Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar
Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar Chapter 18

TL: snaggletooth

The next day, Chu Yi stayed at home all morning. Only after making sure that Chen Jianshi would not appear again, did he drive to the studio.

The weather has cooled down the past two days. It was cloudy all day today and there seemed to be signs of rain. Chu Yi was blown away by the wind as soon as he came out, only then did he realize that he was wearing very little.

Chu Yi stood outside for more than ten seconds. After he got a feeling of today’s temperature, he decided to go back in for a coat.

However, when he returned to the house, he remembered that the clothes he had brought over last time were all for summer and autumn. His coats were still in his bachelor apartment.

Go back to get it?

Or borrow Qin Yiheng’s?

Chu Yi tossed up the key in his hand, then steadily caught it. He decided to go with the latter.

So as he walked to the second floor, he gave Qin Yiheng a call.

It took a long time for the other side to pick up. Chu Yi directly said, “Hello? It’s a bit cold today and I didn’t bring my coats over. I’ll borrow yours first and go back and get them tonight.”

An awkward laugh came from the other end, “Mr. Chu, it’s Xu Jing, President Qin’s assistant.”

Chu Yi’s hand that was opening the door paused for a bit, “Hello.”

Xu Jing, “President Qin’s in a meeting, he didn’t bring his phone.”

Chu Yi stood by the door and thought for a few seconds, “Okay, then it’s nothing.”

Xu Jing asked, “Did Mr. Chu want to borrow President Qin’s coat? I can go to the conference room and seek President Qin’s opinion for you.”

“No need to disturb him, you don’t need to tell him.” Chu Yi glanced at the closet, “It’s nothing, you can continue working, thank you.”

After hanging up, Chu Yi stood at the entrance of the bedroom with his phone in his hand. After a few seconds, he still decided not to touch Qin Yiheng’s things.

Although Qin Yiheng had told him before that Chu Yi could freely use his things, but the habit he developed since childhood would not let him touch other people’s things without their consent.

It would bother his conscience, so he did not walk further. After comforting himself that it wasn’t that cold today, he went downstairs and left the house.

But this comfort seemed to be a joke. As soon as Chu Yi left the house, his entire body was gone with the wind.

The cool air raided his uncovered skin. Within only a couple of seconds, he had already sneezed several times in a row.

He quickly hopped into his car, started the engine, and went onto the road.

He also quickly entered the door when he arrived at his studio.

When he passed by Xiao-Zhan, Xiao-Zhan let out a “wow” as he saw him.

Xiao-Zhan couldn’t help asking, “Boss is truly strong and healthy, still wearing a sweater even today.”

Chu Yi clenched his fist and said with a smile, “You’ve misunderstood, I feel so cold that I’m shivering.”

Xiao-Zhan was tolerable compared to when Chu Yi passed by Rongrong. Rongrong let out a shriek showing she was even more surprised than Xiao-Zhan.

Rongrong, “Boss, you’re that resistant to the cold?”

Chu Yi laughed.

Rongrong already put on her jacket.

Chu Yi who was helpless, “You’ve successfully taunted me.”

Chu Yi quickly entered the studio and closed the window.

He knew it was cold today, but he didn’t know it was this cold. The only thing he could do right now was to rub his hands together and blow his breath on them before turning on the computer and start working.

When he logged into WeChat on his computer, Chu Yi glanced at his pins. There were ten customers in total. Then he wrote down his work content on a sticky note on his desk in the order of priorities.

As he opened the graphic software, his phone suddenly rang.

Chu Yi turned to look, it was Qin Yiheng’s number.

He took a blank piece of paper, pulled out a pencil from the pen holder, and answered the phone.


When this sound came out, Chu Yi realized that he was shivering from the cold.

Qin Yiheng asked him, “Did you take a coat?”

Chu Yi, “No.”

Qin Yiheng, “How many layers are you wearing today?”

Chu Yi lowered his head to look, “Two.”

Qin Yiheng, “What are you wearing?”

