We Monsters Are Not Allowed to Be Single

Out of curiosity, Jiang Lan also read the story

He was speechless after finishing it.

The person who wrote this was quite good.

The part about the Three Water Village engaged in the illegal trade of buying corpses was true. But Jiang Lan speculated that they did this to save their skins. There were only a few dozen families in the village. At first they might get away with sacrificing a few villagers, like the former residents in those empty houses they saw on their first day in the village. As the appetite of those Gu Diao and Tu Lou grew, the disposable villagers became sparse, they began to try to find an external source of corpses to satisfy those evil beasts.

Making money from the buying and selling of corpses was perhaps a second thought. But it was such a lucrative trade that a single deal could bring in a handsome profit.

Now the bountiful feast the villagers held in their honor made sense to Jiang Lan. No wonder they could afford this in this impoverished village.

The attention of the whole internet was focused on the Three Water Village. There were simply too many things to talk about: Infant tower, living people’s grave, Trading Corpses, Dead People’s Marriage, plus Abduction and Sharing of Woman….And the rumor that it’s were the vengeful ghosts of the victims who caused the downfall of the Three Water Village made the whole thing even spookier.

It was very rare that a piece of news reporting was so packed full of strange elements and dramatic twists and turns. As a result, the number of comments about this piece of news reached an astronomical figure.

Jiang Lan browsed through those comments and a gif of a dragon floating above the cloud caught his eyes. The commenter posted his comment with this gif, appealing to Dragon God to bring the villagers to justice as early as possible.

He didn’t pay too much mind to it at first. But something in this gif made him come back to check it again.

The Dragon was a Ying Dragon.

That’s why this dragon was winged.

In this comment, the commenter described the part played by Ying Dragon during this incident.

It was said that during the early morning of June 9, the sky above Jiang City became suddenly stormy and lightning punctured the sky. Many people in Jiang City claimed to have witnessed a golden dragon flying in and out of the cloud. A high definition video clip capturing this scene was uploaded to the internet and went viral. A few people who lived near the Three Water Village claimed that a storm blew up around the Three Water Village during the early morning of June 9 and many houses and trees had sustained heavy damages.

It was unanimously agreed that the storm and the appearance of a dragon was a payback for the crimes of the villagers. They had incurred the wrath of the Dragon God.

And the video clip had been circulated widely but was soon censored and taken down, which further confirmed the people’s speculations that this video was real, otherwise why the government bothers to censor this. This precious video was saved in many people’s hard drives and many Gifs were made out of it.

But there were also many people who took the opposite view that this video was fake, the basis of their arguments is that the Chinese dragons don’t have wings. The dragons with wings are Western Dragons.

Jiang Lan know for a fact that there were indeed a storm blowing up in the Three Water Village that day. The most unfortunate Tao Wu was struck by the lightning twice. At that time, he thought it’s just pure coincidence. He never suspected that Ying Dragon had anything to do with it.

He sent the screenshot of this video to Ying Qiao.

[ Ying Dragon is very popular right now]

[ We didn’t know Ying Dragon went to the Three Water Village that day.]

While organizing his book shelf, Ying Qiao saw this screenshot: ??

His face grew dark at the blurred image of Ying Dragon.

[Ying Dragon is not ugly like this.]

Jiang Lan: ???

It’s not my point.

Ying Qiao was such a diehard fan of Ying Dragon.

He wisely decided not to press further on this point.” [Yes, Yes, Do you know why Ying Dragon decides to go to the Three Water Village?]”

Ying Qiao had already found the answer for this question.”[I think he just happened to pass there.]

Jiang Lan thought this answer made sense. After all, this tiny village and this little affair didn’t deserve Ying Dragon’s attention.

Thinking of the lightning striking Tao Wu, Jiang Lan felt his impression of Ying Dragon became more positive.

“Oh, he is really warm hearted then.”

Jiang Lan’s reply sent a smile to Ying Qiao’s lips.

Ying Qiao felt that an opportunity to enhance this positive impression just presented itself:” If you pay close attention to Ying Dragon, you will find him kind and caring.”

Jiang Lan was not sure about it.” Really?”

For a moment, he couldn’t tell if it’s just a fan’s admiring words or that Ying Dragon was totally unlike his public image. But he quickly decided it’s not possible to reach a conclusion right now.

With a smile emoji, he closed the chat and returned to his work at hand.

But Ying Qiao brooded over the smile emoji for a while.

What’s a smile emoji supposed to mean?

Does this mean the Little Monster is willing to understand Ying Dragon better?

Jiang Lan’s office had a meeting that afternoon.

