Transmigrated as Male Lead’s Father in a Dog-blood Novel [Female Transmigrates to Male]
Transmigrated as Male Lead’s Father in a Dog-Blood Novel Chapter 1.2

Successful Career, Happy Family (2)

Xie Li threw the business card aside and thought of “his” wife, Jiang Yuying. She was about the same age as “him”[1]male Xie Li, had already given birth to two children, but maintained her appearance so that she looked almost as young as “her”[2]female Xie Li.

By the time Xie Li arrived at his home located in the suburbs halfway up the mountain, it was already 6:40 pm. The mansion had been passed down from “his” ancestors and spanned over a large area of land. It hsd everything – from a garden to a fountain – just like those of aristocratic families seen in TV dramas.

As soon as he entered the main gate, he saw Jiang Yuying standing there. Behind her was a housekeeper. Jiang Yuying extended her hand to Xie Li, and before he could realize it, he had handed her his coat. As he walked inside, he loosened his tie.

Xie Li swore – it was a completely natural bodily reaction, and had nothing to do with his brain!

Xie Li sat down dazedly. Jiang Yuying didn’t find anything different and asked the housekeeper to call their daughter downstairs and sat down on his right-hand side.

When their daughter came down and sat on Jiang Yuying’s other side, they began dinner. Xie Li was a bit overwhelmed. Fortunately, the family had a habit of eating in silence. Besides the sound of spoons hitting against the bowls, it was very quiet.

They ate dinner slowly, and when they began drinking soup after finishing their meal, their daughter, Xie Siyun, spoke up, “Dad, I’ve been eyeing a piece of jewelry recently. Can you please buy it?”

Jiang Yuying frowned slightly and said, “You child, why are you bothering your dad without asking your mom? All you do is cling to your dad every day.”

Xie Siyun stuck out her tongue and continued to cling to him, “Daddy, buy it for me. It’s not expensive.”

Xie Li stopped drinking his soup and maintained the go-to expression of the original owner – a poker face – and asked Xie Siyun, “How much?”

“Um, about eight million.”

Xie Li’s hand holding the spoon trembled slightly. He “hmm”ed and dared not say anything else.

Damn! Eight million! “She” wouldn’t be able to earn that much in “her” entire life. In the novel, Xie Siyun was indulged and arrogant, careless with money and acted recklessly. But while reading, “she” did not comment on her character. After all, it was normal for a rich girl to have such a character.

But now Xie Siyun asked for eight million! “She” had never seen so much money before. She couldn’t help but feel a chill her heart. But what could “he” say? So he simply nodded.

Jiang Yuying chided in a coquettish tone: “You always indulge the children.”

Xie Li didn’t know what the original owner would say at this time. After thinking about it, he replied, “A girl should be raised in luxury.”

Jiang Yuying had expected Xie Li to say “Eight million? Don’t be so petty!” but she did not expect to hear her husband say he wanted to dote on their daughter.

Xie Siyun cheered and thanked Xie Li. Her mother scolded her, “Don’t be so surprised, drink quickly.”

After dinner, Xie Siyun went upstairs to her room. She was only seventeen years old and at an age where she didn’t like being around her parents all the time. After dinner, Xie Li went to the hall. According to “his” usual habits, the butler put on the evening news for him…

Come on! He is a twenty-six-year-old beautiful girl, and you’re making her watch the evening news broadcast during prime time at night? Xie Li was extremely uncomfortable but could only sit there and watch the news.

Fortunately, after a short while, Jiang Yuying sat down next to him with a plate of cut fruit, and then… accompanied him to watch the news broadcast???

Xie Li: ???

Come on, big sister! Aren’t you at an age when women are especially fond of dog-blood romance dramas? I can watch that too!

After thinking about how to word it, Xie Li finally spoke up, “Do you have any programs you want to watch?”

Jiang Yuying was stunned for a moment, then showed a very sweet smile and said, “Oh, it’s okay, we can just watch this. Don’t we watch this at this time every day?”

“It’s okay, I can keep you company. Let’s switch to a channel you like.”

He changed the channel to the TV drama that Jiang Yuying was following.

Jiang Yuying normally caught up on episodes she missed when her husband was not at home. But since her husband was in a rare mood to accompany her, Jiang Yuying could not refuse. She even glanced at her husband’s reaction from time to time…. and didn’t expect him to be quite engaged in the drama.

As Jiang Yuying watched her husband’s engrossed expression while watching the drama, she kept handing him a piece of fruit from time to time. Eventually, she didn’t expect him to become more and more casual and even lean close to her and discuss the drama with her. Her face turned a little red because it had been a long time since she had been so close to her husband…

She even felt that her husband’s affection was hinting that they might end up having sex that night.

After finishing watching two episodes of the drama, Xie Li came out of the bathroom after taking a shower and saw Jiang Yuying in a silk nightgown with thin straps and red lipstick, looking alluring.

He felt a pang of guilt and thought, ‘I’m screwed! Couples do that!’

Xie Li’s legs shook as he tried to compose himself, lifted the blanket, and lay down. Jiang Yuying approached him, her red lips pressed against Xie Li’s ear, and called him softly, “Husband…”

Xie Li shuddered and closed his eyes tightly. “I’m tired,” he said.

Then “he” cursed himself in his heart: scumbag!

Jiang Yuying’s mood obviously dropped, and she responded softly, “Okay,” before turning off the bedside lamp, and laying beside him.

Xie Li once again cursed himself: the scumbag of all scumbags!


1 male Xie Li
2 female Xie Li
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