Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar
Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar Chapter 1

TL: snaggletooth

When the staff handed the marriage certificate to him, Chu Yi was still stupefied.

He has no way to digest what happened just now.

He also has no way to digest the reality that he is already Qin Yiheng’s legal husband.

“Mr. Chu.”

The person beside him called out to him.

A very deep, very magnetic voice knocked on Chu Yi’s heart and his brain seemed to buzz.

Chu Yi snapped out of it and received the marriage certificate.

Chu Yi thanked the staff, then turned his head and cast his eyes on… Qin Yiheng’s tie.

“Uh, um, erm.”

Chu Yi didn’t dare to look at Qin Yiheng. Considering the fact that he had just got himself together and was suddenly exposed to Qin Yiheng’s aura, he panicked and forgot what he wanted to say just now.

He could only toughen up and ask, “What are we doing next?”

To be precise, today was only their second time meeting.

The previous time was a month ago at a bar.

Chu Yi was feeling down, so he went to the bar for a drink.

Likely due to drinking too much, his memories after that are a little fuzzy.

Anyhow, he met a very good-looking man.

But how did they somehow arrive at the hotel?

And how did they somehow roll onto the bed?

When he woke up the next morning, the man was gone leaving behind only the traces on Chu Yi’s body and the filthy objects that covered the floor.

At that time, Chu Yi was in an anxious state.

Although at the back of his mind, he did want to find an affair when he went to the bar, but who would have thought that this wish would actually come true.

His first time was so vaguely given away like this.

Plus the other party was a man whose face he couldn’t remember.

What exactly was he doing yesterday?

Just like that, he sat on the big hotel bed for an entire hour.

Only after fiercely talking to himself in his head for an hour, was he able to comfort himself.

How big of a deal can it be?

He’s already 26, if his first time is gone, then it’s gone.

What does it matter?

Although he couldn’t remember the other person’s face, in his impression, the man was a super handsome guy.


Yesterday, he, seemed to, sort of, felt very good.

No big deal, no big deal.

In the first place, he went to the bar to buy alcohol and men, doesn’t this work exactly the way he wants?


Chu Yi still had to go to work. After thinking, he quickly cleaned up and left the hotel.

That man paid for the room as well as the small things in the room that needed to be paid for.

After standing at the front desk for a while, the lady at the front desk notified the cleaning aunty to check the room and a few minutes later, she told Chu Yi that he could leave.

Chu Yi said, “Thank you.”

After speaking, he originally wanted to turn around and leave.

But instead, he asked, “Excuse me, will it be convenient to tell me the name of the gentleman who was with me?”

Chu Yi remembered the lady’s gaze at that time, which looked very surprised.

But soon, in less than a second, the lady collected her gaze and probably understood something.

“This gentleman is called…”

Chu Yi suddenly interrupted, “No need, thank you.”

It was only a temporary bond of love, if the other party doesn’t even care, why should he?

But he never expected that his temporary bond of love would appear in his studio a month later.

Chu Yi is a designer.

After graduating from university, he opened a small shop by himself and has been working for four years now. He already has his own studio along with two employees.

It’s a small business; designing posters, covers, typography, logos, this and that for others.

His studio is on a street away from the center of the city.

And that appearance was today.

At ten o’clock in the morning, he, as the boss, was routinely late. He had just arrived at the studio when a car stopped at the door.

Chu Yi was holding a piece of bread in his hand. Since the car parked too cleverly, parking right in front of the door to his shop, Chu Yi immediately treated them as his customers.

He gave up eating the bread, wrapped it up and put it on the corner of the table beside him. He took a piece of napkin, wiped his hands, opened the glass door, and prepared to welcome the guests.

But this customer did not immediately exit the car. Instead, he waited for his driver to exit the car first, walked around to the back seat, opened the door and held open the door frame. Only then did he stretch out one of his legs, exposing his ankle and leather shoe.

What kind of idol drama is this?

The bread that Chu Yi hadn’t had time to swallow almost got stuck in his throat.

Then the face of the male lead appeared in Chu Yi’s sight.

His first impression was, wow, as expected of the male lead, so fucking handsome.

His second impression was, damn, there’s gonna be a big order!

The man quickly exited the car, quickly walked towards Chu Yi, smiled and nodded, “Hello, Mr. Chu.”

Chu Yi showed a standard smile for customers, “Hello, sir.”

Chu Yi stretched out his right hand but it seems that this man had no intention of shaking his hand. The man frowned, glanced down, and before his eyes reached Chu Yi’s hand, he pulled his line of sight back.

Chu Yi had no choice but to laugh dryly before withdrawing his hand.

Chu Yi, “Sir, what do you need made?”

This gentleman glanced around the office, as if looking for something, and finally said, “Let’s find a place to talk.”

The place they found was Chu Yi’s office, which has more than 20 square meters. There is an office desk, a coffee table, and a sofa.

When Chu Yi brought this gentleman into the office, he could clearly feel that his two employees were looking at him with ambiguous eyes.

Chu Yi warned them back with his eyes, telling them not to overthink, do their work, and shut those eyes out the door.

This gentleman is very tall. Chu Yi is 178cm, but standing next to this gentleman makes him seem much smaller. With his eyes, he estimates: over 185cm.

In Chu Yi’s office, there was a draft that he rushed last night which hasn’t been cleaned up yet. Large pieces of A4 papers were scattered on the coffee table. After this gentleman sat down, Chu Yi’s mind froze for several seconds.