Since the whole Three Water Village was implicated in the illegal corpses trading, Jiang Lan and his colleagues’ poverty alleviation work had come to an end. A new work was assigned to them in this meeting.

Chief Cheng opened the meeting with a pleasant praise of Xue Meng and Jiang Lang. Then he turned to their new assignment.

Their poverty alleviation work in the countryside was part of the Dragon Boat Festival Campaign. Naturally, their new work was also centered on the coming Dragon Boat Festival.

The district was now preparing for the “First Auspicious Dragon Boat Race” in the Qing Yang Lake. Every resident in the district were encouraged to form teams to participate in this race and the winning team would be chosen to represent Hanyang District to compete with other dragon boat teams in the boat race held in the municipal level.

No efforts were spared in the preparation of this race. Because the district was short-handed, Jiang Lan and his colleagues were recruited to help the effort.

Chief Chen said.” Your task is to help organize the race. This work should be easy compared with your work in the countryside.”

Xue Meng was excited. ”When should we start?”

“Next Monday, as usual, you will go two by two on a rotating basis.”

After that, Chief Chen concluded the meeting with a few instructions.

Jiang Lan had never watched a dragon boat race before. He asked curiously.” This dragon boat race a fun event?”

“Yes, It’s great fun!” Reinvigorated Xue Meng said.” If the race is exciting, many people will start betting. It’s a lot like horse racing. It’s much more exciting to watch this race in person. Now we have a job for the living people.”

Xiao Xiaoyu said.” Don’t get your hopes up. There has never been much enthusiasm for this race in our district. It’s hard to predict how this race will turn out.”

Hanyang District had organized a team to participate in the City Dragon Boat Race before. But this team had never performed well in any races.

Xue Meng showed a video clip of last year’s City Dragon Boat Race to Jiang Lan; a few seconds of it was enough to fill Jiang Lan with expectations.

When Jiang Lan was about to get off work, Ying Qiao sent a message to Jiang Lan, telling him that he would soon arrive at his office with his new phone, asking him if they could have dinner together.

Bringing him a new phone was just an alibi, Ying Qiao’s main purpose was dating Jiang Lan.

As a single lonely dragon, Ying Qiao was very motivated to move their relationship to the next level. Though the relation guidance books he ordered hadn’t arrived yet, he thought creating more opportunity for them to meet should do more good than harm.

Jiang Lan didn’t turn him down.

Ying Qiao sat in his car, checking his appearance on the rear view mirror, making sure that every single strand of hair was where it should be and no wrinkle could be found on his shirt. After he was satisfied with his appearance, he left the car with his gift bag.

He was the kind of person who attaches much importance to his appearance, especially so today. After he made up his mind about Jiang Lan, he was not much different from a peacock spreading its tail.

During the brief ten minutes while he was waiting, a few groups of people, attracted by his appearances, had been walking back and forth. But deterred by his air of aloofness, none of them dared to approach him to ask for his number.

At the exact time of half past five, Ying Qiao walked straight into Jiang Lan’s office.

Uncle Zhou was the first person to see him. Surprised, he involuntarily tried to rise, but Ying Qiao’s look made him sit back.

In the midst of bickering with Xue Meng, Xiao Xiaoyu caught sight of Ying Qiao and widened her eyes. She elbowed Xue Meng, marveled.” Look, isn’t Jiang Lan’s brother much more handsome than the last time we met him?”

Xue Meng grudgingly nodded his agreement.

Jiang Lan was also surprised by Ying Qiao’s appearance today. Looking at him from head to toe, he said approvingly.” You look quite handsome today.”

His comment gave Ying Qiao great satisfaction. Handing over his gift to Jiang Lan, he said.” It’s for you and Nini.”

Hearing his name mentioned, Suan Ni leapt over from Zhang Tianxing’s desk to take a look at the bag, trying to find out what goodies it contained.

Jiang Lan tapped his head.” You have grown greedy.”

Ying Qiao patted his head.” It’s for you, gifts for my boss from his European client.”

Hearing this, appetite was printed all over Suan Ni’s face.

Jiang Lan reluctantly opened the wrappings for Jiao Tu and Suan Ni.” Too many people are spoiling him. Before long, he will grow into a fat boy.”

Paying him no mind, Suan Ni focused on his urgent task of unwrapping his chocolate.

After a while, Ying Qiao recalled that he brought a new phone for Xue Meng. Xue Meng tried to refuse it, but Ying Qiao just put the phone on his desk and turned his attention back to Jiang Lan. Refusing him was just not an option.

Well, Xiao Xiaoyu was right. Ying Qiao was indeed quite dashing today.

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