Transmigrated as Male Lead’s Father in a Dog-blood Novel [Female Transmigrates to Male]
Transmigrated as Male Lead’s Father in a Dog-Blood Novel Chapter 2.2

Boss Doesn’t Have to Work (2)

Xie Li was content with the answer he received and went to the rest area in the chairman’s office to take a nap. Unlike before when he could only nap for ten or twenty minutes, now he could guiltlessly sleep for two or three hours. When Xie Li woke up from his nap, it was already half-past two in the afternoon.

After stretching and asking the secretary to bring him a cup of coffee, Xie Li sat behind his desk and continued watching TV dramas.

At four o’clock, Xie Li was ready to leave work.

He was not a workaholic, how could he possibly stay at work until six o’clock! Who wouldn’t be happy to leave work early! He happily informed his assistant and headed towards the elevator.

For some reason, the chairman’s office in all novels is always located on the highest floor, claiming to have a panoramic view of everything… But if there was a fire or something, how will the chairman escape! Oh, forget it, he had a small citizen mentality again. After all, no chairman would actually work in the office all the time!

Xie Li raised his eyebrows, happy to have escaped the life of a typical workaholic who worked 996, and his expression softened.

But this good mood did not last long before it was completely disrupted by someone.The elevator stopped on the twelfth floor, and a graceful figure walked in from outside. She did not look at Xie Li when she came in, but pressed a button and turned her back to him.

Then with a click, an earring fell to the ground, and the woman gracefully bent down to pick it up. But the problem was…because she bent down, her buttocks were facing Xie Li.

Xie Li’s face remained expressionless, but the anger in his heart was almost uncontrollable.

Miss, I know you want to seduce me, but isn’t this too obvious! The green tea[1]“Green tea” is used to refer to someone who is pretending to be innocent or pure but is actually scheming and manipulative. flavor is about to overflow the screen!

Xie Li had already noticed the woman as soon as she entered the elevator; it was Bai Qian who had tried to scam him yesterday!

The Xie Li in the novel would be seduced by Bai Qian’s poor acting skills because one was a green tea and the other was a slag man. However, as a 24K good girl[2]“24K good girl” = Ethical, honest, innocent girl who avoids questionable behavior. The term comes from the idea that 24-karat gold is pure., how could “he” be easily seduced by green tea? Besides, Bai Qian’s level is too low! Only a scumbag like the old Xie Li, who couldn’t distinguish the level of green tea, would be excited and find her “fresh”.

“Excuse me, miss…”

Hearing Xie Li speak, Bai Qian maintained the action of picking up the earring for a second, then slowly stood up and turned to face Xie Li.

“What, what’s wrong?”

Bai Qian was born beautiful and had a foxy appearance, and seemed to exude an irresistible charm. But her face also gave off an air of innocence and purity, and these contrasting features caught people’s attention. Having been scouted and groomed by Xie Li’s entertainment company to become an artist, it’s certain that her appearance is top-notch. She has just acted in a web drama and already gained attention because of her exceptional looks.

At only 22 years old, she has a bright future ahead of her.

If only she could get close to a rich and influential man, her future would be even brighter.

On that note, Xie Li was a bit confused. The description of the delicate female lead in the novel was completely different from Bai Qian. Their appearances and personalities were also completely different. How could these two become a good “mother-in-law and daughter-in-law” pair?

If Xie Li remembered correctly, Bai Qian was only two years older than “her” current cheap son. As the male lead, he had the ability to make most women fall for him. Could the female lead not worry that Bai Qian might be attracted to his cheap son?

Of course, it’s also possible that she believed in Bai Qian’s and the original owner’s “true love” and thought that they would grow old together.

But in Xie Li’s opinion, as a girl, it’s highly unlikely. One is drawn to appearance, while the other is drawn to wealth. Although they were together in the novel, if the original owner can cheat and and divorce his current wife because of it once, after Bai Qian grows old and her beauty fades in the future, the original owner could cheat on her again with another young starlet.

Furthermore, when the original owner divorced Jiang Yuying, he had to give half of his assets to her. Before marrying Bai Qian, he especially made a prenuptial agreement. If they divorced, Bai Qian would not get much money.

Hmm, thinking about it this way, the original owner is even more despicable.

Coming back to reality from her thoughts, Xie Li looked at Bai Qian in front of her, who was blushing, and said expressionlessly, “Please do not point your butt towards others. If you need to pick something up, you can squat down. It’s more polite.”

After saying this, he saw Bai Qian’s expression had changed to a dark, gloomy one. He nodded in satisfaction. In the novel, although Xie Li despised his own “cheating scumbag” character the most, but Bai Qian, who knew what was going on and still chose to be a homewrecker, was also contemptible.

Girls who were deceived and became mistresses could be forgiven, but Bai Qian, who willingly became the mistress of a man much older than her, was simply despicable.

So, he had rebuked Bai Qian. This made Xie Li feel much better.

Bai Qian fled as soon as she got to the first floor. When Xie Li got in the car in the basement, he instructed his assistant, “Cut all her resources by half.”

“Nowadays, young people are not diligent and always looking for shortcuts.” He added a comment, full of old-fashioned sternness.


1 “Green tea” is used to refer to someone who is pretending to be innocent or pure but is actually scheming and manipulative.
2 “24K good girl” = Ethical, honest, innocent girl who avoids questionable behavior. The term comes from the idea that 24-karat gold is pure.
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