Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar
Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar Chapter 20

TL: snaggletooth

Xu Jing felt that he seemed to have become President Qin’s family advisor.

For example, as soon as President Qin returned from delivering clothes to Mr. Chu, he immediately called Xu Jing to the office with a wave of his hand. Xu Jing thought it was an urgent matter, but as soon as he closed the door, President Qin said, “Chu Yi has a friend over, do you think we should have a meal together?”

After Xu Jing thought for a bit, he said, “It depends on his relationship with that friend.”

President Qin tilted his head, but it seemed that he remembered an unsightly scene as his expression also became unsightly.

Then he lowered his head to type. Xu Jing assumed that he’s probably sending a message to Mr. Chu.

Very soon, President Qin said to Xu Jing, “Their relationship isn’t bad.”

Xu Jing nodded, “Then it’s usually necessary, but you should also ask for Mr. Chu’s opinion.”

President Qin lowered his head again to type.

Xu Jing clasped his hands together and waited. After a while, President Qin looked up and said, “We’re eating hotpot, you go book a restaurant.”

“Yes sir.” Xu Jing continued, “How about at 7? Your afternoon meeting should end at 6, then you’ll have some time left to buffer and drive.”

President Qin, “Mn.”

Then Xu Jing left to do as told.

He felt bitter in his heart, who told him to get married early and have marriage experiences?

He didn’t expect that not only would President Qin take work seriously, but also his marriage. It was the first time he had seen someone manage marriage so seriously.

Calling him cold-blooded wasn’t right but calling him gentle was even more wrong.

Thinking of this, Xu Jing pitied Chu Yi a little once again.

It soon approached 7 in the evening.

Neither Chu Yi nor Qin Yiheng liked to be late, so they arrived at the restaurant almost at the same time.

Chu Yi arrived a bit earlier. After he and Zhang Kai were seated, Zhang Kai turned his head and flirted with the sorta handsome waiter.

Not even two minutes later, he successfully acquired the waiter’s WeChat.

And at this time, Qin Yiheng also walked into the private room.

Chu Yi pulled on Zhang Kai’s hand and used his eyes to signal at him to restrain himself.

Zhang Kai was so overjoyed after getting the other’s WeChat that he wagged his head as he sat down. He even arrogantly showed Chu Yi the other’s profile picture.

Chu Yi was helpless, and slightly nodded twice, intending to tell him, I got it, I got it.

The small movements of the two were all caught in Qin Yiheng’s eyes. He frowned slightly without realizing it, then strode over, pulled out the seat next to Chu Yi, and sat down.

Seeing him sit down, Chu Yi handed over the store’s tablet, “What to order?”

Qin Yiheng wiped his hands with wipes, then said politely, “Let Mr. Zhang order.”

Chu Yi nodded.

Chu Yi did have some awareness. Zhang Kai was the guest after all, while he and Qin Yiheng are the hosts. So after Qin Yiheng yielded, he stopped being polite towards Qin Yiheng, and directly gave Zhang Kai the tablet.

After Zhang Kai took it, Chu Yi turned to ask Qin Yiheng, “Do you have anything you can’t eat?”

Qin Yiheng shook his head, “I eat everything.”

Chu Yi, “Okay.”

Zhang Kai put the tablet between him and Chu Yi, and then the two began to discuss.

Zhang Kai, “What soup base? Can your husband eat spicy?”

Chu Yi turned to ask Qin Yiheng, “Can you eat spicy?”

Qin Yiheng, “Yeah.”

Chu Yi turned back, Zhang Kai already checked off the double-flavor pot and said, “Double-flavor pot then, us two don’t eat spicy, your husband can eat the spicy side.”

Chu Yi, “Order a plate of beef, and konjac knots, what else?”

Zhang Kai, “Ordering some shrimp paste for you.”

Chu Yi, “Mn, shrimp paste.”

Zhang Kai, “This, this, this, and this, should we get two orders of this?”

Chu Yi, “Yeah.”

Zhang Kai, “Veggies, and drinks, what do you want to drink? I’ll check off two bottles.”

Chu Yi, “Sure.”

