We Monsters Are Not Allowed to Be Single

Before their meeting, representatives from both sides had already met and drew up a draft of their contract. The purpose of Bixi’s visit was to go over the contract one more time and confirm it with Ying Dragon.

He pored over the contract, trying to find some imperfect clauses to make things difficult for Ying Qiao. But the person drafting it was meticulous, taking care to avoid any ambiguity in the wording of the contract. The price had already been agreed on beforehand. That’s why Bixi couldn’t find any problem with this contract.

Throwing the draft contract aside, Bixi turned to the person responsible for this contract and said sarcastically.” Assistant Cheng has been a great aid to Mr. Ying.”

Raising his eyebrow, Ying Qiao said.” Of course, we work together smoothly. Don’t be too jealous, Mr. Zhang.”

Then he personally poured a cup of tea for Bixi.” Mr. Zhang favors sour taste. So we prepared some lemon tea for you.”


A gloom came over his face, and he stared at Ying Qiao coldly.

Ying Qiao met his provocative stare without flinching, then he turned his gaze back to Cheng Hua.

Bixi drank up his tea and said with an unpleasant tone.” Get me the contract to sign. I have a flight to catch.”

“A minute. Mr. Zhang.” Cheng Hua brought over a formal copy of the contract and turned to the final page.

“Just stamp here.”

He pointed to the blank space below the supplier company’s name.

Bixi took out the company official seal and stamped it.

There were a total of four copies of the contract and Bixi stamped them all. Cheng Hua picked up two copies and handed them to Ying Qiao while waiting behind him with an obedient posture.

Ying Qiao inspected them briefly and handed the contract back to him.” Now ask our team to speed up the work.”

Cheng Hua left with the contracts.

Bixi stood up.” My work here is concluded. I should go now.”

Ying Qiao didn’t rise. Instead he said.” Should I ask Cheng Hua to see you out?”

Pausing briefly, Bixi turned to face him with a contemptuous look.” He has been following you with blind loyalty. But I have to say he didn’t choose his employer wisely.”

Both of them knew who Bixi was referring to.

Ying Qiao enjoyed his jealous but helpless look very much. With utter confidence in Cheng Hua’s loyalty, he said.” You are welcome to try to poach him from my company.”


With nothing more to say, Bixi snorted and stormed out.

Returning from his task, Cheng Hua met Bixi by the elevator. Out of courtesy, he pushed the button for Bixi.” Mr. Zhang. You are leaving?”

“I have other matters to attend to.”

Cheng Hua was very courteous.” Then I will see you out.”

Bixi grinded his teeth.

They walked into the elevator door. Observing all the courtesies due a visiting guest, Cheng Hua stood beside the elevator buttons.

“How much does Ying Dragon pay you a year?” Bixi suddenly asked.

Pausing briefly, Cheng Hua gave him a rough number.

“He is quite generous to you.”

Cheng Hua wasn’t clear about his purpose. He thought to himself: I worked my ass off, shouldering a workload meant for three persons. I think I deserve my wage.

But he just said casually.” Our company treats us well.”

“I can pay you twice what Ying Dragon pays you.”

Ying Dragon’s provocative parting words reminded Bixi. Observing Cheng Hua’s surprised look, he said slowly.” I need someone like you.”

Cheng Hua was tempted, but he still turned him down.” Thank you for your kind offer. But I have no plans to change jobs at the moment.”

Actually Cheng Hua was not only a well-paid employee, but also a shareholder of Ying Qiao’s company.

He was quite rich. But sticking to ancient wisdom, he tried to maintain a low profile.

Bixi’s smile faded. When the elevator reached the ground floor, he snorted and walked out, without any pleasantries. Bixi didn’t even say goodbye.

On every occasion where Cheng Hua met Bixi, he had never seen Bixi try to be a pleasant person.

But this thought soon left Cheng Hua. Taking the elevator up, Cheng Hua cheerfully went to Ying Qiao’s office.

At this moment, Ying Qiao was trying to think up an excuse to ask Jiang Lan out. Seeing the cheerful look on Cheng Hua’s face, he paused.” What’s the matter?”

Cheng Hua told him.” Bixi just offered to double my salary.”

Ying Qiao seemed not interested.” Oh?”

Cheng Hua implied.” I told him my boss would soon raise my wage. What he offered is not a big deal.”


Ying Qiao looked at him without a word.

After a while, he said.” It’s not a coincidence that you are always single.”

Cheng Hua:????

He was speechless.”It’s ok to refuse to raise my salary. But why do you insult me?”

Ying Qiao waved him away like a mosquito.” Now leave my sight, stop bothering me.”

 Cheng Hua left his office while silently cursing him.

A deep gloom clouded Bixi’s face on his way back.

