Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar
Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar Chapter 39

TL: snaggletooth

In fact, Qin Yiheng’s posture of holding Chu Yi forcibly was not comfortable at all. After lying down for a few seconds, Chu Yi panicked everywhere.

He wanted to adjust and find a more comfortable position, but Qin Yiheng would hug him tighter if he moved even just a little.

Chu Yi was truly too sleepy and didn’t have time to care. He made a few “mn mn mn” and didn’t even know what he said. Very soon, he fell asleep.

Only after the person in his arms started breathing evenly, did Qin Yiheng relax.

In fact, this posture wasn’t very comfortable for him either, but strangely, he likes it very much.

He was also very sleepy. After confirming that Chu Yi was asleep. He moved a little and found a relatively comfortable position. He pulled up the quilt, and also fell asleep.

Chu Yi returned to the routine he had before. The one where he woke up at 10 and slept at who-knows-when.

Early in the morning, Qin Yiheng’s alarm rang. Chu Yi also woke up from it, still feeling muddled.

He admired Qin Yiheng from his heart. It seemed that no matter what time he went to bed, no matter how late he battled, he could still wake up on time the next day.

He got up the moment the alarm rang and never lazed around in bed.

Maybe this is why Qin Yiheng could be so successful.

During the time Qin Yiheng was still in the room, Chu Yi was actually half asleep and half awake. He was half-dreaming and half paying attention to Qin Yiheng’s movements.

When he felt that Qin Yiheng was about to leave the bedroom, he moved his head and whispered softly, “Be careful on the road.”

The sound of the door opening did not come as he expected, instead, what came was the sound of Qin Yiheng’s slippers, coming closer to the bed, step by step.

Then he opened his eyes and saw Qin Yiheng standing by the bed.

Chu Yi had his eyes half-closed and said, “Mn?”

Qin Yiheng leaned over and touched his chin, “When are you getting up?”

Qin Yiheng seemed to carry laughter in his words, but also didn’t seem to, anyway, it was truly gentle.

It was gentle to the point that it seemed to be coaxing Chu Yi to sleep.

So Chu Yi didn’t even know what he answered before falling back asleep.

When he woke up again, Qin Yiheng had gone to work. He tossed and turned around in bed, and moved to Qin Yiheng’s side. He lay there for a while before he got up reluctantly.

In winter, everything slowed down, so when Chu Yi dragged himself to the studio, it was almost eleven o’clock.

The studio had turned on the heating. When Chu Yi pushed the door in, he brought inside the cold wind from outside. Rongrong, who was nearest to the door, immediately shouted.

“Boss boss boss, close the door.”

Chu Yi laughed and closed the door, “It’s closed.”

Rongrong grinned at Chu Yi, “Recently, boss has been coming in later and later.” Rongrong raised her eyebrow, “You must be having a happy married life.”

Chu Yi flapped his hand and deliberately said, “Just a tiny bit happy.”

Rongrong, “Aiyoyo.”

Xiao-Zhan on the other side suddenly stood up, “Boss, somebody came looking for you this morning.”

Rongrong also nodded, “Oh right, it was a handsome guy.”

Chu Yi took off his scarf, “Who?”

Xiao-Zhan shook his head, “Dunno. He said he’s here for you.”

Chu Yi, “Was it a client? Here for a design?”

Xiao-Zhan shook his head, “He didn’t say, he asked if you were here. He left after we said no.”

Chu Yi wondered, “He didn’t leave a message?”

Xiao-Zhan, “He said he’ll come back later.”

Chu Yi nodded.

He took out his phone and looked at both WeChat and his calls. After making sure he didn’t miss any clients from the past few days, he put it away again.

There is no fixed working time in the studio. The two employees are paid a monthly base salary plus their own orders, so the general working hours are set by themselves. Chu Yi only demanded that they should be in the studio from 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m.

As for what they do in the studio, it’s all up to them.

Therefore, before Chu Yi could even finish drinking a glass of water, Rongrong already started asking what to eat for lunch.

