Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar
Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar Chapter 12

TL: snaggletooth

Chu Yi was thankful for Qin Yiheng again.

After Qin Yiheng said that he would arrange the meeting, Mother Qin stopped asking about Chu Yi’s family. The topic naturally drifted away, Mother Qin laughed helplessly, she said while looking at Qin Yiheng, “You’ll arrange it? You’re so busy, until when will we have to wait?”

Chu Yi also laughed and did not speak again.

Chu Yi didn’t really want to talk about his family at the moment. After all, this was such a sudden meeting with the other’s parent, he was unprepared, and it was the first time they met.

The three of them started eating porridge, and Chu Yi let out a sigh of relief in his heart.

This morning seemed uneventful, but it was actually quite stimulating.

Mother Qin had something else to do. After breakfast, she didn’t let Chu Yi wash the dishes, she washed them herself before leaving the house.

Qin Yiheng asked the driver to take his mother back. Before leaving, Qin Yiheng and Chu Yi send Mother Qin off at the door. Mother Qin did not chatter much because she visits quite frequently, she simply said to call her if there was any problem. Then she waved at the two children and left.

After getting in the car, Mother Qin rolled down the car window and looked at Qin Yiheng, “You have to make time for the two families to meet as soon as possible. This can’t be delayed for too long.”

Qin Yiheng nodded, “I got it.”

If other people say they got it, it might be a perfunctory answer. But Chu Yi knows that if Qin Yiheng says he got it, then he must got it for sure.

Mother Qin was relieved when he had answered, she said goodbye to Chu Yi with a smile and then rolled up the car window.

It was still early so Chu Yi followed Qin Yiheng back to the house.

About Chu Yi’s single-parent family.

In his third year of junior high school, his parents divorced. The court gave his custody to his mother. He and his mother moved from his father’s hometown to his mother’s hometown, which is City A. Then the mother and son duo have been dependent on each other until now.

In today’s society, a single-parent family wasn’t really a big deal, but his family situation was a little complicated. His father isn’t a good person and has served time in prison.

So Chu Yi had been reluctant to mention his father.

It was only 9 o’clock. Due to what happened this morning, Chu Yi wasn’t sleepy at all and actually felt quite energetic.

Judging from how he got along with Mother Qin today, Qin Yiheng’s family should be quite cozy. These past few days, Qin Yiheng probably used his own family as a reference to construct a large part of his marriage.

Even if Chu Yi couldn’t perceive Qin Yiheng’s love, he can still feel his warmth.

Chu Yi packed up and said goodbye to Qin Yiheng. Qin Yiheng replied, “Mn.”

Although Qin Yiheng looked like he was staying at home and wasn’t working, in fact, after he made tea and sat on the sofa in the living room, only reports from the company were shown on the laptop.

Chu Yi quietly left and closed the door. He went to the garage and drove out his car.

The scenery in the morning and the scenery at night were two different scenes. The not-overly-dazzling sunshine sprinkled over all the green plants, making those who look at them feel energized.

Chu Yi was not in a hurry and drove slowly. Coming out of Zhen Jing was a short mountain road that had several pedestrians. Although it was located  in City A and near the city center, it was still far from the hustle and bustle.

While Chu Yi felt it was beautiful, he couldn’t help but sigh, as expected of a place where rich people live.

But he didn’t get to enjoy this mood for long as his phone rang.

It was Xiao-Zhan’s call. If it wasn’t necessary, Xiao-Zhan wouldn’t have called this early in the morning.

Chu Yi frowned and picked up the call.

Xiao Zhan’s voice was very quiet, he said a very soft hello as if he was afraid that someone would hear.

Chu Yi, “What’s wrong?”

Xiao-Zhan said, “Boss, your father came to the studio.”

Chu Yi halted and decelerated the car, “When did he come?”

Xiao-Zhan, “A few minutes ago, he said he wanted to see you, but I told him you’re not coming today and that you’re on a business trip.”

Chu Yi, “Mn.” This was something he ordered, then asked, “And then?”

Xiao-Zhan, “He’s not leaving, he said he’s waiting in the studio until you come.”

Chu Yi parked the car on the side of the road.

Xiao-Zhan was worried, “Boss, it’s better if you don’t come today.”

Chu Yi thought for a moment, then said, “Okay, go to my office later and send me the folder with today’s date.”

Xiao-Zhan, “Sure sure.”

Chu Yi, “Leave your phone beside you and leave the office door open. If he does anything weird, immediately call the police.

Xiao-Zhan, “Mn, he won’t do anything to us, but boss, you be careful at home.”

Chu Yi, “I will.”

After hanging up the phone, Chu Yi buried his face in his arms.

