Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar
Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar Chapter 15

TL: snaggletooth

There was someone in the house so Chu Yi naturally didn’t dare to act rashly. After Qin Yiheng said that, Chu Yi’s neck turned red and he knew that it was about to come up to his face. He responded casually with an “mn” and hurriedly took a step back.

His face turned red really quickly this time. Chu Yi knew that Qin Yiheng wouldn’t leave the living room so he could only find an excuse and went to the bathroom on the first floor.

The moment he closed the door, he immediately turned on the light and stood in front of the mirror. As expected, he saw his thoroughly flushed face.

He cupped a handful of water and threw it directly on his face. Then he drew out two pieces of paper wipes and wiped it.

After calming down, he felt a little better.

When he came out, he happened to bump into the auntie coming downstairs. Chu Yi was naturally hospitable, so he smiled at the auntie, “You’ve finished cleaning upstairs?”

The auntie also smiled, “Yes. Since Mr. Qin’s in the living room, I’ll clean the balcony first.”

Chu Yi nodded, “Mn.”

He was rejected by Qin Yiheng just now. Although he rejected it for a legitimate reason, it was still a rejection. So right now, he was ashamed to sit next to Qin Yiheng.

The auntie was on the balcony. He willfully went to the kitchen to pour two glasses of water and followed over.

The auntie was clearing the fallen leaves on the floor. When she saw Chu Yi come out with two glasses of water, she stood up straight.

Chu Yi handed the water over and said politely, “You’ve worked hard.”

The auntie was overwhelmed by the favor, she quickly took it and said, “It’s not hard work, Mr. Qin’s house is the easiest to clean. It’s the cleanest among my clients.”

Chu Yi nodded and agreed. The first impression Qin Yiheng’s house gave was that it was clean and tidy.

Not sure if she was uncomfortable or really thirsty, the auntie actually drank the entire glass of water. Chu Yi reached out to take it, but the auntie shifted the cup aside, “I can do it. I know it’s from the cupboard.”

Chu Yi moved further forward and took the cup from the auntie’s hand, “Don’t be so polite, it’s on the way for me.”

The auntie could only laugh and did not fight him for it.

Chu Yi lowered his head to drink water. He saw that the auntie seemed to be a little uneasy, she was holding the broom and not knowing whether to sweep or not.

Chu Yi put down the water, “Don’t worry about me, you can continue to work.”

The auntie smiled, only then did she pick up the broom.

“What should I call you?” The auntie asked.

“You can call me Chu Yi.”

The auntie nodded, asked again, “Are you the mister’s friend?”

Chu Yi wanted to deny it, but the auntie spoke again, “It’s rare to see the mister bring back a friend.”

Chu Yi was curious, “He never brought guests back before?”

The auntie shook her head, “There were some, but those guests were always wearing suits, so they were all probably clients. Who would wear suits to a friend’s house? Only you are different. You weren’t showing full courtesies towards Mr. Qin and could sit together with him to play on your laptops. “

Chu Yi looked down at his casual clothes, and after thinking about it, it seemed to make sense.

He laughed, “We weren’t playing, we’re also working.”

The auntie laughed, “Well, it’s still different.”

Chu Yi nodded, “It’s indeed different.”

“Except for when he’s on a business trip, Mr. Qin will be at home every Sunday. I’ve worked here for 5 years so I’m able to tell.” The auntie already determined that Chu Yi is Qin Yiheng’s friend and continued, “I didn’t think that with Mr. Qin’s tepid personality, he could befriend such an outgoing person like you.”

Chu Yi laughed and didn’t expose her, he asked, “Why didn’t you think that I’m his family member?”

The auntie thought for a while, and suddenly nodded again, it seemed to make sense, “Hmm, relative? Are you Mr. Qin’s cousin?”

Chu Yi froze, then started laughing.

This auntie’s quite good at giving identities to others.

The auntie added, “It could be possible. You’re like Mr. Qin, both very handsome.”

Chu Yi raised his brows, “Thank you.”

The auntie switched to a mop. When she passed by Chu Yi, she suddenly sighed, “Yeah he’s handsome, but he still doesn’t have a partner. Mr. Qin’s mother came to talk about this before, it really worried her.”

Chu Yi held in his laughter.

All mothers are the same.

Chu Yi quickly entered his role, “My cousin is already 30 years old.”

The auntie was so anxious that her face wrinkled, “Exactly.”

Chu Yi nodded, “I’m also worried.”

The auntie sighed, “If Mr. Qin didn’t have such good qualifications, I really want to introduce someone to him.”

Chu Yi smiled, “So auntie also know many single youths?”

The auntie spoke in a higher tone, “That’s right.”

Chu Yi only asked this as a casual question, but he didn’t expect that the auntie would suddenly turn the battlefield onto him.

It was a sharp look that Chu Yi was very familiar with. Every time he goes home, he sees it on the faces of his mother’s friends.

“How about you? Do you want auntie to introduce you to someone?” The auntie thinks she found business and her whole person became full of energy, “Auntie knows many outstanding single youths, both men and women.”

Chu Yi: ? ? ?

Hold on, auntie, you being so eager and hoping the single youths around you could find love is understandable. After all, all uncles and aunties right now are all like this. As if following the trend, if they matched a pair, their faces would light up.

But why.

Why aren’t you introducing them to Qin Yiheng but introducing them to him instead?

Are his qualities very bad?

Uh, although he admits that Qin Yiheng looks much nobler than him.

But he…

Forget it, losing to Qin Yiheng was nothing to be ashamed about.

