70s Young Wife Teased! Black-bellied Officer Loses Control in Jealousy
70s Young Wife Teased! Black-bellied Officer Loses Control in Jealousy Chapter 15

Chapter 15

This was Xiao Jie’s first time in a car, and his excitement was evident as he curiously touched everything around him.

The car drove into the residential compound.

Even though both were residential compounds, the difference was significant.

Cheng Jingmo and his family lived in a single-story house, approximately one hundred square meters, with two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a small courtyard.

The residents here were high-ranking officials, and the houses were all three-story villas.

Yu Xiangnian opened the door with a key, revealing a spacious and bright living room. Yu Jiashun and Zhao Ruozhu were sitting on the sofa, one with a golden halo above their head and the other with a silver halo.

Yu Xiangnian’s eldest and second brothers each sat on single sofas on either side.

This was the third time Yu Xiangnian saw these halos, and her surprise quickly faded. “Dad, Mom, Big Brother, Second Brother.”

Cheng Jingmo followed suit and then told Xiao Jie, “This is Grandpa, this is Grandma, and they are your uncles.”

Xiao Jie greeted everyone.

Seeing them, the eldest and second brothers stood up to greet them, “Cheng Jingmo, Xiangnian, we’ve been looking forward to your visit, and Xiao Jie is here too.”

Yu Jiashun remained seated on the sofa, maintaining his imposing demeanor, and said in a deep voice, “Everyone’s here.”

“Xiao Jie is such a good boy!” Zhao Ruozhu smiled, patting Xiao Jie’s head. Seeing Cheng Jingmo holding bags, she chided, “I’ve told you several times not to bring anything, yet you still did. Next time, come empty-handed.”

Cheng Jingmo nodded, “Yes, Mom.”

“Please, sit down!” Zhao Ruozhu took the bags from him and called out to the courtyard, “Duo Duo, Guangming, we have a new brother here. Take him out to play.”

Duo Duo and Guangming were the children of Yu Xiangguo and Yu Xianghua, respectively.

Yu Xiangguo and Yu Xianghua were twins, both thirty years old. Yu Xiangguo was the director of a chemical factory in Nancheng, while Yu Xianghua was a deputy regiment commander in the Southern Theater Air Force.

Hearing the commotion, the two sisters-in-law also came out of the kitchen, “Xiangnian and Cheng Jingmo are here, dinner is almost ready.”

It was clear everyone showed great respect to Cheng Jingmo.

“Eldest Sister-in-law, Second Sister-in-law.”

After greeting them, Cheng Jingmo sat on a sofa, chatting with the men in the family, while Xiao Jie ran outside to play.

Yu Xiangnian and Zhao Ruozhu went to brew a pot of tea. Despite having plenty of tea at home, Zhao Ruozhu used the tea leaves Cheng Jingmo brought to show her appreciation for him.

It seemed Zhao Ruozhu was quite pleased with her son-in-law.

“Xiangnian, what you did today was right,” Zhao Ruozhu said.

“What did I do?”

“Bringing Xiao Jie to have dinner with us!” Zhao Ruozhu explained, “Even though Xiao Jie isn’t your biological child, bringing him along shows you accept him as part of the family, which makes Cheng Jingmo feel better.”

Yu Xiangnian didn’t do it to please Cheng Jingmo but simply thought that since they had adopted Xiao Jie, he was part of the family and should be included.

Being a stepmother for a day, she might as well do her job right!

Yu Xiangnian poured tea for everyone with the teapot.

Zhao Ruozhu was particularly good with words, “This tea that Cheng Jingmo brought smells wonderful. You all should try it.”

It was just some tea leaves from the department store that anyone could buy, how fragrant could it be?

Understanding her mother was trying to support her marriage, Yu Xiangnian felt a bit guilty. While pouring tea for Cheng Jingmo, she pouted and asked, “Does it smell good?”

It looked like she was coaxing him, and Cheng Jingmo paused for a moment, “I haven’t tasted it yet.”

Saying this, he lifted the cup and took a sip, which provoked laughter from Yu Xiangyang.

Yu Jiashun glanced at him, and he immediately stopped laughing.

At dinner time, everyone sat around the large round table. Eldest sister-in-law and second sister-in-law had their second child, feeding the baby at a small table nearby.

There were nannies and security guards at home, and the meal was lavish with fish, meat, and vegetables.

Zhao Ruozhu also opened a bottle of wine brought by Cheng Jingmo and poured a small glass for each person.

Xiao Jie sat uncomfortably at the table, not daring to even pick up food. Yu Xiangnian picked up a piece of fish for him and whispered, “Pick whatever you want. Just like at home, you’re a man, you can’t be shy.”

Xiao Jie looked at her with complicated eyes and pursed his lips, “I’m not shy!”

Yu Xiangnian noticed that Cheng Jingmo also rarely picked up food, and even when he did, it was just a little bit.

After dinner, Zhao Ruozhu called Yu Xiangnian to the bedroom under the pretext of showing her newly made clothes.

Zhao Ruozhu’s expression changed quickly. She had just been laughing, but as soon as the door closed, she immediately turned cold. “Xiangyang said you want to divorce Cheng Jingmo?”

Yu Xiangnian had just heard that their parents had called them home for dinner and immediately thought that Yu Xiangyang must have told their parents about it.

Yu Xiangnian lazily leaned back on the sofa, “There’s no affection between us.”

“Affection can be cultivated!” Zhao Ruozhu sat across from Yu Xiangnian, looking serious. “If you’re not afraid of your father breaking your legs, go ahead and divorce! Once divorced, neither I nor your brothers will care about you!”

Yu Xiangnian clicked her tongue, “Comrade Zhao Ruozhu, as an intellectual, how can you resort to threats?”

“Intellectuals also want to secure their daughter’s happiness!” Zhao Ruozhu justified herself.

“If you want to secure my happiness, you shouldn’t destroy someone else’s!” Yu Xiangnian didn’t directly say it, but implied that they had broken up Cheng Jingmo and Wu Xiaomin. She said indirectly, “Cheng Jingmo isn’t happy with me.”

Zhao Ruozhu seemed to catch her meaning and was somewhat frustrated. “Yu Xiangnian, why didn’t you inherit any of my virtues? Since Cheng Jingmo married you, your marriage is protected by the state! No matter which woman comes to stir things up, you can confidently fight back and defeat her!”

Listen, it’s no wonder she participated in the Anti-Japanese War; she’s now fighting to defend her marriage here!

But Zhao Ruozhu’s words made sense.

She and Cheng Jingmo were legally married. No matter what ex-girlfriend or crush came along, it would be unethical and would disrupt military marriage!

If Cheng Jingmo got involved with them again, it would be a matter of integrity and infidelity within marriage!

As for Yu Xiangnian, she could stand on the moral high ground and condemn them!

“Of course, Cheng Jingmo is a mature man. Your father and I trust that he wouldn’t do anything to betray his marriage. Don’t think too much about it.” Zhao Ruozhu said, suddenly changing the subject.

“You and him, until now, still haven’t been intimate?”

Yu Xiangnian rolled her eyes and said impatiently, “Even if I wanted to, he wouldn’t!”

As a modern person, she wasn’t conservative in her thinking.

Moreover, in her previous life, she either studied or worked, and regretted not having a relationship until death!

Cheng Jingmo was so handsome, with such a good figure. Thinking of his abdominal muscles and that slim waist, Yu Xiangnian felt that even if she slept with him, she wouldn’t lose out!

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