Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar
Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar Chapter 26

TL: snaggletooth

Since Qin Yiheng was here, Zhou Xiao and Chu Yi naturally stopped the movements on their hands.

Zhou Xiao paused the video on the big screen, and Chu Yi stood up.

“I’m looking at the software you made in the past.” Chu Yi said. He walked to Qin Yiheng’s side, took out his phone, and pointed to the software. “I just found out you made this. I originally thought it was made by the employees of your company. This one, this one and this one, I even used these just some time ago.”

When Zhao Zhongliang boasted to him before, he talked about this series of software, saying that it was all made by people in their network department.

At that time, he thought Zhao Zhongliang had some skills.

But unexpectedly, the real big shot was right next to him.

However, the big shot didn’t seem to care too much about it. He gave a faint “mn” and asked, “Where have you looked around?”

Chu Yi put away his phone.

“I’ve looked through all the lower floors. Maybe because it’s nighttime, there’s no people. So it was a little boring.”

Qin Yiheng raised his hand and touched Chu Yi’s bangs as Chu Yi talked. 

Only now did Chu Yi feel that his bangs had covered his eyes a little.

Thus, he tilted his head and slightly parted his hair aside before continuing, “And then Zhou Xiao brought me here to see the things you made.”

Chu Yi then raised his head and smiled at Qin Yiheng.

Those fawn eyes appeared again. Qin Yiheng stared at them for several seconds, then raised his hand to touch his bangs again.

Chu Yi realized now that Qin Yiheng wasn’t helping him part it, he was just doing it because he thinks it’s fun.

Chu Yi might as well stop moving his head. He even came a little closer and let Qin Yiheng touch all he wanted.

“How come you never told me?” Chu Yi asked him.

Qin Yiheng’s mind was not on what Chu Yi was saying, he only cared about playing with his hair, “Tell you what?”

Chu Yi, “Tell me that you made these.”

Qin Yiheng, “Why is your hair so soft?”

Chu Yi raised his eyes and looked up at the part of his hair that was in Qin Yiheng’s hand, “I don’t know. It’s natural.”

Because he raised his eyes, his eyes looked even better.

Qin Yiheng suddenly felt like he had picked up a baby.

“You done? I finished working.” Qin Yiheng played with it for a while before finally withdrawing his hand as he asked Chu Yi.

Chu Yi turned to look at Zhou Xiao and asked, “We done?”

Zhou Xiao heavily gulped before saying, “W-we’re done.”

Zhou Xiao gulped once more.

Oh god.

What did he just see?

What is this doting gaze coming from President Qin?

He’s playing with Chu Yi’s hair?

Even patting his head?


What kind of immortal is Mr. Chu?

It looks like he needs to re-examine Mr. Chu’s position.

Zhou Xiao glanced at Xu Jing and was relieved to see that Xu Jing was also a little surprised. It seems that he was not the only one shocked.

Being shocked as a group is better than being shocked alone.

So like this, Chu Yi was taken away by Qin Yiheng. The moment the automatic door closed, Zhou Xiao hurried to Xu Jing and asked, “Who exactly is Chu Yi? Is he President Qin’s relative?”

Xu Jing laughed, “This relative term is quite new.” He asked Zhou Xiao, “You didn’t ask Chu Yi?”

Zhou Xiao, “I didn’t. I thought it might be impolite.”

Xu Jing thought for a bit.

Since President Qin already acted without a care by touching the other’s hair and showing his love in front of them, he doesn’t think President Qin had the intention of hiding his marriage.

Plus, Zhou Xiao isn’t a gossipy person.

Might as well tell him.

He was sickenly sugared up by what he just saw that he also very much wanted to share it with Zhou Xiao.

“He’s president Qin’s husband.” Xu Jing said as seriously as possible.

Zhou Xiao was immediately surprised. A second later, his face wrinkled. He couldn’t believe it, “Mn?”

Xu Jing nodded to Zhou Xiao.

Zhou Xiao, “Ah?”

Xu Jing nodded again.

Zhou Xiao felt like a mess, husband? What the hell?