In fact, he’s afraid of his father. When his father went to jail, it was because Chu Yi called the police. Now his hooligan-like father had come to City A and was looking for him, Chu Yi was afraid of his revenge.

Looked like he couldn’t go to the studio today. Fortunately, when his father tailed him in the past, he only tailed him to his apartment, so he doesn’t know where his mother currently lives.

After turning the car around, Chu Yi drove back to Zhen Jing.

Now, Chu Yi’s mood wasn’t as good as when he set off and he felt stuffy in his heart.

After entering the residential area, he did not go home directly but went to the supermarket first.

Chu Yi was thinking that since Qin Yiheng’s at home right now and he couldn’t make breakfast this morning, he might as well make lunch. Otherwise, if he goes back so dryly and Qin Yiheng ends up asking, Chu Yi wouldn’t know what to answer.

Thinking of four side dishes and one soup, Chu Yi quickly bought the ingredients and drove back. He unlocked the door with the password and went inside.

Qin Yiheng looked the same from when he went out. He was sitting on the sofa and looking at his laptop, but the tea on the table was half empty.

Seeing that Chu Yi came back, Qin Yiheng looked up at him confused.

The instant their eyes met, Chu Yi felt as if he took a tiny attack from Qin Yiheng and a warm current flowed out of his heart.

The hazy feeling from earlier disappeared. Chu Yi now realized that he has a new family of his own.

Qin Yiheng gave Chu Yi the feeling of home.

Chu Yi walked over and smiled, he lifted the ingredients naturally, “I thought of you being at home alone and wanted to make you lunch, how about trying my cooking?”

Qin Yiheng didn’t ask much, he lowered his head and continued to look at his laptop, “Okay.”

Over here, Chu Yi went to the kitchen with the ingredients. Over there, Qin Yiheng picked up his phone and made a call.

“Come in the afternoon instead, 3 o’clock, mn, there’s someone making lunch, thank you.”

After hanging up the phone, Qin Yiheng very naturally glanced in the direction of the kitchen before slowly retracting.

It was still early, and the dishes Chu Yi planned on making were all simple dishes, so he didn’t plan to cook this soon.

Qin Yiheng was working so Chu Yi didn’t disturb him. Xiao-Zhan already emailed the files over, Chu Yi went to the bedroom and also brought out his laptop. Qin Yiheng sat on the left side of the sofa, so he sat on the right, no one was disturbing no one.

In the folder, there were several images that needed to be modified. Chu Yi logged into WeChat on the laptop, put on earphones, and started to work.

Chu Yi was engrossed in modifying the images, it took nearly half an hour for one image. After sending it to the client, he raised his head and stretched his waist, but from the corner of his eye, he seemed to see…

Chu Yi turned his head and found Qin Yiheng looking at him.

Chu Yi froze for a bit, then put his earphones down.

Qin Yiheng, who got caught, was not flustered at all. Chu Yi on the other hand, who didn’t know how long he got stared at, his body became hot and his ears became red.

Qin Yiheng leaned slightly, “You have time?”

Chu Yi nodded repeatedly, “I do, I do.”

Gosh, why is Qin Yiheng suddenly so gentle?

Qin Yiheng, “I’ll teach you how to water the flowers and how to feed the fishes.”

Chu Yi nodded, “Okay.”

Qin Yiheng put his laptop on the coffee table. Chu Yi also did so, then stood up and followed Qin Yiheng outside.

The sun was already leaning in and all the plants on the balcony were covered in sunlight.

Chu Yi didn’t observe so carefully in the morning, but now with the task in mind, he took a more careful look.

There were many plants here that he had seen before as well as some he had never seen. There are also some flowers that seemed like they were arranged by a specialist. So many different things are placed bunched together, yet it was very beautiful.

“In addition to the balcony, there are a few potted plants in the living room.” Qin Yiheng looked at Chu Yi, “I’ll start talking now, do you want to note it down with your phone or with your brain?”

Chu Yi thought for a bit, since there were so many things, “Phone.”

After speaking, he took out his phone and opened the memo.

“These.” Qin Yiheng pointed to a range of plants, “Water once every two to three days.”

Chu Yi took photos, saved them into the memo, and wrote ‘once every two to three days’.

Chu Yi, “How much do I water?”

Qin Yiheng replied, “The appropriate amount.”

Chu Yi, “…Okay.”

Chu Yi has some plants in his studio, but most of them are taken care of by Rongrong. There was a pot in his office, which Rongrong chose for him. She said it was very easy to take care of, it’s the type that won’t die even if it’s not watered.

Chu Yi wrote ‘appropriate amount’ into the memo, thinking of asking Rongrong next time.

“These.” Qin Yiheng continued, “Once every half a month.”

Chu Yi nodded, this time he didn’t ask. He took some photos and wrote ‘appropriate amount’ onto the memo.

