70s Young Wife Teased! Black-bellied Officer Loses Control in Jealousy
70s Young Wife Teased! Black-bellied Officer Loses Control in Jealousy Chapter 11

Chapter 11

After breakfast, she arrived at the office.

Ding Yunfei came in with a lunchbox wrapped in a towel. “Nian Nian, it’s the fermented rice with eggs you wanted.”

Yu Xiangnian sat in her chair, looking at Ding Yunfei with little emotion.

He was about 1.83 meters tall, with a standard build, a square face, and decent features; otherwise, the original owner wouldn’t have been interested in him.

However, compared to Cheng Jingmo, there was still a gap.

Cheng Jingmo stood at 1.87 meters, with chiseled features and strikingly handsome looks, especially his captivating and deep eyes.

But then again, Ding Yunfei really knew how to pursue a girl. Just look at this breakfast—no matter what she wanted to eat, he would bring it to her.

In contrast, Cheng Jingmo only offered cornbread and corn porridge—nothing else!

As soon as Yu Xiangnian opened the lunchbox, a sweet aroma with a hint of wine wafted out. The color was appealing, and three well-cooked eggs floated on top of the thick brown sugar water, far more enticing than the cornbread and porridge.

“Smells so good!” Yu Xiangnian took a deep breath and smiled happily. “Brother Ding, you went out early to get this. Thank you so much!”

“Nian Nian, as long as you want something, I’m willing to get it for you, even if it means going all the way to Beijing!”

Such sweet talk—what girl could resist?

Yu Xiangnian looked at him with deep affection. “Brother Ding, you’re so good to me!”

“Eat it while it’s hot.”

Yu Xiangnian sighed. “I don’t know why, but although I wanted it badly yesterday, I suddenly don’t have any appetite.”

Ding Yunfei: “…”

“At least take a few bites. I went quite a distance to get this,” he said.

Yu Xiangnian pouted, feeling both guilty and sad. “Brother Ding, I’m really sorry, but I just can’t eat it.”

Ding Yunfei, softened by her expression, said, “If you can’t eat it, that’s fine. Don’t force yourself.”

Suddenly, Yu Xiangnian’s eyes lit up. “I’ll call Bai Mei over to eat it. Let’s not waste it!”

“Don’t call her!” Ding Yunfei quickly raised his hand to stop her. “I… just saw her eat a bun.”

The disgust in Yu Xiangnian’s eyes flashed briefly. She stepped back a little, avoiding Ding Yunfei’s hand.

“Hmph! You must be reluctant to give it to her!” Yu Xiangnian said, picking up the lunchbox and standing up. “I’ve told you, I treat her like a sister. You should treat her well too.”

Ding Yunfei hesitated to stop her and could only watch as Yu Xiangnian took the lunchbox to find Bai Mei.

Bai Mei had just hidden behind the warehouse, eating the fermented rice with eggs that Ding Yunfei had brought her—four eggs, one more than Yu Xiangnian’s.

Now, she was sitting at her desk, still savoring the taste of the fermented rice and eggs. Because she had eaten quickly, she occasionally burped.

Yu Xiangnian placed the lunchbox in front of Bai Mei. “Comrade Bai Mei, Brother Ding bought us each a portion of fermented rice with eggs. This one’s yours.”

Bai Mei: “…”

She had already eaten her portion. How could there be another one?

Wait a minute! How did Yu Xiangnian know Ding Yunfei had bought a portion for each of them?

Bai Mei looked at Ding Yunfei, who had followed her in, with a questioning gaze. Ding Yunfei gave her a look, signaling her to keep quiet.

After thinking for a moment, Bai Mei said, “Well, thank you, Captain Ding. I’ll eat it later.”

“Eat it while it’s hot. It’ll taste fishy if it cools down,” Yu Xiangnian said, pushing the lunchbox closer to Bai Mei. “Go ahead and eat.”

Bai Mei: “Nian Nian, I’m not hungry right now.”

