Transmigrated as Male Lead’s Father in a Dog-blood Novel [Female Transmigrates to Male]
Transmigrated as Male Lead’s Father in a Dog-Blood Novel Chapter 3.1

A Gift for My Wife (1)

Although he had finished work, Xie Li did not want to go back just yet. Mainly because he would have to face Jiang Yuying at home, and this made him feel awkward all over.

So he decided to delay going home and chose to go shopping instead.

For a woman, there was nothing more enjoyable than shopping, especially when she had money to buy whatever she wanted!

However, switching from the women’s clothing section to the men’s clothing section made Xie Li a little uncomfortable.

C City’s busiest mall had international first-class luxury brands on display. The price tag on an item of clothing had several zeros, something that Xie Li would never dare touch before. After all, she didn’t have the money. She would rather not look at them than feel bad about not being able to buy them. But now he can buy whatever he liked without any psychological burden. He didn’t even have to worry about paying for it. His assistant, who was following behind him, would simply take out his credit card and settle the bill.

But… shopping for men’s clothing didn’t interest Xie Li at all. Although he changed his entire outfit according to his own aesthetic, and bought several outfits as backups as well, he still felt like an old man despite looking young for his age.

Xie Li sighed and then thought of going downstairs to browse some other stores, but he noticed a man outside, holding his daughter’s hand and carrying a lot of bags of children’s clothing brand in his hands… It suddenly dawned on Xie Li that buying women’s clothing was not embarrassing at all! After all, he has a wife and a daughter!

Let’s go, let’s shop! Buy! Buy! Buy!

At 4:30 in the afternoon, a certain gentleman in his thirties, wearing the latest men’s clothing, came to the luxury women’s clothing section in the mall.

He attentively and patiently browsed through each store, swiped his card and bought a lot of women’s clothing. From cute and girly to mature and sexy ones, there was nothing he didn’t buy. The sales assistants all sighed and couldn’t help but feel envious. After all, it was rare to see a man accompanied by his assistant buying women’s clothing so carefully.

After buying women’s clothing, he naturally couldn’t forget about the jewelry store.

He had already set his eyes on a necklace as he came up from the first floor.

It had a platinum chain with a large, beautifully cut red ruby pendant embellished in a flower-shaped platinum holder with a few petals.

He couldn’t help but imagine it on his former appearance and sigh. He pushed his image out of his mind and imagined “his” wife Jiang Yuying wearing the necklace.

Compared to himself, Jiang Yuying’s figure and appearance were excellent. If she were to wear this red ruby, her entire persona would stand out even more.

Xie Li didn’t hesitate and bought the necklace. He didn’t notice the number of zeros on the price tag until he signed the bill. He counted them in his mind and he felt a little shaky.

Twenty-three million…

Don’t panic, don’t be afraid, this is a novel world! It’s not real! It’s not your own money, it’s not your own money!

After going through a round of mental preparation, Xie Li complained in his heart while pretending to be calm and carefree while signing the contract.

Time passed quickly. He dawdled until 6:30. He couldn’t dawdle any longer, so he had his assistant take him home. When he arrived at the entrance of the mansion, Xie Li saw Jiang Yuying standing there.

She was wearing a plain cheongsam[1]Cheongsam – A form-fitting Chinese dress for women today, which accentuated her impressive figure… It’s hard to imagine that Jiang Yuying is already a mother of two children. Her figure is much better than Xie Li’s, with ample chest and a slender waist. The cheongsam fully highlighted her body’s curves.

If it were in the past, Xie Li would definitely have shouted in her heart, “Big Sister, give us younger ones a chance to shine too.”

But just looking at her now, Xie Li almost had a nosebleed[2]Nosebleed: In some Asian cultures, a sign of sexual arousal..

Not long after he got out of the car, his assistant took all the women’s clothing that Xie Li had bought and handed it over to an auntie[3]Auntie: A common way to address an older woman in Chinese culture, often used as a term of respect. who had come with Jiang Yuying.

Xie Li had bought too many clothes. The auntie couldn’t carry them all. She called a young maid to help carry them.

“Oh, Mr Xie, you bought so many things?” The auntie joked.

Xie Li also felt a little embarrassed. He had accidentally bought dozens of clothes. Obviously, it was a bit excessive.

Jiang Yuying laughed and said, “Honey, Siyun already has a lot of clothes. You bought so many. She can’t possibly wear all of them. If you continue like this, Siyun will be spoiled rotten by you and she’ll forget how high and far the sky is.”

Xie Li fell silent for a moment and became even more embarrassed. He coughed and said, “It’s not all for her…”

“Hmm?” Jiang Yuying looked slightly confused. She saw her husband blush and reveal a hint of youthful shyness. “Ha-half of them are for you.”

“Ah…” She covered her mouth. She realized that she was being a bit impolite. She put her hand down, but her face turned red. She glanced at the bag in the auntie’s hand and blushed even more.


1 Cheongsam – A form-fitting Chinese dress for women
2 Nosebleed: In some Asian cultures, a sign of sexual arousal.
3 Auntie: A common way to address an older woman in Chinese culture, often used as a term of respect.
  1. Masazi has spoken 1 year ago

    LOL just imagine an old man blushing hahaha I can’t, but we’ll since this was a “novel” mayb he’s a handsome old man tho

    Many thanks to you translator-san, I really like this kind of story where there is FtM MC ended up with female partner

    Hoping there is another story like this hehe

  2. James Amaro has spoken 1 year ago

    I love this novel please morre<3

  3. Rose has spoken 1 year ago

    I really like the vibes of this story! thanks for your hard work


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