70s Young Wife Teased! Black-bellied Officer Loses Control in Jealousy
70s Young Wife Teased! Black-bellied Officer Loses Control in Jealousy Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Yu Xiangnian looked at him leisurely. Cheng Jingmo’s eyes flashed with surprise, “What are you doing here?”

Yu Xiangnian replied, “Waiting for you to help me carry things.”

She knew at a glance that Cheng Jingmo was buying these things to give as gifts, but couldn’t figure out who they were for. However, Yu Xiangnian didn’t plan to ask. It was his money, and he could spend it how he liked.

“Did Yu Xiangyang find you?” he asked.

“Why would he look for me?”

Cheng Jingmo awkwardly said, “Mom and Dad want us to go home for dinner.”

Mom and Dad?

Yu Xiangnian took a moment to realize that Cheng Jingmo was referring to her own parents: Yu Jiashun, the army’s top commander, and Zhao Ruozhu, the deputy director of the military hospital.

So, Cheng Jingmo bought these things for them.

Yu Xiangnian cursed Cheng Jingmo in her heart. Going home for dinner, why buy such expensive things? She couldn’t even take out two yuan! Her family didn’t lack these things.

She maintained a calm expression and simply said, “In the future, when we go home for dinner, don’t buy anything. We’re all family.”

Cheng Jingmo didn’t respond. He carried the pastries, liquor, and tea, following Yu Xiangnian to pick up her things.

“How did you get here?” Yu Xiangnian asked as they walked.

“By car.”

“Then with the road so bumpy, what about my bowls?”

Cheng Jingmo asked the clerk for some old newspapers and wrapped each bowl carefully in the paper.

The clerks, whether it was because Cheng Jingmo was handsome or because he was in uniform, were extremely courteous to him.

Yu Xiangnian pouted in dissatisfaction.

Cheng Jingmo made two trips to load everything into the car. When he saw the two pairs of children’s shoes, his usually sharp eyes softened.

However, when he saw the three small boxes of sanitary belts, his ears turned red.

Cheng Jingmo was driving a jeep. Once they left the city, the road became very bumpy.

Yu Xiangnian worried about her bowls breaking and kept glancing back.

“Cheng Jingmo, do you know where I can buy a back basket?”

“Some villagers nearby make and sell them privately.” Cheng Jingmo glanced at Yu Xiangnian and added, “The bowls won’t break.”

He had wrapped each bowl in paper and placed them on the floor mat at the back.

He knew Yu Xiangnian was particular and preferred ceramic bowls over enamel ones.

Yu Xiangnian watched the scenery outside the car window and suddenly felt a whim to experience driving this kind of car.

“Cheng Jingmo, can you let me drive for a while?”

Cheng Jingmo was taken aback and asked skeptically, “Can you drive?”

“I should be able to.”

She could drive modern cars, so she figured she could manage this one too.

“Have you driven before?” Cheng Jingmo asked, still concerned.

“I’ve driven other cars,” Yu Xiangnian said vaguely.

Cheng Jingmo was still uneasy. “This car is hard to handle.”

“Just let me try first!” Yu Xiangnian was getting more and more eager.

Cheng Jingmo pulled over, and they switched seats.

Yu Xiangnian sat in the driver’s seat, looking excited, while Cheng Jingmo sat in the passenger seat, outwardly calm but inwardly worried.

If he didn’t let Yu Xiangnian drive, she would throw a fit!

Yu Xiangnian stepped on the clutch, turned the key, and started the car.

Cheng Jingmo’s heart raced. He pointed at the gearshift and explained, “You need to shift gears. This is first gear, this is second gear…”

“I know!” Yu Xiangnian said, “Relax, there’s no problem!”

Despite her confident words, Yu Xiangnian struggled to shift into first gear, managing only after several attempts. As Cheng Jingmo had warned, operating the gear shift was indeed quite strenuous.

Releasing the clutch and pressing the accelerator, the car began to move slowly. Yu Xiangnian laughed happily and gave Cheng Jingmo a playful wink.

Standing before him, she wore a white tailored shirt. Her small face was full of smiles, her dark eyes sparkling, and the dimple on her left cheek was particularly noticeable. She blinked at him, looking cute and mischievous.

Cheng Jingmo’s heartbeat quickened.

However, his body remained tense, constantly monitoring the road ahead, ready to grab the steering wheel or pull the handbrake if necessary.

Despite everything, Yu Xiangnian had driven for many years, and after getting the hang of it, she handled the car quite smoothly. The steering wheel was heavy, requiring considerable effort to turn, and shifting gears and pressing the clutch also demanded significant strength.

With the bumpy road, Yu Xiangnian found herself sweating after driving only four or five kilometers. Once her curiosity was satisfied, she parked the car by the roadside and switched places with Cheng Jingmo.

Cheng Jingmo looked at the car, chuckling inwardly at his unnecessary worry. It wasn’t surprising that Yu Xiangnian could drive; while many people hadn’t even seen a foreigner, she had already spent time abroad!

By the time they returned to the family compound, it was past five o’clock.

Cheng Jingmo tucked three small boxes into his trouser pocket, carrying the rest of the items home, with Yu Xiangnian following behind, carrying her share.

Yu Xiangyang was already waiting at the door. “No wonder I couldn’t find you at the logistics department—they said you were on leave. So, you two went shopping?”

What Yu Xiangyang didn’t mention was that he had met Ding Yunfei at the logistics department and warned him once more.

“We happened to run into each other at the department store,” Yu Xiangnian said. “There are still some things in the car. Let’s get them.”

The three of them brought everything inside. Yu Xiangnian then asked Cheng Jingmo to fetch Xiao Jie.

Elementary school finished at four, and with no pressure of homework, the children in the compound spent their afternoons playing together.

Cheng Jingmo said, “Xiao Jie didn’t go. I told Dong Minghao to let Xiao Jie eat at their place.”

Yu Xiangnian understood his concern. The previous Yu Xiangnian hadn’t allowed Xiao Jie to visit her house, and even Cheng Jingmo had only been there twice in their six months of marriage.

“Cheng Jingmo, I admit my past behavior was inappropriate. It won’t happen again. Where is he? I’ll go get him,” Yu Xiangnian said, heading for the door.

Yu Xiangyang looked at her incredulously, then at Cheng Jingmo.

“Cheng Jingmo, where is Xiao Jie? I’ll go find him!”

Cheng Jingmo was equally surprised but maintained his usual expression. “I’ll find him.”

After Cheng Jingmo left, Yu Xiangyang said, “Xiangnian, when we go home, don’t start any trouble with Cheng Jingmo.”

He couldn’t help but feel that Yu Xiangnian’s attitude indicated she was up to something.

Yu Xiangnian frowned. “What trouble am I causing? Did you say something to Mom and Dad?”

Otherwise, why would their parents invite them for dinner right after Yu Xiangyang’s visit?

Yu Xiangyang grinned. “What could I say? Just the truth!”

Cheng Jingmo soon returned with Xiao Jie, who was sweaty from playing.

Cheng Jingmo sent Xiao Jie to wash his face and then found him a change of clothes.

“Uncle, did Aunt really say I could go?” Xiao Jie asked nervously as he changed.

“Yes,” Cheng Jingmo noticed Xiao Jie’s anxiety. “Her house is just bigger than ours, with more people. Don’t worry about it, just enjoy your meal.”

After returning the Jeep to the military, Yu Jiashun arranged for his driver to pick them up.

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