Transmigrated as Male Lead’s Father in a Dog-blood Novel [Female Transmigrates to Male]
Transmigrated as Male Lead’s Father in a Dog-Blood Novel Chapter 2.1

Boss Doesn’t Have to Work (1)

Xie Li heard Jiang Yuying’s sigh, but what could he do? He felt hopeless. He couldn’t just turn over and press Jiang Yuying down, could “he”? Even if he wanted to, he couldn’t do it!

It had been a whole day since she transmigrated, and Xie Li could count on his fingers the number of times he had gone to the bathroom. When he was showering just now, he closed his eyes and quickly washed and dried himself off before getting into bed.

As for this inexplicable situation of being transmigrated to another body, if she were to suddenly return and the original owner came back and discovered that his wife had slept with someone else using his body, based on his personality described in the novel, he would most likely kick Jiang Yuying out and find a young and beautiful star to replace her.

In order to prevent Jiang Yuying from being kicked out and to protect his own purity, Xie Li decided to remain chaste.

The next morning, as usual, Jiang Yuying gave him an affectionate good morning kiss. Xie Li got up drowsily and when he saw his expressionless poker face in the mirror as he was washing up, he suddenly realized, “Damn, I’m not that beautiful young girl anymore! I’m a forty-year-old man! “

After brushing his teeth and washing his face, he went downstairs to eat. The life of the rich was really good. There was a rich variety of dishes for breakfast, but Xie Li, as a middle-aged man, had to eat healthily. Jiang Yuying had arranged easily digestible, low-oil, and low-salt porridge for him.The delicious swallow dumplings and thin-skinned buns on the table were all for Xie Li’s daughter, Xie Siyun!

Xie Li glanced at his daughter’s breakfast with a look of despair, and quickly finished a bowl of porridge, drank a bowl of soy milk, ate a boiled egg, and a vegetarian bun before leaving.

When he was sitting in the back seat, Xie Li noticed that the driver occasionally looked at him through the rearview mirror. He felt that the driver was a bit strange, so he glared back at him through the mirror. The driver trembled and did not dare to look again.

But after arriving at the company, the assistant’s gaze was also a little strange.

“What’s the matter?”Xie Li, with the mentality of a 26-year-old, couldn’t hold back “his” curiosity and asked. The assistant, under the boss’s orders, finally voiced his doubts: “Sir, these past few days… is there something wrong with the company? If you have anything to do, you can order me to do it…” He hesitated, and Xie Li was stunned.

Xie Li finally realized.

The assistant was asking him: Is there something wrong with his (assistant’s) work? After all, he (Xie Li) was too proactive at work!

He was the chairman now! The boss!

How could the boss come to work on time every day?

Xie Li’s habitual thinking had gotten him into trouble. The former Xie Li[1]female had been a poor fellow who clocked in and out diligently every day, and even often had to work overtime. But Xie Li[2]current was different. As the chairman of a listed group, he had a specially hired general manager and a team of secretaries. He didn’t need to do everything himself, as long as he directed the overall direction.

Having learned his lesson, Xie Li decided that she would sleep in and wake up naturally tomorrow.

But since she had already come to the office, she couldn’t just go back home without doing anything. Besides, Xie Li didn’t want to go back home to see “her” wife, after all, she hadn’t gotten used to her yet. If she could avoid her for a while, she would. Therefore, she decided to stay in the office and get some work done.

But… after looking at the document her assistant had given her, Xie Li’s head was spinning. She could not understand it at all. It was beyond her level. It was completely different from her previous job. Although it was already made as brief as possible, she still could not comprehend it. She could only understand the summary.

After reading the summary and finding nothing wrong, Xie Li felt at ease and placed the document aside before opening her computer, intending to look up some information. But an advertisement for a TV drama from last night caught her attention, and she clicked on the play button.

By the time the theme song started playing, Xie Li had already found her headphones and clicked off the speakers. After watching three or four episodes, when her assistant came to ask what she wanted for lunch, Xie Li realized that it was already lunchtime.

“So corrupt, this is too corrupt.” Criticizing capitalist extravagance, Xie Li happily enjoyed her lunch. She had been too preoccupied to pay attention to her lunch the previous day. But now that her mind was at ease, she found herself enjoying the food more and more, even though the portion was a bit small… it was probably a portion size based on her previous food intake. (She is talking about the “health-oriented” male before transmigration.)

No, this won’t do at all. How can a workaholic eat so little? How can a grown man eat less than a 26-year-old beauty? Xie Li’s face darkened, and she called her assistant over.

“Prepare a larger portion for tomorrow. I have a good appetite lately. My stomach is fine. I can eat more.”

“But sir, your family doctor does not recommend that you eat too much.”Xie Li glared at her assistant, causing the latter to feel frightened.

“Am I your boss or is the doctor your boss? Who has the final say here?”

The assistant replied meekly, “Of course, it’s up to you, sir…”


1 female
2 current
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