The gentleman’s black suit, dark blue tie and well-dressed clothes are incompatible with Chu Yi’s office.

It also seemed that Chu Yi’s office was a lot cramped because of his tall size.

Chu Yi quickly cleaned up the papers on the table. In the meantime, this gentleman refused to make a single sound, it made Chu Yi rather nervous.

But other than the nervousness, he was still happy.

This is a big order! It must be a big order!

Chu Yi threw everything into his desk, stood on the side and asked, “Sir, may I ask for your name?”

The gentleman reported his name, “Qin Yiheng.”

Chu Yi, “Oh, Mr. Qin.”

Mr. Qin revealed a dissatisfied expression in his eyes, slightly raised his eyelids and glanced at Chu Yi.

Chu Yi did not understand what that meant, so he avoided his gaze and gulped.

He doesn’t know how long this Mr. Qin plans to stay. After Chu Yi boiled some water, he firstly brought over a glass of cold water for him.

Finally, after an uncertain amount of time since he entered the office, this Mr. Qin gave Chu Yi the privilege to chat.


This was Qin Yiheng’s first sentence after he opened his mouth.

Chu Yi, who seemed more like the guest, sat down innocently after hearing this.

“Mr. Chu, do you still remember me?” Qi Yiheng asked him.

Chu Yi was stunned.

Who you?

But as the owner, he certainly cannot ask such things.

So while searching for this gentleman in his head, he laughed as he said, “Ahahaha, yes yes, what is Mr. Qin here for today?”

Mr. Qin ignored his question from the second half, feeling not too happy, “Yes what, did you forget who I am?”

Chu Yi chickened out, and had to admit indirectly, “I think you have the wrong person?”

Chu Yi swears!

He truly never met this Mr. Qin before.

Such a big handsome guy, if he met him or interacted with him, how could he forget!

But Mr. Qin reminded him.

“October 4th, Weir Hotel.”

Chu Yi’s standard smile fell, and in a very short amount of time, the color of his lips faded.

“Wh-what-, you-, I-, hah?”

This, what sort of situation is this?

October 4th, isn’t that…

So this is?

One night stand found his way up Chu Yi’s door?

What does he want?

Anyways, he’s definitely not here to get something designed.

Chu Yi laughed dryly, “Haha, oh so it was you.”

He continued to guess.

Did he get an aftereffect of a disease?

It shouldn’t be that serious right?

After that day, Chu Yi went to the hospital. He had various examinations and didn’t have any problems.

Ah, there was a little problem.

He bled.

Furthermore recalling a very embarrassing experience, the doctor told him with a serious face that he could no longer have sex for a short time and told him to exercise restraint.

Chu Yi was very frightened at the moment.

He does not know why this Mr. Qin came to find him.

Judging from the situation the second day, it was clearly the rhythm of never seeing each other again.

So, did he…

Lose money?

Lose his ID?

Want to go at it again?

The kettle on the coffee table suddenly gurgled and was particularly noticeable in the quiet office, therefore attracting the eyes of both of them.

Chu Yi’s guesses also temporarily stopped.

A few seconds later, the water boiled and the sound of the water disappeared. Mr. Qin, who was sitting opposite Chu Yi, started to move.

Chu Yi was like a frightened bird. Right now, whatever Mr. Qin does, he will feel scared.

This Mr. Qin took out his briefcase from his side.

And then, one by one, he took out the items from within.

Identification card.


Driver’s license.


Various proof of identification and documents.

These items are placed on the table very neatly.

Chu Yi couldn’t hold back and asked, “Mr. Qin, this is?”

Mr. Qin asks back, “Does Mr. Chu have any plans to get married this year?”

Chu Yi thought about it, nodded, “My family is urging me, if I meet someone suitable, I will get married.”

After speaking, Chu Yi scratched his head, he doesn’t quite understand where they’re going towards right now.

Very soon, Mr. Qin told him the direction they’re going towards.

Mr. Qin asked, “Are you interested? In marrying me.”

Chu Yi slowly let out, “Ah?”

Mr. Qin, “I thought about it for a month, and still think that I was very irresponsible. The way I left without saying anything that day wasn’t very good either.  I got myself to understand you and I think you are pretty good as a person. It just so happens that I plan to get married this year, so if you, Mr. Chu, also have this plan, you can consider starting a family with me.”

Chu Yi was completely stunned, “Huh???”

This order, isn’t it too big?!

Chu Yi glanced at the items placed on the table…

This Mr. Qin is quite sincere to boot, what’s going on?

Chu Yi had a hard time digesting everything, “No wait, Mr. Qin, it’s like this, erm, actually that day, I don’t remember too well, so,” Chu Yi carefully peeked at Qin Yiheng, “How do I know it was you that day?”

Very asshole-like words, Chu Yi was very worried that Qin Yiheng would splash the freshly boiled water on his face.

But Qin Yiheng did not.

Chu Yi thought that his control of emotions probably also prohibited him to do so.

Sure enough, Mr. Qin only smiled.

And then he said calmly, “There’s a scar on Mr. Chu’s inner thighs, not small in size and is shaped like a snail.”

Mr. Chu’s brain buzzed.

And blushed on the spot.

The author has something to say:
The pit is open~

The translator has something to say:
yayyy welcome! thanks for giving this novel a read and I hope that you enjoy it~
lesgooo!! ᕙ(@°▽°@)ᕗ

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