He and Cheng Hua were just casual acquaintances. But in the small circle of high monsters, as well-informed as Bixi, he often heard Cheng Hua’s name mentioned as Ying Dragon’s capable aid. Because of Cheng Hua’s blind loyalty, everyone was envious of Ying Dragon.

After the trip to Peng City, a kind of enmity developed between Ying Dragon and him. And he held Ying Dragon in low regard. That’s why he thought Ying Dragon was unworthy of such a loyal follower.

Not long after. Bixi was invited to a banquet and he heard that this capable aid would also attend. Out of curiosity, he decided to attend this banquet to meet this aid in person.

At this banquet, this aid caught his fancy.

Painted skin monster was famed for his beauty. Not the evil kind, more like a sharp-edged beauty. Actually, the origin and the age of Cheng Hua didn’t qualify him to be a high monster. It’s the power of Ying Dragon he served that made him a member of this inner circle. But this fact didn’t stop him from blending in with the high monsters he frequently socialized with.

Bixi liked this monster, admiring both his beauty and character.

It’s a pity that they were just casual acquaintances. Occasionally they crossed paths while attending some business matters. Bixi often toyed with the idea of poaching him from Ying Dragon’s company. But a rumor stopped him, which said Cheng Hua’s blind loyalty to Ying Dragon stemmed from his affection for his boss. Without this affection, any sane person would find it impossible to serve under Ying Dragon for long.

This rumor made sense to him.

It’s very common that a person you like doesn’t like you back. What he found unbearable was that the person not only didn’t like you, but also had deep affection for your mortal enemy and served your enemy with blind loyalty.

If you put Ying Dragon under a microscope to look for his merits, you will have much trouble finding even a tiny one. How Ying Dragon earned Cheng Hua’s long-lasting loyalty had remained an abiding mystery in Bixi’s heart.

When he was about to reach home, Bixi tried to look normal. He didn’t want his little brothers to suspect he had just sustained a major failure.

The first person he saw was Jiang Lan, making a phone call on the balcony. After seeing his brother, Jiang Lan promptly hung up the phone and asked.” Why do you return so early?”

Bixi dropped his watch on the tea table and grabbed Suan Ni.” I just met Ying Dragon and found him repulsive. So I returned early.”

Oh? Ying Dragon?

Ying Qiao’s relentless promotion of Ying Dragon had finally succeeded in generating a little interest in Jiang Lan’s mind. He sat down with Bixi and asked curiously.” Why do you find him repulsive?”

Then he briefly described how Ying Dragon lent a hand in the Three Water Village while passing through.

In response, Bixi sneered. He pointed Suan Ni’s fat paws towards Jiang Lan.” Naïve. Ying Dragon won’t deign to lend a hand even if the world is coming to an end. The most likely explanation is that his foul mood caused a thunder, which unintentionally helped you.”

Jiang Lan widened his eyes.

“Let me tell you why I hold such a grudge against him. We are on a mission to subdue two evil Jiao[1]A legendary dragon-like creature, who would turn into a dragon after a long cultivation, mentioned in Chapter 16 in Peng City. In such an emergency, Ying Dragon even had time to arrange a beauty job on his scales. Our mission had to wait before his scale care job was done.” Bixi mocked.” Have you met any male monsters who fuss over their feathers and scales?”

Jiang Lan didn’t know how to respond to this.

“I have to wait for three hours before we set off for Peng City. Those two evil Jiaos had quite high level cultivation and were hiding in the sea. It took a while to locate them. I managed to control one of them while the other Jiao escaped to the bottom of the ocean. But the Bitchy Ying Dragon refused to go into the sea since the water was polluted by the blood. I went to a great deal of trouble to get the other Jiao out.”

In conclusion, Bixi said.” It’s impossible that such a person would help out of the kindness of his heart. I would be grateful if he didn’t vent his anger on the Monster Bureau and other innocent people.”

Jiang Lan trusted his brother’s assessments of Ying Dragon. Perhaps Ying Qiao’s adoration of Ying Dragon blinded his eyes.

On further reflection, Ying Dragon’s actions in the Three Water Village couldn’t be simply described as lending a hand. First, transforming into his true shape above the Jiang City had already put him in violation of several regulations. The thunderous storm had indeed helped to dispel the evil miasma, but the infant tower was destroyed by it. This destruction was not survivable for anyone who happened to be inside the tower that day except Jiang Lan.

Seeing things from this perspective, Jiang Lan speculated that Ying Dragon more likely threw a tantrum that day.

Jiang Lan began to think of a way to let Ying Qiao see who his idol truly was.

Ying Dragon was not worthy of his admiration.

On the other hand, most of the dragon race lived in the Dragon Palace. And I am a perfect candidate to be your role model.


1 A legendary dragon-like creature, who would turn into a dragon after a long cultivation, mentioned in Chapter 16
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