The two on this side ordered quickly. Then Chu Yi took the tablet and handed it to Qin Yiheng, wanting for him to add some.

After Qin Yiheng took it, he also put the tablet between him and Chu Yi.

Similar to just now, Chu Yi also watched him order.

But what’s different from earlier was that Chu Yi didn’t say a thing, he didn’t ask anything nor did he give any opinions.

So after Qin Yiheng swiped to the veggies section, he didn’t want to go further. He was going to directly put the order through but was caught by Chu Yi.

“Wait.” Chu Yi raised his head to look at Qin Yiheng, “You’re not getting a drink?”

Qin Yiheng, “No.”

After Chu Yi let out an “oh”, he let go of Qin Yiheng’s hand.

Qin Yiheng added, “I’m drinking water.”

Chu Yi only let out another “oh”.

Zhang Kai added abruptly, “Water is good, water is healthy.”

Chu Yi, “Haha.”

It was a little awkward.

This kind of awkwardness appeared often when Chu Yi and Qin Yiheng were together, but there was a Zhang Kai today.

The existence of Zhang Kai added another color to this awkwardness, it made Chu Yi feel a different type of awkward.

Chu Yi was able to tell that Zhang Kai also felt quite awkward.

For Zhang Kai to feel awkward was actually quite difficult. It can be seen that Qin Yiheng’s cold aura was that powerful.

Very soon, the double-flavor pot was brought over and broke away the awkwardness.

What followed the pot was their sauces.

In this restaurant, the sauce ingredients for the private rooms are provided separately. Vinegar, soy sauce, chili peppers, and scallions were also prepared separately for each guest.

The waiter first arranged four small plates of sauce ingredients for Qin Yiheng, and then walked behind Chu Yi.

After his scallions were put down, Zhang Kai took them from him.

Zhang Kai, “Give me whatever you’re not eating, I’ll give you my soy sauce later.”

Chu Yi didn’t object to it.

After the two switched, Chu Yi heard Qin Yiheng ask, “You don’t eat scallions?”

Chu Yi, “Mn.”

Qin Yiheng continued to ask, “Anything else you don’t eat?”

Chu Yi thought for a bit, then said, “Don’t think so.”

“What do you mean.” Zhang Kai suddenly interrupted, “You also don’t eat carrots, celery, and onions.”

Chu Yi turned to look at Zhang Kai, “He was asking about the sauce.”

Zhang Kai let out an “ah” but was still stubborn, “If scallions are a sauce ingredient, then aren’t carrots and stuff also?”

Chu Yi felt helpless and was too lazy to argue, “Fine, fine.”

He turned to face Qin Yiheng, his tone immediately becoming well-behaved, “That’s all, no more.”

Qin Yiheng dully, “Mn.”

Since there were things to eat, the atmosphere became a lot cozier and less awkward.

However, nobody really talked.

First of all, Qin Yiheng, like always, didn’t like to talk.

Next, Chu Yi, like always, did not know what to say.

And then Zhang Kai, in this situation, all he could’ve done was to ask about the sweet history between Chu Yi and Qin Yiheng. But it was such a pity, the two had just been together for less than three days, where would their sweet history come from?

So they ate this hot pot in silence.

It was a bit past 8 after the meal. Qin Yiheng still had work to do at his company and Chu Yi’s designs weren’t finished, so the two could only say goodbye.

Before leaving, Qin Yiheng told Chu Yi that any guest rooms on the first floor could be used and there were clean pillows and quilts in the cabinets of the rooms.

Chu Yi said okay.

Because Zhang Kai was going to stay over at the two’s home, he didn’t feel comfortable enough to go there early. Therefore, he could only follow Chu Yi back to the studio and wait for him.

Since Zhang Kai was there, Chu Yi’s movements quickened quite a bit.

He quickly transferred the draft onto his laptop, then went back to his own apartment with Zhang Kai. After sorting out his winter clothes, he brought them together with the game console.

Under Zhang Kai’s urging, the two returned home before 10.

Chu Yi helped Zhang Kai take his suitcase to the guest room, then took out pillows and quilts from the cabinet and put them on the bed.

After doing this, he went to the living room.

