70s Young Wife Teased! Black-bellied Officer Loses Control in Jealousy
70s Young Wife Teased! Black-bellied Officer Loses Control in Jealousy Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Upon hearing this, Yu Xiangnian suddenly remembered that Dr. Wu was none other than the niece of the current Political Commissar Su’s wife.

His own niece’s husband was being gossiped about, yet he hadn’t disciplined her; he would have to talk to her here!

“I’m not pregnant. I just had a poor appetite a few days ago and couldn’t eat anything, and somehow it got spread around that I’m pregnant,” Yu Xiangnian said. “I also have a suggestion here; I hope Commissar Su can report it to the troops.”

Commissar Su was somewhat shocked. He had been a commissar for five years and had spoken to dozens of family members, who usually nodded obediently and agreed with everything.

But this Yu Xiangnian—instead of listening, she was even suggesting things to him!

“Comrade Yu, go ahead,” he said, still smiling.

Yu Xiangnian said, “Although the doctors at the clinic help family members with minor illnesses, they still need to undergo strict scrutiny. Their medical skills and moral conduct must both be impeccable. If there’s a misdiagnosis, it’s tantamount to harming someone’s body and life.”

She insinuated that Dr. Wu’s medical skills were lacking and had misdiagnosed her pregnancy. She thought these people should be able to read between the lines.

Commissar Su nodded calmly. “I will report your suggestion to higher authorities, Comrade Yu. Is there anything else you’d like to say?”

Yu Xiangnian wanted to ask how the army should manage it if a soldier marries someone but can’t let go of their previous lover, and they frequently meet. But after a moment’s thought, she held back.

If she said that, they might suspect it was Cheng Jingmo.

Besides not being emotionally attached to the original host, Cheng Jingmo had treated her well enough; there was no need to jeopardize his future.

“Commissar, Cheng Jingmo’s wound has reopened. Don’t let him do exercises these days,” Yu Xiangnian said.

Cheng Jingmo: “…”

What’s wrong with Yu Xiangnian?

Even Yu Xiangyang was a bit puzzled. Was his sister trying to get a divorce in a different way?

“Approved! Deputy Commander Cheng should refrain from exercises this week,” Commissar Su finished his tea, stood up, and said, “We won’t disturb you further. We still need to visit Captain Zhang’s home.”

The three saw Commissar Su off, and Yu Xiangyang put his arm around Cheng Jingmo’s shoulder. “You walk me out; I’m going back to the dormitory.”

Except for Sundays, Yu Xiangyang stayed in the barracks on weekdays.

“Xiangyang, I’m leaving. I’ll come to see you in a couple of days,” Yu Xiangyang turned back and waved to Yu Xiangnian.

“Okay, goodbye.”

Yu Xiangyang kept his arm around Cheng Jingmo’s shoulder until they were outside the family courtyard, then clenched his fist and gestured, “Cheng Jingmo, if you dare to hurt Xiangnian, I’ll beat you to death!”

Cheng Jingmo remained calm. “What’s gotten into you?”

Yu Xiangyang took a deep breath in anger. “You’re the one acting out! You invited Wu Xiaomin to our house! In front of Xiangnian! When you married her, you promised my parents you’d treat her well!”

Cheng Jingmo’s eyes were half-lidded, showing no emotion. After a moment, he said, “Have you noticed anything odd about her?”


“Your sister.”

Yu Xiangyang asked impatiently, “What’s odd about her? Is she showing you a good face, or talking to you nicely?”

“Yeah,” Cheng Jingmo said, “she even cooked noodles for me.”

Yu Xiangyang: “…” After being stunned for a while, he said, “Look how cheap you are!”

After a moment, Yu Xiangyang changed his tone and said kindly, “Cheng Jingmo, you’re seven years older than Xiangnian. Be a bit more tolerant towards her. When she matures a bit more, her temper will improve. I know you’ve been wronged. Every time our family sees her, they criticize and educate her. She’ll change!”