Chu Yi answered seriously, “A short sleeve and a sweater.”

Qin Yiheng paused for a second, then asked, “Do you know what the temperature is today?”

Chu Yi, “Don’t know.”

Qin Yiheng, “Search it up right now.”

Chu Yi, “Oh.”

He doesn’t need to search, the top right corner of his desktop is the calendar and temperature.

Chu Yi, “12.”

Chu Yi was terrified, he felt as if he was being scolded.

Qin Yiheng, “At the studio?”

Chu Yi, “Mn.”

Qin Yiheng, “I’ll send someone over to bring you clothes later.”

Chu Yi said slowly, “Oh, thank you.”

There was a beep from Qin Yiheng’s side, he hung up.

Chu Yi was holding the phone with hands that were still shaking from the cold.

What did Qin Yiheng just say? Bringing him clothes?

As soon as Chu Yi’s phone locked, he suddenly felt numb in his heart.

Such an aggressive way of delivering clothes, how come he likes it so much?

When he put his phone on the table, Chu Yi suddenly realized that the call between Qin Yiheng and him seemed to be a lot more natural today. It wasn’t as awkward and nervous as before.

This is a good thing.

And today Qin Yiheng even cared for him.

He began to fantasize that maybe one day in the future, he and Qin Yiheng could be in love.

Although their development order is a bit messy as they first did it, then got married, then got to know each other and then to be continued.

But in life, you gotta look forward, right?

Chu Yi was now looking forward to their future life.

Because of this phone call, Chu Yi’s mood improved a lot. Now that he was in a better mood, he actually didn’t even feel that the bunch of random requests that the clients made were troublesome. In fact, he agreed to them all, saying I’ll do my best to your satisfaction.

Less than five minutes after Qin Yiheng hung up, Rongrong suddenly came over and knocked on the door, saying that there’s someone outside looking for him.

Chu Yi put down the pencil and his heart skipped a few extra beats.

This quickly?

However, when he walked out quickly and was ready to welcome the person Qin Yiheng sent over…


Zhang Kai’s face suddenly appeared in the studio.

Chu Yi was surprised, “Why did you come to City A?”

Zhang Kai walked over while grinning, “Aren’t you surprised?”

After he said this, he gave Chu Yi a big hug, “Ge[1]older brother, he’s referring to himself is here on a business trip, and I came to find you as soon as I’m done. So how about it? Will you take me in for a while?”

Chu Yi patted Zhang Kai on the shoulder, “Of course.”

Chu Yi talked as he helped Zhang Kai bring his suitcase over and invited him into his office.

Zhang Kai is Chu Yi’s childhood friend. They started in the same class from kindergarten until the second year of junior high. After Chu Yi left City B, they didn’t contact each other again until university, which is when the communication technologies became more developed.

Zhang Kai is a very social person. Soon after the two reunited, their relationship became better and better. Because Zhang Kai was also attending a university in City A at that time, the two hung out often.

Later, Zhang Kai graduated from university and chose to return to City B, the number of times they met was reduced a lot.

It seems like half a year has passed since the last time they’ve met up.

Chu Yi is naturally happy that a friend came.

This wasn’t the first time Zhang Kai came to his studio, he was familiar with it. After Chu Yi helped him put his suitcase somewhere, Zhang Kai had already gone to make tea himself.

Chu Yi sat down opposite him and dropped all courtesies with him, “I probably won’t be able to play with you today, there’s a bunch of orders in my hand.”

Zhang Kai didn’t care, “It’s okay, I don’t plan to play today. I got up at five in the morning and have been busy until now. I even had to accompany a client to cycling at noon, tired me to death.”

Zhang Kai shook his head and took out the tea leaves from under the table.

Chu Yi smiled, “How many days are you going to stay in City A?”

“Leaving tomorrow, flying to Province S tomorrow.” Zhang Kai raised his head and gave Chu Yi a wink, “So I hurried up and came to squeeze you dry. Treat me to some hot pot tonight, it’s too cold these days.”