Zhang Kai already set up the gaming console. When Chu Yi came out, he gave Chu Yi a controller. Then, the two sat on the ground and started to play the game.

The originally quiet living room gradually became noisy, but it was mostly all Zhang Kai’s voice.

“Over here, over here, Chu Yi, come over here.”

“Use that move.”

“Damn Chu Yi, you’re too good. There’s almost no time left, let’s enter the gate.”

“Fuck! Why is there a person hiding here?!”

‘Game Failed’ appeared on the big screen, and Zhang Kai groaned.

Chu Yi clicked on ‘Restart’ and said, “It’s alright, I know how to beat it now, start again.”

They played a new round, and halfway through the game, a sound came from the door.

Chu Yi immediately stabbed Zhang Kai with his elbow, “Quiet down, Qin Yiheng’s back.”

Zhang Kai stared at the screen, “Got it, got it, over here, quick.”

When the game entered the critical part, Chu Yi also couldn’t think about anything else. The two quickly controlled their controllers and finally passed the level they failed just now with the last hit.

“Ah! Finally passed, save, save!”

After Chu Yi saved the game, he turned around and saw Qin Yiheng standing behind him.

“Hello, you’re back.” Zhang Kai immediately stood up and greeted Qin Yiheng.

Qin Yiheng, “Mn.” Then he lowered his head to look at the ceramic tiled floor, he asked, “Isn’t it cold?”

“No-…” Zhang Kai wanted to answer but wisely stopped himself.

Was Qin Yiheng asking him?

Chu Yi also stood up, and answered, “Not cold, the temperature at home is alright.”

Qin Yiheng, “Mn.” He said as he stared at the floor, “I’ll go buy a rug tomorrow.”

Hearing this, Zhang Kai took a deep breath and took a step back. He walked into a blind spot of Qin Yiheng’s vision and made heart-shooting gestures towards Chu Yi.

Could Chu Yi not understand what that meant?

He understood too well.

Chu Yi laughed, “There’s no need, I don’t play often.”

Qin Yiheng didn’t force it. He turned his head and started to care for the guest, “Is his room all sorted?”

Chu Yi nodded, “Yep.”

Zhang Kai stood beside the two of them and realized how much of an extra he was. He took a step back with a smile, “I think it’s getting late, I’ll go to bed first, good night you guys.”

Chu Yi nodded to Zhang Kai, “Good night.”

After Zhang Kai returned to the room, Chu Yi and Qin Yiheng also went upstairs.

The two walked side by side and the voice-activated lights turned on one by one.

When passing the study, Qin Yiheng suddenly stopped and called out, “Chu Yi.”

Chu Yi also stopped, “What’s wrong?”

Qin Yiheng opened the door to the study, “Follow me in.”

Chu Yi’s heart paused for a second. He was feeling a little apprehensive but he still obediently followed Qin Yiheng into the study.

Qin Yiheng turned on the light, walked in, and sat in front of the desk. He motioned Chu Yi to sit down opposite him, then took out a piece of paper from his bag and handed it to Chu Yi.

Chu Yi took the paper and sat down feeling uncertain.

He lowered his head to look at the details on the paper.

There aren’t many words but on it…

Dishes you don’t eat, dishes you like, celebrities you like, animals you like, animals you hate, hobbies…

There were many categories, with many empty lines under each category.

Qin Yiheng, “Fill it out, be as detailed as possible.”

Chu Yi raised his head to look at Qin Yiheng, his head full of question marks.

What’s this?

A classmate log?

The translator has something to say:
cy: what do u want to drink for the hotpot? water?
qyh: no, i’ll have a glass of vinegar please

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    Glass of vinegar coming up.

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    In high school, we call it slambook. 🤣 Good times.

  3. Duchessme has spoken 2 years ago

    What Qin Yiheng gave him was like the one in my high school days. It was a craze in HS were people fill up things like hobbies, likes, dislikes, favourites and stuffs. Like a profile of sorts. An autobio or something.

    • Iza has spoken 2 years ago

      Yep, same for me, we called it the friendship book and we all had one and we asked friends to fill in anything they wanted like poems, letters, drawings or memories etc. . i still have mine 30 years on

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