“These.” Qin Yiheng switched to another section, “It depends on the season. Look at the soil. If the top of the soil is dry, it means that it needs to be watered, usually half a year or more. “

Chu Yi earnestly nodded and earnestly noted it down.

“Lastly these.” Qin Yiheng pointed at a few, “They don’t need to be watered.”

Chu Yi, “Ah.” Then used his phone to take pictures.

As they talked and walked, Chu Yi arrived at a place that could relatively be counted as outside. After Qin Yiheng finished appointing the tasks, he took his phone and matched the pictures with each plant one by one, making sure that nothing was missing before saving it.

“I got it all down, if you don’t have time in the future, you can leave these plants to me.”

Qin Yiheng, “Mn.” Then as if he just remembered something, he asked, “You know how much to water?”

Chu Yi started to laugh.

Good question, Mr. Qin!

Chu Yi, “I don’t know.”

Qin Yiheng’s tone was a little helpless, “Why aren’t you asking me if you don’t know?”

Chu Yi smiled, “I will know.”

Qin Yiheng tilted his head, “You’re planning on asking someone else?”

Chu Yi was shocked, Qin Yiheng, your associative ability is too good.

Chu Yi answered honestly, “My employee, her[1]her and him sound the same in chinese mom opens a flower shop.”

Qin Yiheng frowned slightly, “Who? Male or female?”

Chu Yi, “Female, Rongrong.”

Qin Yiheng’s tone suddenly turned a little mean, “Why aren’t you asking me?”

Chu Yi paused.

This question is also a good question.

“Because I-.” Chu Yi felt that he couldn’t say this and could only restart, “Because her mom opens a flower shop.”

Qin Yiheng said in a dull tone, “Just look at the soil, if the soil is not dry, it’s enough if the water doesn’t overflow.”

Chu Yi immediately nodded, “Okay.”

Why does he slightly feel that Qin Yiheng was angry?

Although Qin Yiheng did say that during this marriage, he can ask him if he has any questions.


It didn’t need to be this strict right?

Chu Yi coughed and could only smile foolishly at Qin Yiheng.

Qin Yiheng was facing the balcony door and was looking down towards him. When he smiled like that, their eyes met off guard.

It’s been so many days, it’s not like their eyes haven’t met before.

But Chu Yi felt that it was strange, they should’ve been more and more familiar with each other, yet why did he become shyer the longer their eyes met.

He coughed again, wanting to say something, then he saw something on the balcony from the corner of his eye.

Chu Yi raised his head, pointed up, “The plants up there also need to be watered?”

Qin Yiheng’s position wasn’t very good. In order to see the place Chu Yi pointed at clearly, he took a step towards Chu Yi and looked in the direction that his finger pointed at.

Qin Yiheng retracted his gaze very quickly and looked towards Chu Yi, the “no” in his throat wouldn’t come out no matter what.

The man in front of him was now extremely close to him, the two had never been this close in broad daylight.

Chu Yi raised his head slightly, his eyes still on the pots of plants. His not long but bushy eyelashes made his eyes very beautiful, he looked like a little curious fawn.

Qin Yiheng’s Adam’s apple moved unnaturally, and then Chu Yi lowered his head.

“Mn?” Likely because Qin Yiheng didn’t respond for a long time, Chu Yi asked again, “Do they need to be watered?”

When Chu Yi spoke, his lips moved. Qin Yiheng didn’t know what he said at all, he only saw the two lips opening and closing.

Chu Yi’s lips are dark pink and the corners of his mouth are naturally curved upwards. He looked like he was smiling even when he was expressionless. At this moment, because he was talking, his two front teeth were exposed from time to time, looking nicely tight.

Qin Yiheng blinked.

Chu Yi also seemed to have noticed something was wrong. He looked back and found Qin Yiheng staring at him.

The moment their eyes met again, Chu Yi couldn’t help but lick his lips.

The lips that got instantly moistened made Qin Yiheng’s Adam’s apple move again.

And then he lowered his head and kissed Chu Yi.

The translator has something to say:
hehe first kiss hehehehe 🤤


1 her and him sound the same in chinese
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    I say, i think this guy fell in love at first sight with MC but just didn’t realize it yet.. well.. looking how slow the ML is… (; ̄ー ̄)

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    Anyway thanks for the translation. Stay safe out there.

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    I only recently found out about it last December when a translator I know, well an acquaintance, announced it on her personal blog. I’ve seen so many completely translated novels being deleted one by one since January. I only recently came back to reading novels so it surprised me that there were so many translated chapters on NU deleted. Some translators’ finished works is still be read on their sites BUT you need a proof or receipt that you supported the author in any way or brought VIP chapters of the books they’ve translated to gain further access on them at their sites.

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