Chu Yi only drank a glass of milk in the morning. So when Rongrong asked, he also joined them.

The three gathered around to order their meals. Just after the money was paid, a message suddenly popped up on Rongrong’s phone.

Both Chu Yi and Xiao-Zhan’s attention was attracted by this message.

Xiao-Zhan read it out, “He secretly bought me lipstick, my god!”

Xiao-Zhan chuckled, “Sure enough, all you girls are lipstick maniacs.”

Rongrong snorted, “Don’t you boys all like basketball and sneakers too?” Rongrong smiled, “Boss does.”

Chu Yi got innocently dragged in and couldn’t help but smile.

Rongrong had already opened her friend’s WeChat message. She looked at it and sighed, “My friend’s boyfriend’s so nice, he secretly wrote down the color she likes and then bought it for her.”

Rongrong looked at Xiao-Zhan, “Her boyfriend doesn’t know anything about lipsticks.”

Xiao-Zhan smiled, “Why are you saying this to me? I have neither a boyfriend nor a girlfriend.”

Rongrong turned to look at Chu Yi, “Then I’ll say it to boss.”

Rongrong switched her direction onto Chu Yi, “Her boyfriend doesn’t know anything about lipsticks.”

“It’s no use saying this to me.” Chu Yi laughed. “My husband and I don’t need to talk about lipstick colors“

Rongrong made an “ah” sound then put on her gossipy face, “Boss, has your husband ever given you any gifts?”

Chu Yi sighed in his heart.

Since you’ve asked.

Then I guess I won’t.

Hold back.

Chu Yi raised his hand, pulled up his sleeve, and revealed the watch on his wrist.

Rongrong was surprised, “This is from your husband?”

Chu Yi tried to put on an expression that didn’t seem like he was showing off as much as possible, “He gave it to me the last last time he went on a business trip, he has the exact same one on his wrist.”

Rongrong held her face and showed an expression as if she ate sugar, “Wow, a couple-watch.”

Chu Yi remained indifferent, “I guess.”

Xiao-Zhen also gave a “wow” at the side, “This is a nice brand.”

Chu Yi continued to remain indifferent, “I guess.”

After Rongrong finished amusing herself, she suddenly made an “ah” sound and pointed at Chu Yi, “Boss, you said it was given to you on the last last business trip. Does that mean there was another business trip?”

Chu Yi nodded, “He just came back the day before yesterday.”

Rongrong immediately wondered, “Did he give you anything?”

Sigh, since you asked again.

Chu Yi, “He gave me a pair of sneakers.”

Rongrong made an “ah” sound, which sound like she wasn’t very excited.

Xiao-Zhan patted Rongrong on the shoulder and helped explain, “Boss receiving sneakers is equivalent to you girls receiving a whole set of lipsticks.”

Rongrong imagined it, became excited, “Wow, really?”

Chu Yi added, “Limited Signature Edition.”

Rongrong widened her eyes and was surprised, “My god.” Rongrong raised her head to look at Chu Yi, “Your husband is so nice.”

Chu Yi was happy, “I guess.”

Because of Rongrong, Chu Yi was in a good mood the rest of the time.

After entering the office, he finished a design with high efficiency, went outside for lunch, and then came back. Then he saw that the client was satisfied and immediately paid him the balance.

So Chu Yi was in an even better mood.

When he minimized the software and saw Qin Yiheng’s “good night, little husband” on the desktop, Chu Yi felt like he suddenly got sniped.

Then he remembered Qin Yiheng saying yesterday that he looked at his shoe size.

Then he began to imagine Qin Yiheng secretly looking at his shoe size without him knowing.

Don’t know whether he secretly went to his collection room or looked at the shoes at the door.

As he thought about this, he suddenly started laughing.

The aftertaste of Qin Yiheng giving him shoes was too strong.

It was like drinking a cup of tea that was only a little sweet, but the tea remained in your mouth and the more you tasted it, the sweeter it got.

Chu Yi sat alone in front of his computer in broad daylight, laughing like a fool.

Stop thinking, stop thinking.

