Transmigrated as Male Lead’s Father in a Dog-blood Novel [Female Transmigrates to Male]
Transmigrated as Male Lead’s Father in a Dog-Blood Novel Chapter 3.2

A Gift for My Wife (2)

Xie Li awkwardly adjusted his tie, and only then did Jiang Yuying realize that they had been standing at the door for quite some time. She stepped forward to take Xie Li’s tie and coat, and they walked inside together.

After dinner, Xie Li and Jiang Yuying watched the news and then a TV drama together. Although it was a cheesy romance drama, they both watched it attentively, and the awkwardness between them eased a lot.

Xie Li was completely absorbed in the drama and occasionally commented, “The female lead is so dumb; she’s being played around by the male lead. He’s clearly a scumbag!”

Jiang Yuying sat beside him, cracking open and eating melon seeds. She had noticed that her husband was more absorbed in the drama than she was.

After two episodes, it was already 10 o’clock. After washing up, they both got ready for bed. Jiang Yuying sat in front of the dressing table in her silk camisole, doing her skincare routine.

Her figure did not look like that of a middle-aged woman in her forties at all. Her skin was as flawless as snow. Furthermore, her black camisole highlighted her fair complexion, and her slender arms made her look even younger as she applied skincare products.

Seeing Xie Li come out, she hurriedly finished applying her skincare products and came over to the bed.

Most women, like her previous self, never wear bras when they go to sleep. Xie Li could clearly make out that Jiang Yuying too wasn’t wearing one. The loose camisole revealed a large expanse of her ample and snow-white breasts as she walked, making Xie Li swallow hard.

Quickly getting into bed, Xie Li covered himself with the blanket. After a moment, he felt the mattress dip a bit, and then a fragrant scent wafted over. Jiang Yuying’s slender fingers rested on his blanket, and she leaned against him and called out in a charming voice, “Honey~”

Xie Li abruptly sat up and slapped his forehead. “Oh, I almost forgot to give you something!” and he then fled hurriedly.

He couldn’t handle it anymore! He couldn’t handle it anymore!

He hurried downstairs and the night-duty maid asked him, “Do you need anything, sir?” Xie Li was stunned for a moment and then breathed a sigh of relief, “I can get it myself.” He turned and headed to the garage. He remembered that he had put the necklace in his briefcase and left it on the back seat of his car.

After turning on the garage lights, he saw five luxury cars and silently lamented the decadence of capitalism. He took the car key from the cabinet and unlocked the car. As expected, he found the exquisite box in his briefcase on the back seat.

Now he had become bolder, forgetting a necklace worth 23 million!

After he took the necklace, he slowly walked back upstairs and hesitated at the door for a moment before finally mustering the courage to enter. Inside the master bedroom, Jiang Yuying sat on the edge of the bed, looking very docile, not at all alluring like she had earlier.

Xie Li breathed a sigh of relief and awkwardly handed the jewelry box to Jiang Yuying.

Jiang Yuying maintained her usual smile, but her eyes brightened as she opened the jewelry box and saw the dazzling red ruby necklace. She couldn’t help but hold it up and compare it against her neck, asking, “Husband, did you buy this for me?”

“Who else would I buy it for?”

She happily pressed the red gem against her snow-white collarbone and asked, “Does it look good?”

Xie Li only dared to take a quick glance at her and then averted his gaze, nodding. At this point, the intimate atmosphere from before had completely disappeared. Xie Li didn’t dare to do anything. He just said, “It’s getting late, let’s go to bed.” He then lay down, covered his head and fell asleep.

Jiang Yuying put away the necklace and glanced at Xie Li, an inexplicable emotion flashing in her eyes. In fact, she already knew that Xie Li had bought the necklace, but she didn’t know if it was for her.

In the afternoon, her friends from the wealthy circle had sent her a photo of Xie Li picking out jewelry at a counter. Xie Li rarely did such things. Generally, he had his assistant buy jewelry. Even if he had to choose it himself, he would call a professional gem company to come over and create something he liked.

It was unheard of for him to sit at a busy mall counter picking out jewelry like this.

When she saw this photo, Jiang Yuying was momentarily stunned and then casually replied, “Maybe he’s picking it out for our daughter.”

In fact, she was thinking, “I don’t know which vixen he’s seeing again outside.”

She and Xie Li had entered into a marriage alliance; they didn’t have any affection before getting married. After getting married, Xie Li was busy with his career and there weren’t many opportunities to cultivate any feelings. Before this, Xie Li had had many extramarital affairs and cheated on her with mistresses. Jiang Yuying had become accustomed to it. At least Xie Li gave her face in public and fulfilled his duties as a husband. In their circle, they were considered a decent couple.

  1. Masazi has spoken 1 year ago

    Just accept your new life Xie Li whats the big deal? You got your own beatiful wife and a rich life, ahh can’t wait to see more fluff or “bed time” hehehe 😁

  2. Rose has spoken 1 year ago

    I wonder when the wife will catch on who her new bedfellow is, though it seems like even a dog would be better than the last dude lol


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