Chu Yi nodded, “Sure.”

Zhang Kai, “If you’re not free in the afternoon, I’ll go directly to your house. Lend me your game console to play with.”

Chu Yi nodded, “Okay.”

But after speaking, he made an “uhh” sound.

In the past, when Zhang Kai came to City A, he always came to stay at his place. Zhang Kai really likes the game console he bought and sometimes even stayed up all night to play it in Chu Yi’s study.

But now, things have changed.

“Zhang Kai, I…”

Just as Chu Yi was about to explain the matter regarding Qin Yiheng, Zhang Kai suddenly let out an “Ah!”.

He was in such a hurry that he accidentally splashed water on his hand when pouring it.

Chu Yi drew a tissue and gave it to him, then reached over and said, “I’ll do it.”

Zhang Kai also dropped his courtesies with Chu Yi and gave him the kettle.

“Hey, I just noticed.” Zhang Kai wiped his hands and said in exclamation, “You’re wearing so little today, aren’t you cold?”

Chu Yi sighed, “Of course I’m cold.”

Zhang Kai threw the tissue into the trash, “If you’re cold, why didn’t you wear more?”

Regarding this, it’s a long story.

First of all, it’s because.

Just as Chu Yi was about to speak, Zhang Kai suddenly stood up. Chu Yi raised his line of sight to follow and saw him taking off his clothes.

Chu Yi asked, “What’re you doing?”

Zhang Kai, “I just finished cycling so I’m still feeling hot. Since you’re cold, I’ll give this to you to wear.”

After Zhang Kai took off his clothes, there was only one thin long sleeve inside.

Chu Yi hurriedly waved his hands, “There’s no need, wear it yourself.”

Zhang Kai, “No need to be polite with me, I’m feeling hot for real.”

Zhang Kai didn’t give Chu Yi a chance to refuse, he went around the coffee table and put his clothes on Chu Yi.

Zhang Kai acted quick, his clothes were already on Chu Yi when he put down the kettle.


Refusing is one thing, this really felt way too warm.

But even so, Chu Yi still had to refuse.

He pushed Zhang Kai away, and also pushed away his clothes, “I really don’t need it. Someone’s bringing me clothes in a bit, you can wear this yourself.”

Zhang Kai’s hand paused for a bit, “Someone’s bringing you clothes?” He laughed, “Who?”

This topic was finally brought back.

Chu Yi raised his head to look at Zhang Kai, “There’s something I need to tell you, I got married.”

Zhang Kai’s hands were on Chu Yi’s shoulder, “Ah? You got married?”

Chu Yi nodded and continued to push his clothes away, “Yeah.”

At this moment, the office door suddenly got knocked on twice.

Zhang Kai was a little stunned but he continued to button up his clothes on Chu Yi. It seemed like he didn’t quite believe it and asked in confusion, “Who did you marry?”

The door was knocked on two more times.

Zhang Kai was slightly impatient and said, “Come in.”

The door opened, but Zhang Kai continued to ask him, “Who did you marry? Is it Xu Zhiming?”

“…” Chu Yi feeling helpless, “How can it be…”

“Chu Yi.”

A familiar voice. Chu Yi twisted his body and looked past Zhang Kai towards the door.


Chu Yi didn’t expect Qin Yiheng to personally come to bring him clothes.

And the scene in the office right now…

Zhang Kai was in a half-embracing posture as he helped Chu Yi put on clothes. He had one hand on Chu Yi’s shoulder and the other on the button of his coat.

Chu Yi quickly stood up.

Zhang Kai didn’t realize the current situation and was still shocked by the matter of Chu Yi’s sudden marriage. When he saw Chu Yi take a step backward, he even pulled him back.

“Who is it if it isn’t Xu Zhiming?” Zhang Kai looked really curious, “Who else can you get married to?”

Chu Yi, “…”

Zhang Kai, let’s be brothers in our next life instead.


1 older brother, he’s referring to himself
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