Do work, do work.

Design work is very taxing on one’s patient. Sometimes, it takes hours for a single detail.

Chu Yi was in a good mood today, but unfortunately, the client didn’t have a very good temper. He either didn’t like this or didn’t like that.

Chu Yi kept editing the design according to the client’s requirements. Finally, the client said to stay with the first edition.

Chu Yi let out a helpless laugh that all designers could relate with, then replied to him: Okay.

After the order was finalized, Chu Yi picked up the cup beside him and just noticed that it was empty.

He stretched, picked up the cup, and thought of getting some warm water.

But what he didn’t expect was that as soon as he walked out of the office, he saw the door of the studio pushed open.

From afar, his eyes met with the man at the door.

Rongrong, who was nearest to the door, stood up with a smile.

She recognized the man, “Hello, are you looking for our boss?”

The man smiled at Rongrong and turned his eyes to Chu Yi.

Only then did Rongrong realize that Chu Yi also came out. Thus, she sat down wisely.

“Chu Yi.” The man walked inside.

Chu Yi showed his standard smile toward clients, “Xuezhang, long time no see.”

Xu Zhiming smiled, “Long time no see.” Xu Zhiming pointed out, “Should we find a place to talk?”

Chu Yi lifted the cup, “I’m working.”

Xu Zhiming nodded and pointed to the empty chair prepared for guests, “It’s all right, I’ll wait for you.”

Chu Yi,  “I have a lot of work today.”

Xu Zhiming still said, “I’ll wait for you.”

Chu Yi, “…”

Xu Zhiming added, “I won’t take too much of your time.”

Chu Yi had no choice but to put down his cup, “There’s a cafe opposite us.”

Xu Zhiming smiled, “Let’s go.”

However, Chu Yi didn’t expect that as soon as he left with Xu Zhiming, Qin Yiheng came over.

Before Qin Yiheng could get out of the car, he saw the two walk to the opposite store, disappear at the entrance, and then appear again at a table on the other side of the glass window.

Qin Yiheng didn’t do anything immediately. He remained silent for a long time before he picked up his phone and called Chu Yi.

The call was quickly picked up. Chu Yi’s voice was very quiet, “Hello.”

Qin Yiheng asked, “Where are you?”

Chu Yi said, “The studio[1]this was more like “at where the studio is” which could mean “at the studio” or “near the studio”, so he didn’t lie but he kinda avoided it.”

Qin Yiheng asked again, “What are you doing?”

Chu Yi paused and didn’t answer, but asked, “What’s the matter?”

Qin Yiheng was silent for a few seconds, “Hold on.”

Qin Yiheng put down the phone and asked Xu Jing, who was in the front, “Around what time can we get back to the company?”

Xu Jing said, “In about an hour. It’s 2 o’clock right now so we’ll definitely be at the company by 3:30.”

Qin Yiheng asked, “When is the company meeting this afternoon?”

Xu Jing, “The report meeting starts at 4 o’clock.”

Qin Yiheng brought his phone back up again, “Sorry for the wait.”

Chu Yi, “Mn, it’s all right.”

Qin Yiheng asked, “Can you arrange a time for 3:30?”

Chu Yi did not hesitate, “Yes.”

Qin Yiheng looked at the man who was answering the phone in the cafe and said, “Come to my company, or I can come to you. There’s something I need to talk to you about.”

Chu Yi was confused, but he quickly replied, “Then I’ll come to your company.”

Qin Yiheng, “Okay, see you then.”

Chu Yi thought for a bit, and decided to ask, “What are you going to talk to me about?”

Qin Yiheng said, “About marital loyalty.”

Chu Yi was very confused, what the heck is this?

However, because Qin Yiheng’s tone was overly serious, Chu Yi was frightened and could only respond obediently, “Okay, I got it.”

The translator has something to say:
i’ll chug this cup of vinegar first, u guys do as u like


1 this was more like “at where the studio is” which could mean “at the studio” or “near the studio”, so he didn’t lie but he kinda avoided it
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