He looked in the direction where the two people left.

He didn’t say anything strange tonight, did he?

Zhou Xiao, “When did they get married?”

Xu Jing calculated, “Not long ago.”

Zhou Xiao, “When did President Qin even date? So fast?”

Xu Jing, “Err.”

Xu Jing wanted to deny the dating part. After all, he did know a little about the relationship between President Qin and Mr. Chu.

However, from today, the way President Qin looked at Mr. Chu, he couldn’t understand it anymore.

Xu Jing shook his head, “I don’t know.”

What Chu Yi didn’t know was that Qin Yiheng ended his work early because he was waiting downstairs.

It’s only 8 in the evening. It’s definitely too early for bed, so when the car left the parking lot, Chu Yi asked him, “Are we going home now?”

Qin Yiheng actually understood his meaning, “You want to spend some time out?”

As a result of being overly spoiled these past two days, Chu Yi was a little fluttered.

Therefore, he automatically deciphered Qin Yiheng’s sentence as, Qin Yiheng would accompany him wherever he wanted to go.

So he thought for a bit and asked, “Do you know how to play pool?”

Qin Yiheng shook his head, “No.”

Chu Yi, “Okay, then I’ll think of something else.”

Qin Yiheng shook his head, “Just do pool then, I can learn.”

Chu Yi let out an “wow” in his head.

Who cares whether it was managing marriage, Qin Yiheng was spoiling him!

Also, he gets to teach Qin Yiheng to play pool, which sounds quite interesting as well.

“Xiao-Chen, do you know any good billiards shops?” Qin Yiheng asked.

Chu Yi interrupted when he heard this, “No need to search. A friend of mine owns a billiard shop. Let’s go to him.”

Xiao-Chen asked Chu Yi, “What’s the name of that shop?”

Chu Yi said, “Have you heard of Fengshang Billiards?”

Xiao-Chen nodded, “I played there before. So their boss is a friend of yours.”

Chu Yi leaned forward a bit, “Yep, I met him in uni.”

“That shop’s not bad. That time, I was also recommended there by my friends.” Xiao-Chen said before asking Qin Yiheng,“President Qin, should we go there?”

Chu Yi sat properly and put his hand on Qin Yiheng’s wrist, “Let’s go.”

Qin Yiheng, who was originally a little unhappy, immediately felt better, “Okay.”

Chu Yi smiled and curved his eyes. He revealed Qin Yiheng’s favorite fawn and said, “I’ll teach you if you don’t know how to play.”

Qin Yiheng stared into Chu Yi’s eyes and said, “Mn.”

Chu Yi naturally didn’t know what Qin Yiheng was thinking at this moment. He thought that since it had come to this, if he didn’t flirt here, he would not be human.

So with his hand, he tightened the wrist he hadn’t let go of yet and said with a softer voice, “Then call me Chu-laoshi.”

Chu Yi didn’t expect Qin Yiheng to actually say it, “Chu-laoshi.”

Chu Yi felt excited in his heart, he even got closer to Qin Yiheng, “Hello, Student Qin.”

Qin Yiheng looked at how Chu Yi was getting closer and closer, his Adam’s apple moved.

Chu Yi has no idea what unspeakable things are in his husband’s mind at the moment.

The friend’s billiard shop was not far away. When they were about to arrive, Chu Yi remembered one thing.

He patted Qin Yiheng’s thigh and asked him, “How should I introduce you later? Can I say you’re my husband?”

Qin Yiheng couldn’t quite understand, “Otherwise?”

Chu Yi smiled, “Haha, no otherwise, I thought,” Chu Yi thought for a bit, “I thought you wanted to hide our marriage.”

Qin Yiheng couldn’t understand even more, “Why would I hide it? I can’t be put on the table?”

Chu Yi quickly shook his head, “No, no, it’s me who can’t be put on the table.”

Qin Yiheng, “Why can’t you be put on the table?”

Chu Yi, “Uh…” He pointed out the window, “We’re here.”

Chu Yi carefully thought about it after getting out of the car. Then he remembered what he originally thought.

