Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 77

Chapter 77 – Growing Up (Extra)

TL Note: Using the children’s full names since they’re all grown up now ( ༎ຶ⌑༎ຶ )
Chu Siyuan (Siyuan), Gu Mingrui (Ruirui), Xiao Ruzhi (Zhizhi), Shang Keke (Keke)

In the scorching summer heat, a handsome young man in a white shirt and black pants leaned against the pillar next to the police station. With a lollipop in his mouth and a mobile phone in his hand. It seemed as if he was waiting for someone.

After a while, a young man in a police uniform came out of the station and looked around. When he found the young man with a lollipop, he walked over and asked with a smile, “Siyuan, have you been waiting long?”

Chu Siyuan raised his head and glanced at him, then said with a sneer, “Heh, not so long, only half an hour.”

“Sorry, sorry, there have been a lot of things to do recently.” Gu Mingrui stretched out his hand and rubbed Chu Siyuan’s supple black hair, apologizing one after another for being late.

Although Chu Siyuan had an expression of disgust on his face, he did not avoid Gu Mingrui’s hand. He said very unceremoniously, “It’s your treat tonight.”

“Of course.” Gu Mingrui agreed without hesitation. Chu Siyuan was younger than him. He had gotten used to taking care of the other person since he was a child. It could be said that Chu Siyuan was practically brought up by Gu Mingrui.

Because Gu Mingrui was too accommodating to Chu Siyuan, Shen Muan was a little worried about whether he would spoil Chu Siyuan too much. Fortunately, Gu Mingrui was able to stick to his principles, and Chu Siyuan listened to him, so he didn’t grow crooked.

During dinner in the evening, Chu Siyuan deliberately picked an expensive place, intending to eat till the other turns poor. But when he ordered, Chu Siyuan still only ordered as much as he could eat.

Gu Mingrui knew that Chu Siyuan was just arguing for the sake of arguing, but he was actually a good boy.

But Chu Siyuan didn’t want to be a good boy in Gu Mingrui’s mind.

While eating, Chu Siyuan recieved a phone call from Xiao Ruzhi, this made Chu Siyuan extremely mad. Good thing Gu Mingrui was there to calm the person down.

When they were young, it was Chu Siyuan who always bullied Xiao Ruzhi into crying. But after they went to high school, the two switched places. Xiao Ruzhi would always find a way to make Chu Siyuan’s blood boil.

Gu Mingrui would usually be the one to persuade the two of them to be good, mainly Chu Siyuan. Shan Keke put herself in the position of the melon-eating masses, watching them tear it up; she was very happy to see this.

After getting angry, Chu Siyuan told Gu Mingrui the purpose of Xiao Ruzhi’s call, “Teacher An An will be on the plane at 7 o’clock tomorrow.”

“My brother is coming back?” Gu Mingrui was very surprised. He took out his phone, but did not see any message from Shen Muan.

“Then why didn’t he tell us?” Gu Mingrui was a little disappointed when he found that there was no news from his brother.

Chu Siyuan rolled his eyes, scratched his messy hair, and said, “Xiao Ruzhi, that fool ran over to play with them for a few days, my uncle’s face had already turned green. It’s estimated that he will have no good fruit to eat when he comes back.”

“…..” Gu Mingrui was silent. Although he knew that Xiao Ruzhi liked to seek death, he didn’t expect the other party to go this far. Even in Brother An An and Brother Chu Yi’s wedding anniversary trip he had to be included.

“Let me contact the hospital for him.” With that said, Gu Mingrui sent a message to a familiar hospital very neatly, asking to reserve a hospital bed for Xiao Ruzhi. Although Gu Mingrui does this every time, it has never come in handy.

At this time, Xiao Ruzhi was drinking coffee in a lounge. He was under an inexplicable cold war, and felt a bit of danger from the current situation.

After meditating for a few seconds, Xiao Ruzhi casually booked a ticket and prepared to run away.

Before boarding the plane, Xiao Ruzhi made excuses to slip away.

Chu Yi looked at the boy’s back and shook his head. He knew that the other was going to run away.

“What’s the matter?” Shen Muan raised his head and looked at Chu Yi, he had no idea about what had happened.

Chu Yi held Shen Muan’s hand, and the two rings shone brightly under the light, this sight looked particularly beautiful to him. Chu Yi smiled and said, “It’s nothing. Let’s travel to another place next year.”

“Okay.” Shen Muan nodded and suggested, “Why don’t we take a few of them with us next time?”

“…Good.” Chu Yi would never reject Shen Muan’s suggestions, but he believed that those little devils should at least have a bit of self-awareness.

I hope everyone gained positive feelings from this novel!
Thank you for reading!(〃ノωノ)
Translator: asoc1a7 ꒰˶• ༝ •˶꒱

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