Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 70

Chapter 70 – [Untitled]

“You can see him through the iPad on the bedside table.” Zhuang Yiran was watching Shen Muan through the surveillance video. He was a little dissatisfied with Shen Muan’s current state. He looked a little weak, but Zhuang Yiran knew it wouldn’t have been easy to bring him here, so there was no way.

As soon as Zhuang Yiran spoke, Shen Muan heard it, but he didn’t rush to move. He thought Zhuang Yiran wasn’t concealing his intentions at all.

Shen Muan took the iPad, and as soon as he opened it a screen appeared of a real-time monitoring feed. Ruirui was lying on a large bed and seemed to be asleep.

“He’s fine, he just fell asleep.” Zhuang Yiran whispered softly, “As long as you don’t do anything that makes me unhappy, I promise he will be fine.”

Although Zhuang Yiran sounded very gentle when he said this, Shen Muan knew that this was a threat.

Both of them were very clear on what was happening.

“Can I meet him?” Shen Muan was silent for a while, and put forward his own request. This surveillance could be fake. He would not feel at ease if he did not see the real person.

“No.” Zhuang Yiran refused Shen Muan’s request without hesitation. There was no chance he would let Shen Muan see Ruirui.

After being rejected, Shen Muan sat on the bed and watched Ruirui on the iPad, keeping silent the whole time. He did not expect his request to be rejected. He wanted to see Ruirui not only to make sure that the child was safe, but also to confirm whether Ruirui was locked up near him or in another place.

If he was locked up near him, wouldn’t it be a more effective threat if Zhuang Yiran let him meet Ruirui? Therefore, Shen Muan guessed that Ruirui should be locked up in a different place than him.

He just didn’t know how far it was.

This time it was he who implicated the child.

Shen Muan regretted it a little. Maybe he should have found a good family for Ruirui instead of letting him stay by his side. No one would have thought a day like this would come where he would experience such a thing.

They only used to see it in novels and TV series, but now it really happened in real life. Shen Muan’s mood was now very complicated. But now was not the time to feel like this, he had to think and find a way to escape.

Zhuang Yiran really grabbed onto Shen Muan’s weakness. As long as Ruirui was in his hands, Shen Muan would definitely not dare to act rashly. If Shen Muan was alone, then he could’ve easily done something, but with Ruirui, the restrictions on him were greatly increased. Even if Shen Muan had any ideas, it would be useless.

Zhuang Yiran was not afraid of Ruirui being restless, because he knew Shen Muan was also his weakness. Both of them would subject themselves to him because of each other. This was the result Zhuang Yiran wanted to achieve.

Zhuang Yiran was sitting in an office drinking coffee. He knew that the police currently had him under surveillance, so all he had to do now was to maintain his normal state, just as usual.

With the disappearance of Shen Muan and Ruirui, Zhuang Yiran was the first to be suspected, so Shen Fangqi quickly brought someone to find Zhuang Yiran for questioning. But Zhuang Yiran had a credible alibi. During those few hours that Shen Muan and Ruirui were taken, Zhuang Yiran was in his office the whole time, as evidenced by the building’s surveillance videos and his assistants.

Two people, one adult and one child, disappeared together. It was impossible for Zhuang Yiran to do this alone. He must have helpers.

However, when the police brought up Zhuang Yiran’s call logs and internet access records, everything was normal on the surface, and no abnormalities were seen.

Chu Yi also asked the property owner to hand over the security information and surveillance to the police.

Chu Yi was now extremely enraged. He was blaming himself. If he had stayed with An An at the time, maybe such a thing wouldn’t have happened.

But Chu Yi also knew that the other party had planned this long ago, and it was impossible for him to stay by Shen Muan’s side all the time. So right now, no matter how much he blamed himself, it was useless, he had to hurry up and find them.

Zhuang Yiran was undoubtedly the highest target of suspicion. Shen Fangqi unceremoniously asked if they could visit his house, but Zhuang Yiran refused very simply.

Without a search warrant, the police could not break in, so they could only quickly apply for a warrant.

In fact, even if the police search Zhuang Yiran’s house, they wouldn’t find anything. The reason Zhuang Yiran refused was to delay time.

The information obtained so far by the police was messy. Most of it was information deliberately exposed by Zhuang Yiran, to mislead and divert their attention. This would delay more of their time from finding Shen Muan and Ruirui.

In the current era of advanced science and technology, it was impossible to completely erase all of the traces. They could only hide in the forest if they wanted to escape. But due to Zhuang Yiran’s meticulous planning, even if they sort out the clues, it would still be too late by the time they find out.

The messy and redundant clues had indeed affected the speed of investigation by the police, which had also successfully increased the difficulty. The police had limited resources, and this wasn’t the only case the police was handling

Shen Fangqi had almost become red from anger. If it weren’t for the deputy stopping him, he would directly rush to Zhuang Yiran’s house and interrogate him. But as a policeman, his sanity and professionalism told him that he could not do this.

Judging from the current evidence, it was somewhat difficult to apply for a search warrant for Zhuang Yiran’s home. But the longer they delayed, the less evidence would be retained. Although Zhuang Yiran would not imprison Shen Muan and Ruirui in his own home, he would definitely leave some clues there. And those clues might allow them to find Shen Muan and Ruirui.

Some say it was a good thing to have money and connections, this made it relatively simple having to deal with certain things.

Especially under the pressure of many parties, no one expected that this missing case would attract so many people’s attention.

While everyone was working hard, Shen Muan was also observing the room he was in. He tried to find clues from the decoration and placements in the room.

Zhuang Yiran was afraid of arousing Shen Muan’s disgust. So only one camera was installed on the surface. But in reality, there were several pinhole cameras hidden in the room. He hid it very well making it difficult for ordinary people to find it.

But for Shen Muan, it wasn’t difficult to find these cameras. It only took him half an hour to find all the cameras. Fortunately, there were no cameras installed in the toilet, but Shen Muan found something wrong with the mirror there. It was a one-way mirror.

Shen Muan had to admit that he had always been disgusted by Zhuang Yiran, and he never believed in Zhuang Yiran’s nonsense about loving him. The person Zhuang Yiran loved was only himself, and it had never been Shen Muan.

But for some unknown reason, Zhuang Yiran stubbornly thought that the one he liked was him. Shen Muan was very puzzled about this.

Shen Muan sat in a daze while holding a book, he was thinking about how to get out of here.

If Zhuang Yiran found out his true thoughts, Shen Muan was afraid that the other would end up killing them instead of letting them go.

With Ruirui here, Shen Muan did not dare to mess around. So now, he could only put his hopes on his brother and Chu Yi…

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