“Even if you’re not hungry, you should eat. The newspaper says breakfast should be eaten before eight in the morning.”

Bai Mei: “…” At that moment, she let out an inappropriate burp.

Yu Xiangnian looked surprised. “Comrade Bai Mei, why do I smell fermented rice with eggs? Did you already eat some?”

“Did you also buy one for her?” Yu Xiangnian asked, turning to Ding Yunfei.

Ding Yunfei and Bai Mei both responded in unison, “No!”

Yu Xiangnian looked skeptical. “But I really smelled it. Bai Mei, breathe out so I can smell it.”

Bai Mei kept her mouth tightly shut.

Ding Yunfei shook his head repeatedly. “I only bought one for you!”

Yu Xiangnian playfully glared at him. “Who told you to spill the beans?”

“Comrade Bai Mei, I’m sorry, I lied to you earlier. This fermented rice with eggs was bought by Brother Ding for me, but I don’t have the appetite to eat it. I think of you as a good sister, so I wanted to give it to you. Please don’t mind, I haven’t touched it at all!” She was almost swearing to it.

After a pause, she continued with a regretful and sorrowful look, “If you don’t want it, I won’t force you. I just meant well… Sigh! Now I’ve put you in a difficult position. It’s my fault for not thinking it through properly.”

Yu Xiangnian was almost making herself sick with her own pretentious words.

Ding Yunfei looked at Bai Mei. “Comrade Bai Mei, don’t waste Nian Nian’s kind gesture. Just eat it.”

Bai Mei glared at him angrily. Ding Yunfei gave her another meaningful look, and Bai Mei pressed her lips together, reluctantly eating another portion of fermented rice with eggs.

In just half an hour, she had eaten seven eggs, feeling so stuffed she wanted to vomit.

Yu Xiangnian watched Bai Mei finish the food and innocently asked, “Isn’t it delicious?”

Bai Mei felt the liquid was about to reach her throat and feared she would spew it out if she opened her mouth, so she just nodded.

Yu Xiangnian said, “Bai Mei, could you help me with some work today? I have to go into town.”

Managing the warehouse usually wasn’t too busy; sometimes, various units would come to collect or return items, which needed to be counted and registered.

“Nian Nian, why are you going into town?” Ding Yunfei asked.

“I need to buy some things from the department store. I’ll bring you all some White Rabbit candies tomorrow.”

At this time, department stores opened at eight in the morning and closed at five in the afternoon.

Yu Xiangnian got off work at five, so she could only go during working hours.

“Nian Nian, my soap and snow cream are out. Can you get them for me too?” Bai Mei asked.

Yu Xiangnian smiled, “Of course.”

Bai Mei always did this; every time the original owner went shopping, Bai Mei would ask her to bring this or that.

The original owner considered Bai Mei a friend and knew she was financially struggling. Whenever she bought things for Bai Mei, and Bai Mei didn’t offer to pay, the original owner didn’t ask for the money. Occasionally, the original owner would even give Bai Mei clothes and dresses.

But her sincerity never earned Bai Mei’s genuine friendship.

Both Bai Mei and Ding Yunfei approached the original owner with ulterior motives, flattering her on the surface while scheming against her behind her back.

Yu Xiangnian left Bai Mei’s office to ask the logistics department head for leave.

Bai Mei let out a big burp. “Ding Yunfei, people are saying that Yu Xiangnian is pregnant.”

Ding Yunfei disdainfully covered his nose. “That’s impossible. She and Deputy Commander Cheng haven’t done that.”

Bai Mei said angrily, “You believe what she says? Look at her, she can’t eat anything these past few days. Isn’t that a sign of pregnancy?”

She lowered her voice. “I heard it from my uncle. The whole family compound is talking about it.”

Bai Mei’s uncle was the head of the logistics department, Yin Yuankai.

Ding Yunfei frowned in thought. “I need to ask her about this.”

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