Actually, he didn’t feel like this back then. It’s nothing about whether he can be put on the table or not. He just thought that since Qin Yiheng runs such a large company and got married so suddenly, his marriage partner is even someone who won’t be much help to him, it might not be that good for his career.

Then why did he forget it just now.

Maybe because their life has been too harmonious.

Not only did Qin Yiheng show that he didn’t want to be separated from him, but he also treats him very well.


Chu Yi suddenly felt kind of scummy, what’s happening.

Didn’t Qin Yiheng also introduce him openly to everyone?

Forget it.

It’s not important.

As usual, Xiao-Chen didn’t follow them in. Chu Yi took Qin Yiheng inside with familiarity.

Since he frequently visited when he was bored, the receptionist recognized him at once.

“Xiao-Yi,” The receptionist stood up, “I haven’t seen you for some time.”

Chu Yi smiled and asked, “Is Chen Jie here?”

The receptionist shouted inside, “Boss, Xiao-Yi is here.”

Before long, the one so-called Chen Jie came over. Because of their close relationship, as soon as he came over, he put his hand on Chu Yi’s shoulder and held him very brotherly.

“You’re really impressive recently, huh? Too busy for me to see you?”

Chu Yi patted him on the shoulder and then pushed him away, “Aren’t I here now?”

Chen Jie bent over and raised his eyebrows at the person behind Chu Yi, “New friend?”

Chu Yi walked to Qin Yiheng and said to Chen Jie, “Support yourself with the table.”

Chen Jie laughed, “What’s wrong? Why the table.”

That being said, he still did it, and even guessed, “Your boyfriend?”

Chu Yi shook his head, “Husband, the legal kind.”

Hearing this, Chen Jie suddenly tripped, “Damn, haven’t you seen for a while and you already got married, got yourself such a handsome husband.”

Chu Yi took it as his own praise, “Thanks.”

Chen Jie stepped up, stretched out his right hand, and said to Qin Yiheng, “Nice meeting you, I’m Chu Yi’s friend, Chen Jie.”

Chu Yi was thinking about jokingly slapping away Chen Jie’s hand, but he didn’t expect Qin Yiheng to actually shake it.

Chu Yi raised his eyebrows, but because Chen Jie was present, he restrained his surprised expression.

Chu Yi, “Open a table for us and then you can go do whatever.”

Chen Jie nodded, “Sure.”

Chu Yi didn’t let Chen Jie bring them over. He asked for the table number and left with Qin Yiheng.

On the way there, Chu Yi was truly curious. He glanced at Chen Jie who had already gone far and couldn’t help asking Qin Yiheng, “I thought you don’t shake hands with people?”

Qin Yiheng, “When didn’t I shake hands with people?”

Chu Yi exposed, “You didn’t shake my hand when we first met and didn’t shake Zhang Kai’s last time either.”

Qin Yiheng had a look that seemed like he got caught. After a brief pause, he asked back, “If you can hug him, why can’t I shake hands with him?”

Chu Yi, “Ah? When did I hug him?”

Immediately after, Chu Yi let out an “oh” and then continued, “How is that a hug? Besides, even if it is one, it’s him that’s hugging me.”

Qin Yiheng’s expression remained unchanged, “You can let him hug you, why can’t I shake hands with him.”

Chu Yi: ???

He felt as if he had been tricked by Qin Yiheng.

At first, these two things are quite related, but if one thinks carefully…

How the heck are these two connected?

Moreover, maybe because they got along for a while, Chu Yi can actually feel Qin Yiheng’s temper.

For example, right now, he seems a little unhappy.

Chu Yi suddenly halted in his steps.

It can’t be, right? Just because he hugged Chen Jie?

Chu Yi suddenly felt a little elated.

If it’s actually so. 

T-then Qin Yiheng is jealous because of him.

Oh god.


However, Chu Yi only dared to think about this idea for a few seconds.

Qin Yiheng being jealous or something, it sounds like a fantasy.

It’s as fantasy-like as liking him.

The only truth is that he’s the one that ended up liking him instead.

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    Ur not delusional! Its all real life Chu Yi!

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