Yu Xiangyang felt embarrassed talking like this, from before they were married to now.

Cheng Jingmo remained silent.

Yu Xiangyang continued, “You’re a responsible man. I believe you won’t do anything to betray the family. But Xiangnian may misunderstand. You need to be careful and keep your distance from Wu Xiaomin.”

He was doing his best for their marriage, using both gentle and tough approaches.

Cheng Jingmo still didn’t say a word.

Yu Xiangyang grew anxious. “Are you even listening to me?”

“Go back quickly,” Cheng Jingmo turned and walked away.

At home.

Yu Xiangnian dug out the money and coupons Yu Xiangyang had given her from her bag—eight large unity coupons, along with ration coupons, oil coupons, fabric coupons, and pastry coupons. It should be last month’s salary and allowances from Yu Xiangyang.

Yu Xiangyang and Cheng Jingmo had just returned from a mission together yesterday, and today he had given everything to her.

Yu Xiangyang had just bought rice and oil, so she didn’t currently need the ration or oil coupons. She put these two types of coupons into the drawer of the desk in the bedroom.

Hearing Cheng Jingmo return, she came out of the bedroom and handed him four large unity coupons. “Cheng Jingmo, you take this money.”

Cheng Jingmo immediately guessed it was from Yu Xiangyang. “I don’t want it. You keep it.”

Yu Xiangnian pushed the money a bit closer to him. “You’re out of money.”

Cheng Jingmo remained unchanged. “I don’t need money.”

Indeed, he hardly needed money on normal days.

For food, he used ration coupons at the canteen; for clothes, he wore military uniforms issued by the army; for other things, he seemed to have no need.

Seeing that Cheng Jingmo showed no intention of accepting the money, Yu Xiangnian frowned. “Why are you so stubborn? Just take it when I give it to you.”

With that, she stuffed the money into his shirt pocket. Cheng Jingmo moved quickly and grabbed her hand.

The soft and smooth touch transmitted through his palm, feeling like an electric shock. A tingling sensation spread throughout his body instantly, and Cheng Jingmo quickly withdrew his hand.

Yu Xiangnian successfully stuffed the money into his pocket and patted it. “There we go.”

When she raised her eyes and saw Cheng Jingmo, both of his ears were red, staring dumbly at her. Yu Xiangnian smiled. “You don’t need to feel embarrassed. I use your money every day. It’s normal for me to give it back when you’re out.”

When she smiled, her jet-black eyes seemed like a clear spring, her lips curved, revealing a cute dimple on her left cheek, and her bright white teeth made her lips look even more vivid.

Cheng Jingmo’s Adam’s apple moved, his expression awkwardly shifting away from her gaze.

Yu Xiangnian turned back to the bedroom, found a set of pajamas, and went to take a shower.

Tonight, after showering, she washed the clothes she had changed out of.

As she washed, she sighed. It would be so nice to have a washing machine!

She could understand why the original owner wanted Cheng Jingmo to do the laundry; washing clothes was really tiring and hard on the hands, which were now red and sore!

Yu Xiangnian still slept through the third military bugle call before lazily getting up.

Opening the bedroom door, she saw Cheng Jingmo and Xiao Jie were already dressed neatly, sitting at the table with two large lunch boxes still on the table.

The two of them looked at her in unison; it seemed they were waiting for her to eat breakfast.

Cheng Jingmo probably didn’t do morning exercises today, so he had come back after preparing breakfast, making it earlier than usual.

“You guys go ahead and eat. No need to wait for me.” Yu Xiangnian yawned as she passed by them and went outside to the small building to wash up.

After finishing her morning routine and returning, the two were still sitting at the table in the same posture, chopsticks untouched.

Yu Xiangnian also sat down, and the three started eating breakfast.

It was still steamed buns and corn porridge. Cheng Jingmo had reheated the leftover braised pork from last night to go with it.

Yu Xiangnian could only manage half a steamed bun and a bowl of porridge before feeling full. She was starting to miss the diverse breakfasts of modern society.

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