Chu Yi laughed dryly, “There’s no need, I…”

The auntie interrupted him again, “You don’t need to be polite with auntie. Although those in auntie’s hands may not be good enough for you, since you have such a good personality and you’re so easy to get along with, you’re probably not too picky, right? When two people are together, what’s more important is that they have things to talk about.”

After such an explanation, Chu Yi felt a lot more comfortable.

“There’s no need.”
“There’s no need.”

Two voices rang at the same time. One came from Chu Yi and the other came from a distance of two meters away.

Chu Yi and the auntie turned to look at the source of the sound at the same time. Qin Yiheng has been standing by the door since who-knows-when.

Qin Yiheng was holding water in his hand and said dully, “Chu Yi is already married to me.”

The auntie couldn’t understand it right away. She grabbed the mop and first glanced at Qin Yiheng, and then at Chu Yi. She was puzzled and said carefully, “You can marry relatives now?”

Chu Yi couldn’t hold back and laughed, now he couldn’t hide it anymore, “Sorry auntie, I lied to you just now, I’m not his cousin.”

The auntie nodded, “Ah.”

Before recovering from her initial shock, she fell into another shock. The auntie reacted half a beat later and said in surprise, “You guys are married?”

Chu Yi nodded, “Yep.”

The auntie laughed, “Congrats, congrats, newly wedded?”

Chu Yi, “Mn.”

The auntie was relieved to hear and said, “Very nice, very nice, you’re both young talents.”

Chu Yi said, “Thank you.”

Chu Yi turned around and found that Qin Yiheng had already left. He was probably tired from sitting, so he stood up and took a walk for a break.

The auntie’s cleaning had slowed down a lot from chit chatting and Chu Yi still had a list of unfinished orders, so he didn’t bother any longer. He put the cups in the kitchen and went back to the living room.

Right as he sat down, Qin Yiheng said, “I thought you were a quiet person.”

Chu Yi paused, he didn’t understand what Qin Yiheng meant by this.

After he thought for a bit, Chu Yi asked, “Did I disturb you?”

Qin Yiheng, “No.”

He thought some more, and decided to explain, “If I meet those who I’ll often see in the future, I would always chat with them a bit.”

Chu Yi’s not very good with faces. He chats with others for the sake of remembering their faces and to prevent the awkwardness of encountering unrecognizable people on the road.

Qin Yiheng turned his head over when he heard this, and asked, “What about me?”

Qin Yi was stunned.

Qin Yiheng he… indeed counts as someone who he’ll see often, very often at that.

But Qin Yiheng…

For a moment, Chu Yi didn’t know what to say.

It’s not like he can say, Mr. Qin, you have a temperament that makes others afraid to speak.

Of course he didn’t dare say this.

So he threw a question back, “Do you want me to chat with you more?”

Chu Yi subconsciously felt that Qin Yiheng would reject it.

After all, chatting is a two-person thing, it definitely wouldn’t work chatting solo. For a person like Qin Yiheng who doesn’t like wasting his breath, he’s better off without chatting.

But he didn’t expect Qin Yiheng to reply, “Yeah.”

Chu Yi couldn’t react immediately, “Ah?”

Qin Yiheng said, “I hope you can chat with me more.”

Chu Yi gulped, and replied bluntly, “Okay.”



About what?

Fortunately, at this time, the auntie came in from the balcony. It seemed that she was about to clean the living room.

Chu Yi secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

The auntie acted quickly and quietly. Qin Yiheng was working, so Chu Yi stopped talking to the auntie. He smiled at the auntie after their eyes met, and that was it.

In twenty minutes, the auntie finished cleaning the living room. She returned to the previous balcony, cleaned the rag and mop, then said goodbye to the two masters of the house.

After the door closed, only Chu Yi and Qin Yiheng were left in the house.

Since Qin Yiheng said he wanted to chat just now, Chu Yi has been thinking about what to chat with him.

He even opened a word document and jotted down everything he could say.

But even after so long, there were only 10 lines.

Chu Yi pinched the area between his brows.

While Chu Yi was deep in thought, Qin Yiheng suddenly closed his laptop and put it on the coffee table.

Chu Yi hurriedly minimized the document and pretended to be busy.

From the corner of his eye, he saw Qin Yiheng glance at him before standing up.

Chu Yi thought Qin Yiheng was about to leave and let out a breath of relief.

But before he finished letting the breath out, Qin Yiheng suddenly sat down again. This time, beside him.

Chu Yi’s hands were frozen, and his mind was full of the black texts on a white background.

“Did you know that we’re from the same school?”
“City B’s my hometown, have you been to City B before?”
“What’re we eating tonight?”
“Should I cook or do you want to eat out?”

He hadn’t decided which to use first when Qin Yiheng spoke up.

Qin Yiheng, “Save what you have on hand.”

Chu Yi obediently nodded and saved the document.

Qin Yiheng immediately reached out, closed Chu Yi’s laptop, picked it up, and put it on the coffee table.

Chu Yi looked at the laptop, and then at Qin Yiheng.

“What-… mm.”

He was kissed.

He was kissed once again.

The moment the two people’s lips touched, a very rapid numbness expanded through his entire body. Chu Yi’s heartbeat fluctuated violently.

It seemed like Qin Yiheng planned and endured it for a long time. It also seemed he made sufficient preparations, not long after their lips touched, he attacked inside.

Chu Yi couldn’t withstand this at all. He couldn’t steady himself and fell onto the sofa.

Qin Yiheng chased after him. The hand that didn’t want to handshake with him a few days ago grabbed onto his wrist, then it slipped upwards and all ten fingers intertwined.

Chu Yi’s nerves became extremely frenzied.


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