Accidentally Entangled with the Rich
Accidentally Entangled with the Rich Chapter 4.2

“There’s a filming crew over there. Go over to see if anyone is needed! This trip can’t go in vain.”

Shiguang ran to the crew. There has been a lot of filming in this area recently.

Wang Mei sat down on the slab by the roadside: “I’ll wait for you here. I’m too tired to go.”

“Really? Are you sure?”

“You can go if you want, I’m not short of money now.”

Just as Shiguang was about to speak, her phone rang. “Hello?”

“Shiguang, your parents are causing a commotion at the school gate.”

“Who are you talking about?”

“There are a lot of people gathered at the gate watching the ruckus. They’re shouting here, scolding you for being ungrateful. I just came back from outside and happened to run into them.”

Shiguang gripped the phone in anger and desperation. Not this, not now, not after this horrid day. “I don’t have parents. Don’t worry about it.”

Shiguang hoped that the man who calls her daughter would rot in prison. He’s a disgusting menace. “They’re all liars, scammers.”

“Do you want to call the police for you?”

“The school will deal with it.” Shiguang didn’t have a relationship with those two people. She could say anything about them and not feel the slightest guilt.

After ending the call, she stood there fuming until she bumped into someone head-on. Shiguang was so angry that she had unintentionally directed all her pent up emotions on the stranger beside her. Before he could even utter a word, she screamed hysterically. “Are you looking to die? Watch where you’re going you blind rat!”

“I am blind!” Wang An’s matter of fact response had Shiguang frozen, not knowing whether apologize or continue her onslaught of fury.

“Shiguang!” Wang An turned towards her. “Are you really Shiguang?”

Now that they’ve ran into each other, what’s the point of pretending?

Shiguang met Wang An’s eyes and mustered the courage to reply. “Long time no see.”

A drop of sweat trickled down her forehead and landed on her thick eyelashes. The two fell into an uncomfortable silence. After a while, Wang An asked. “Why are you here?”

“To enjoy the beautiful scenery, of course!” The smile on Shiguang’s face returned. “When did you return to China?”

“Let’s find a place to talk.” Wang An tilted his head. “It’s so hot.”

When Shiguang turned, Wang Mei instantly stood up from her spot. Her eyes twinkled curiously as she looked at Shiguang and her newfound companion. “This is my friend, Wang Mei.”

The three went to Starbucks for a chat.

“I only heard about your situation after I came back. No one would give me your contact info. I didn’t anticipate meeting you here. How are you doing now? Are you working?”

“I’m still in my junior year. Graduation will come next year.” Shiguang shook her head. “Let’s not discuss the past. It’s messier than Korean dramas.”

When tragedy falls onto someone else, it feels distant- as if we’re onlookers protected by a transparent screen. When we ourselves come face to face with tragedy, we can no longer kid ourselves into thinking it’s unreal. Just the thought of the past brings too much pain.

Wang An looked Shiguang. She’s all grown up. Whatever obstacles she faced through the years hadn’t marred her face. Her features were as striking as ever. It was apparent that she aged like fine wine. If he didn’t have an eye for details, he probably wouldn’t have noticed that the clothes she had on weren’t on trend or couture. In the past, she was very particular about food and clothing. She never drank instant coffee nor wore unbranded clothing. Seeing her in a plain shirt with a Starbucks coffee in hand is evident of the changes in her life.

“What are you studying? Had you dropped out due to poor grades? Why are you only in your third year?”

“Guess what major I’m studying?” Shiguang raised her brows, ignoring the jabs. His ugly words used to inflict pain on her. “Are you proposing to give me a job, Mr. Wang?”

“Do you need it?” Wang An leaned towards her, smiling like a ruffian.

“It’s unnecessary.” Shiguang finished her coffee in one gulp. She’s not falling into Wang An’s trap.

Wang An contemplated in silence before trying again. “If you need help, don’t be coy. I am your brother and I will always be your brother.”

“Thank you.” She affixed her gaze on Wang An. “Seriously.”

“I’m not jesting.”

“I—” Shiguang stopped herself and changed the topic abruptly “Forget it, how are uncle and aunt Zhou doing now?”

Wang An huffed in disappointment. “Guang, you no longer have a relationship with them nor should you want one.”

Shiguang choked out a pained laughter. No, she’s not a hypocrite. After being raised by the Zhou’s for eighteen years, how can there be no feelings between them? She loves her parents. They doted on her. There’s no denying that but that relationship has been shredded irrevocably when Zhou Meng was revealed to be their biological daughter. This truth forced Shiguang out of their hearts and later their home. Nevertheless, hearts are made of flesh and not steel. She can’t just switch off her feelings like that.

“Is it because I’ve hit rock bottom?” A smirk formed in Shiguang’s lips. “That’s right, it never mattered to you.” Wang An has always been a prick to her. He threw insults indiscriminately. With nerves thicker than that of a telephone pole, Wang An would never feel sorry for anyone. He simply thinks he could do no wrong.

“Thanks for the coffee. I have class tomorrow so I’ll be going.”

“Wait!” His faced turned dark in an instant. Gone was the pretentious kindness. The next thing she knew, he had her arm in an unrelenting grip. When she turned towards him, he immediately dropped her arm in alarm like it was scalding.

His face grew hot as what he had just done played back in his head. The air felt heavy all of a sudden but he had to know. “Give me your phone number and school address.”

To make light of the tense atmosphere, he poked her shoulder pretending to shrug it off. “Shiguang, you’re my best bud. Let’s not let family business come between us.”

Thankfully, Shiguang’s phone chose this moment to ring and cut the tension. Welcoming the distraction, she took out her phone and walked off. “I’ll just answer this call.”

“Okay, I’ll stay here.” Wang An retracted and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Hello. Am I speaking to Shiguang? I am a police officer from the Chongshan Road Police Station. Your parents are here asking to see you.”


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