70s Young Wife Teased! Black-bellied Officer Loses Control in Jealousy
70s Young Wife Teased! Black-bellied Officer Loses Control in Jealousy Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Just as Yu Xiangnian stepped out of the logistics department after asking for leave, Ding Yunfei blocked her path.

“Nian Nian, are you pregnant?” His face showed anxiety and displeasure.

Yu Xiangnian thought to herself, “Why would it matter to you if I’m pregnant or not?” But knowing her plan hadn’t yet succeeded, she couldn’t afford to fall out with him.

She secretly pinched her thigh hard, bringing tears to her eyes from the pain.

Tears welled up in her eyes, and she pouted, “Do you believe what those people outside are saying? Do you doubt my feelings for you? Are you regretting waiting for me?”

A series of three questions, paired with her pretty, aggrieved, and pitiful face, made Ding Yunfei instantly regret asking such a question.

Yu Xiangnian and Cheng Jingmo had just gotten married and hadn’t slept together. Now that she had Ding Yunfei, how could she have slept with Cheng Jingmo?

“Nian Nian… I…” Ding Yunfei struggled to find the right words to explain himself.

Yu Xiangnian blinked, and two tears fell from her eyes. Ding Yunfei, seeing her like this, felt even more regretful. He reached out, trying to pull her into his arms.

But Yu Xiangnian pushed him away hard, causing him to stumble back two steps.

“I don’t want to see you anymore!” Yu Xiangnian cried out and ran away.

After those two tears, she had to run away before she couldn’t keep up the act any longer.

Watching her sad figure disappear, Ding Yunfei felt both regretful and furious.

If it weren’t for Bai Mei spreading rumors, he wouldn’t have wronged Yu Xiangnian.

Fuming, he called Bai Mei to the back of the warehouse.

“Bai Mei! You keep trying to sow discord between me and Yu Xiangnian. How can you be so petty?”

Bai Mei, already feeling uncomfortable from the eggs, responded irritably, “What did I sow discord about?”

Ding Yunfei angrily said, “You haven’t done enough? You always say she’s lazy, unreasonable, stupid, and foolish. Is that not enough?”

Bai Mei retorted angrily, “Isn’t she exactly like that?”

Ding Yunfei snapped, “You always badmouth her without looking at yourself! Always trying to take advantage of her. The watch on your wrist is borrowed from her, the dress you’re wearing was given by her. She buys things for you, and you always talk badly about her behind her back!”

Exposed, Bai Mei’s face turned red. “Ding Yunfei! You’ve been with me all along, but since Yu Xiangnian came, you’ve been coaxing her every day, buying her meat buns, and I get nothing! Now you’re arguing with me because of her. Do you like her?”

Before, whenever Bai Mei asked if he liked Yu Xiangnian, he could firmly say no. But at this moment, he hesitated.

“I’ve told you why I approached her. I don’t want to explain again!” Ding Yunfei said. “Don’t ask me this question again! Believe it or not!”

Bai Mei, infuriated, grabbed his shirt, pulling at it. “You do like her! You’re a traitor! I’ll tell my uncle you’re having an affair!”

Ding Yunfei pushed her away, “Bai Mei, stop this! I’m warning you, if my future is ruined, your life won’t be easy either!”

With that, Ding Yunfei turned and left, leaving Bai Mei standing there, stunned.

In fact, Ding Yunfei had been attracted to Yu Xiangnian’s beauty from the first moment he saw her. But he was already secretly dating Bai Mei at the time.

Later, learning about Yu Xiangnian’s family background and that she hadn’t consummated her marriage with Cheng Jingmo, he wanted to be with her.

But he feared that if he broke up with Bai Mei and Yu Xiangnian couldn’t get a divorce, he’d end up with nothing.

So, he told Bai Mei that he was approaching Yu Xiangnian for their future.

Bai Mei also had her own agenda. Being around Yu Xiangnian allowed her to benefit a lot. Besides, with Ding Yunfei and Yu Xiangnian’s every move under her watch, she was confident that Ding Yunfei wouldn’t fall for Yu Xiangnian.


Yu Xiangnian went home to grab money and tickets, preparing to take the bus into town. It wasn’t exactly a bus but a military truck that the army provided for the convenience of families. It ran twice a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays, leaving at 10 AM from the family compound gate and returning at 4 PM from the central park in town.

Last Sunday, Yu Xiangnian had her first experience seeing the families board the truck. The scene had shocked her. A large crowd of women with bags and baskets, some holding children, rushed toward the truck as if they were grabbing money even before it stopped. There were constant shouts: “Hey! Don’t push!”, “Who stepped on my foot?”, “Your basket scraped me!”, “I lost my shoe! Can someone help me pick it up?” and children’s cries mixed in.

It was a chaotic scene.

When Yu Xiangnian, with her bag, reached the family compound gate, many women were already waiting. Seeing her, they first looked surprised, then turned away, whispering among themselves.

Yu Xiangnian felt like a modern person returning to the village, encountering a group of gossiping aunties at the entrance. Before long, the entire unit would know she skipped work and took the truck into town. Rumors might even spread that she went to meet a fifty-year-old man, holding hands while shopping, and that the man was married with two sons.

“Beep, beep…” The truck arrived, and the women, hearing the sound, stopped their gossip and got ready. Sure enough, as soon as the green truck pulled up, they rushed forward.

Honestly, Yu Xiangnian admired these women. The truck bed was high, yet they pulled themselves up with the side panels and climbed in with ease.

Yu Xiangnian waited until everyone else had boarded before approaching. By then, the truck bed was crowded. Luckily, it was Wednesday, so there were fewer people than on Sundays. She tried to pull herself up like the others but failed. After several attempts, she still couldn’t get on, drawing laughter from the crowd. Her face turned red, unsure if it was from the effort or embarrassment.

Seeing her struggle, the driver got off the truck, jumped onto the bed, and extended his hand to pull her up.

“Thank you!” Yu Xiangnian said, blushing.

The women watching her talk shyly to the driver silently cursed her: shameless!

The driver was also momentarily taken aback by her demeanor. “Uh… you’re welcome,” he said.

As the truck headed into town, the women chatted noisily about family matters. Yu Xiangnian stood in the truck bed, holding onto the side panel, enjoying the scenery.

In May, the southern city was bathed in sunlight, with vibrant flowers and lush greenery everywhere. The roads were still dirt, bumpy and uneven, with dust flying up from the truck. Each time they hit a large pothole, the truck would jolt violently, causing the women to laugh and curse.

Yu Xiangnian found this kind of life quite pleasant and peaceful. It was unlike her modern life, where she was constantly stressed, always studying or working, with no time for romance.

Suddenly, a loud shout interrupted her thoughts.

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