Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 259

Chapter 259


The next day, His Majesty came to my house. He wanted me to make a weapon and a set of armor for him using the leftover materials from the Kobold King right in front of him. Volga-san from the Commercial Guild also came. He helped me transfer 109.000 gold coins from the kingdom to my account, as a payment for the weapon and the armor. 

Still, it would be highly dangerous to walk around with this many gold coins. So until I could get a new safe for a feudal lord in the new town, I entrusted the gold in the Commercial Guild’s main vault in the capital. In this way, I could withdraw my money from any of the Commercial Guild’s branches.

Now then, let’s start the blacksmithing work. I’ve made it before so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

First, I measured His Majesty’s size. Then, I started working on the equipment with the help of Chatra. To my surprise, it only took me half the time it took me the first time.


After working, I felt incredibly hungry so I invited His Majesty and Bavarian-sama to have a meal in the VIP room on the third floor of Wolf Cub’s Dining Table. Opening the door to the restaurant, I was immediately greeted by the heartwarming sight of Ash and Blue-chan (♀) holding a basket of recovery cookies.

We entered the restaurant. Tanya and the other older members of Wolf Cub’s Village were busy serving the guests, skilfully moving around without bumping into each other. They noticed our arrival and guided us to the third floor.

The chef, Bokuzen-san had prepared a feast that he had meticulously researched into perfection. His Majesty and Bavarian-sama enjoyed our signature dishes such as foie gras (made from Phantom Bird), eel (made from Serpent) and various sea urchin dishes (made from Giant Urchin).

Although I usually asked the ladies to serve the guests at the VIP room, but this time I decided to have the children from Wolf Cub’s Village do it. I believed in this way, I could convey to His Majesty what I was trying to accomplish in a better way.

I explained to His Majesty that although the children could provide such excellent hospitality now, but in actuality, they had gone through various hardships in the past.

His Majesty seemed shocked. The situation was even worse than he had imagined and at the same time, His Majesty showed a keen interest in my project.

His Majesty also seemed to be pleased with the food and the interior of the restaurant that combined both Japanese and Western elements into it, like the flowing waterfall. His Majesty then asked me to build a branch in the capital. 

“I’ll cover all of the expenses so please, you have to open a branch in the capital.”

Moreover, His Majesty told me that he would do something about the slums in the capital.

Seeing the positive cycle that could potentially alleviate the poverty problem in the kingdom, I readily accepted His Majesty’s request. Having extra funds to help my town’s development would be nice too.

However, training a newbie chef from scratch would be difficult. So I asked His Majesty to bring two of his personal chefs to come over here. The two chefs would receive training from Bokuzen-san and then they could be assigned to the branch in the capital and Resta. (Bokuzen-san would be stationed at my new restaurant in my new territory.)

Also since it was crucial to have wolf cubs help serve the guests as Wolf Cub’s Dining Table, I also acquired the permission to let blue wolf’s cub roam around the restaurant to serve as our mascot.

With that being said, I acquired another 5000 gold coins as a payment to build a new branch in the capital. The funds were immediately transferred to my account using Volga-san’s magic device.


T/N: MC got 100k from the equipment, which means he can build sooooo many restaurants with it. MC’s new town is going to prosper fr. Money is the best weapon in capitalism after all. 


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