeply. The mood was indescribably complicated, she was both happy and disappointed.

When Grandpa Gu came back he saw Grandma Gu shook her head, and understood.

“Those two kids are really kind, but it’s too hard to persuade them.”

As night fell, Shen Muan walked on the road holding Ruirui’s hand.

“Is it because we’re buying a house?” Shen Muan looked at the little guy who had his head down. Along the way, Ruirui didn’t say a word.

Ruirui nodded when he heard Shen Muan’s question. He felt that they were changing houses because of him. Although Ruirui was still young, he had also heard his parents complain that the current house prices were too expensive. They have worked very hard but still, they haven’t saved enough money to buy a house.

Ruirui didn’t want to put such a big burden on his family.

Looking at the crumpled little face, as if it could cry at any time, Shen Muan suddenly hugged Ruirui.

Ruirui blushed a little. He rested his head on Shen Muan’s shoulder and did not dare to look Shen Muan in the eye.

“Ruirui, thank you.” Shen Muan knew that Ruirui was worried that he would increase the burden on them, but for Shen Muan and Shen Fangqi, Ruirui was not a burden.

This child was too sensitive…

Shen Muan felt that it was because they did not give Ruirui enough sense of security that Ruirui thought of this.

Ruirui was different from other children, he was more mature and sensible than children of the same age. He carefully thought about life and many other things. He was very dependent on Shen Muan and Shen Fangqi, but in the same way, he always had the idea of helping them in his heart.

When Ruirui wasn’t there yet, Shen Muan and Shen Fangqi lived very casual lives. After having him, their lives had undergone great changes.

Although the two never talked about it, Ruirui could tell that since he arrived at the Shen Family’s house, Shen Muan had not added another figurine to his shelf. And a thin layer of ash had also appeared on the unfinished Lego set at the corner of the table, its owner seemed to haven’t touched them for a long time now.

Although Shen Fangqi didn’t speak much, he always took time out to accompany Ruirui.

Both of them sacrificed their private time to be with Ruirui, but he couldn’t do anything to help them. This made Ruirui feel powerless.

In Shen Muan’s point of view, at Ruirui’s age, the child should be carefree and just need to be happy every day. There was no need to worry about things that only adults need to worry about. But this situation did not seem to apply to Ruirui.

Shen Muan didn’t realize this at first. But now, he thought that perhaps it wasn’t that they didn’t give Ruirui enough sense of security, but that their approach was wrong.

After Shen Muan took Ruirui back, he had a good chat with Ruirui. He decided to change the way he treated Ruirui.

They had a good talk with Ruirui. After all, this was the first time for them to raise a child, they were also exploring ways of how to get along well. Although Shen Muan worked as a teacher in kindergarten, being in the kindergarten was different from being at home, and it was impossible for him to keep working all the time.

After a good talk with Ruirui, Shen Muan carried him to take a bath and then sleep.

The next day, Shen Fangqi went to deal with the house arrangements. They had a pretty optimistic view about the house in a small community near here. Today, Shen Fangqi was going to sign the contract.

The house they chose was one of the many houses recommended by Chu Yi. After confirming it, Chu Yi decided on the house opposite their choice.

But now a stumbling block appeared, it was his own nephew. Chu Yi looked at the little brat who was eating and silently called his brother. He wanted to ask when he would be able to come back and take the kid away.

The phone was dialed and rang, but no one answered.

Chu Yi felt that something was wrong, so he called again, but still, no one answered.

He could still get through his eldest brother’s phone, but his sister-in-law’s phone was already turned off.

Chu Yi had an ominous feeling. He couldn’t get in touch at all, in the end, he got the news that they had lost contact while at sea.

The sudden loss of contact made Chu Yi feel very strange. He immediately contacted his friends and the related authorities, and finally got the news that it was because of a storm.

It was clear that the sea could be calm one moment but in a flash become violent and stormy with lightning and thunder.

Chu Yi sat by the window, his hands clenched into fists. He looked at the sky outside the window without saying a word. Right now, he couldn’t wait to rush over, but he knew that even if he rushed over, it would be useless. Since the storm was still surging, there was no way to carry out rescue at sea.

So he contacted all the people he could and asked them to search for the cruise ship of his brother and sister-in-law as soon as the storm stopped.

Who would have thought that a sea trip after a business meeting would be met suddenly with a storm?

Chu Yi was very worried, but he couldn’t tell anyone yet. Chu Siyuan was too young, and his parents were getting older, knowing about this was of no use to them except for adding more people to be frightened.

At the same time, Chu Yi also blocked the news as soon as possible. The news shouldn’t be allowed to flow out, otherwise, the company would also encounter trouble.

The only thing Chu Yi could do now was to wait.

While Chu Yi was waiting, his phone rang suddenly. Chu Yi flipped it over and found that it was Shen Muan and answered it.

Before Shen Muan could speak, he heard the voice on the opposite side full of exhaustion. He subconsciously had a bad premonition: “What’s wrong with you? What happened?”

Chu Yi didn’t answer immediately, so Shen Muan just waited.

After two minutes, Chu Yi said, “Can you come and accompany me?” He now desperately needed someone to accompany him and share the pressure with him.

Chu Yi had already done everything he could, he could only hope that his brother and sister-in-law were safe and sound.

“OK.” Shen Muan agreed without even thinking about it. After talking to Shen Fangqi, he drove to the address Chu Yi gave him.

The address Chu Yi gave was the address of his apartment.

When Shen Muan arrived, the lights in the apartment weren’t even on.

Chu Yi sat on the ground like a statue, with a computer next to him showing the latest weather conditions at sea.

As Shen Muan saw this, he went to hug the other party.

Chu Yi leaned his head on Shen Muan’s lap, he had never felt as exhausted as this before. Even in the face of a powerful opponent in the market, he had never been the same as he was now.

“My brother and the others… They lost contact at sea…”

Shen Muan, who heard this sentence, was stunned on the spot. This sentence was like a key that unlocked his memory as a few short lines flashed quickly through his mind.

[My parents died in a shipwreck, so I hate the sea very much.]

This was written in the original book…

TL Note: My poor Siyuan QAQ I hope his parents will be saved wuwuwu

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