Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar
Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar Chapter 41

TL: snaggletooth

Chu Yi folded the jersey like a treasure and put it in the bag.

In order not to make himself look so stupid, he got himself to calm down a little.

“Thank you.” Chu Yi thanked Qin Yiheng.

Qin Yiheng, “No need to be so polite to me.”

Chu Yi shook his head, “It’s normal to say thank you when you receive gifts, no matter how close the relationship is.”

Qin Yiheng tilted his head, as if thinking about the rationality of this matter.

Chu Yi waited quietly for a few seconds and heard Qin Yiheng say, “Okay.”

Chu Yi smiled and thanked him again, “Thank you.” He thought for a moment, and then quietly added, “Lao-gong.”

Thank you, lao-gong.

Qin Yiheng paused briefly.

This time, he very gladly welcomed the gratitude.

“Come here.” Qin Yiheng stood up and called Chu Yi.

Chu Yi stood up and walked over. Just as he was about to reach Qin Yiheng, Qin Yiheng suddenly pulled him.

It seemed both accidental and intentional, Chu Yi couldn’t stand steadily and fell into Qin Yiheng’s arms.

Then Qin Yiheng held his shoulder, clasped his head, and kissed him.

This kiss was really short.

It’s so short that it was almost over as soon as they touched.

It was actually forced to end.

The moment the door suddenly opened, Chu Yi immediately left Qin Yiheng’s arms.

Then he turned his head and met eye to eye with Zhou Xiao standing by the door.

Both of them felt more awkward than the other.

“Sorry, sorry.” Zhou Xiao apologized quickly and turned to the group of people behind him. “President Qin has something else to do. Let’s wait a moment.”

After he said this, he closed the door immediately.

Chu Yi was embarrassed to the point that he was completely red. He didn’t dare to look at Qin Yiheng. Instead, he picked up the bag on the table, half carrying and half covering himself, he said, “I still have some designs to finish. Is there anything else? If there’s nothing, I’ll leave first.”

Qin Yiheng said, “There’s nothing.”

Chu Yi moved to the door and said, “Okay, I’m leaving.”

Qin Yiheng, “Be careful on the road.”

Chu Yi, “Mn.”

When Chu Yi went out, it was inevitable that he ran into Zhou Xiao again. Zhou Xiao embarrassingly apologized to Chu Yi again. After Chu Yi said it was okay, he left in big strides and hurried away.

Zhou Xiao hadn’t opened the door yet, he put his hand on the door and was ready to knock. However, a manager behind him retracted his eyes from Chu Yi and asked, “Assistant Zhou, who was that handsome boy just now?”

Zhou Xiao knocked on the door three times and said, “President Qin’s husband.”

With this answer, a commotion arose behind him.

“What? President Qin’s husband?”

“When did President Qin get married?”

“For real? Why haven’t I heard of this?”


Zhou Xiao turned to shush everyone, “Quiet down.”

Everyone calmed down.

Zhou Xiao opened the door again and led everyone in.

Qin Yiheng already sat down at his office desk. Zhou Xiao walked over, handed over the documents in his hand, and then said quietly to Qin Yiheng, “President Qin, I’m sorry. I should have waited for you to speak just now.”

Zhou Xiao often knocked on the door and directly entered after hearing Qin Yiheng’s “Enter”. This time he knocked, he thought it was Qin Yiheng’s silent approval and so he entered.

Who knew he would run into this.

“It’s all right.” Qin Yiheng gave the documents in his hands to Zhou Xiao, “Divide it.”

Seeing that Qin Yiheng really didn’t care, Zhou Xiao felt relieved and immediately did his work, “Yes.”

But somehow, as Zhou Xiao divided the documents. The scene of Chu Yi being hugged and kissed by President Qin just now flowed into his mind again.

It’s not the first time he saw such a thing. Today, this-, this-.

This is mainly because it’s President Qin.

He’s usually so serious, yet doing such a thing in his office…

“Assistant Zhou, what are you smiling at?” The last manager who received the document looked at Zhou Xiao suspiciously.

Zhou Xiao coughed and immediately retracted his smile, “It’s nothing, nothing at all.”

Chu Yi’s redness didn’t go away until he got downstairs and was blown by the cold wind outside.

After getting into his car, he pulled out the mirror and took a look at his face. Then he slapped himself two times before starting the car.

He was uneasy when he came, but happy when he left. Living like this is way too exciting.

As soon as he got to the office, Chu Yi took out the jersey and spread it on the sofa. He took a picture and then sent it to Zhang Kai.

It seemed that he was used to it. Chu Yi hasn’t followed up with any words yet, but Zhang Kai already replied.

Zhang Kai: Damn!
Zhang Kai: Could it be that your husband bought this for you again?
Zhang Kai: Damn damn damn
Zhang Kai: I’m so angry, I’m so angry, I’m so angry
Zhang Kai: I don’t envy you at all

Zhang Kai said everything. Chu Yi could only send a ‘hahahahahaha’ over.

He turned on his computer again and was waiting for it to load. He thought for a bit, then clicked into his Moments and posted this picture together with the picture of the pair of shoes given by Qin Yiheng he took yesterday.

With the caption “Thank you, a certain person, for the gift”.

Then Chu Yi put away his mobile phone and began to work again.

After what happened, he had already wasted a lot of time. There were more than a dozen clients pinned at the top of his WeChat, and he still had two that needed to be completed today.

Normally, he would have no problem with two, but today was different. One of the two was very time-consuming.

This one was from an old client. Not only does Chu Yi know him, but Rongrong and Xiao-Zhan also know him.

Chu Yi felt a little bit of a headache when he saw this client.

He remembered the fear of being dominated by this client.

The client’s first order was made by Rongrong, but the client was not satisfied with it no matter how she did it. Later, Rongrong really had no other way, so she asked Xiao-Zhan for help. After Xiao-Zhan got involved, the client was still not satisfied. After 3 to 5 days, a simple layout map still couldn’t be finalized and wasted a lot of their time.

Thus, the two asked Chu Yi if they could return the money and advised the client to look for another expert.

However, Chu Yi wasn’t willing to do things like refunds. He has opened the studio for four years. Except for when people intentionally look for trouble, there were very few refunds.

Since reputation is very important for business.

And Chu Yi had a pretty good reputation in the industry.

So he took over the order and wanted to see if he could change it himself. He’ll decide afterwards if it really wasn’t impossible.

Finally, under his rescue, he spent a whole night and finally changed it to what the client had in mind.

Of course, it was hard to do, but he also received a lot of money from it.

It seemed like the client knew himself clearly, so in the end, he gave more than double the price and even said shyly, “Thank you Designer Chu and your employees for your company these few days”.

What can Chu Yi say? He could only happily accept it, and then say it’s his job after all.

Since then, the customer has been looking for Chu Yi every time he wanted a design.

What remains unchanged is that although the requirements were still very high. Either something was no good or there was something he didn’t like. When the draft was finalized, he gave a lot of money.

Chu Yi was used to this act of slapping him several times before giving a bit of sugar.

So seeing this client’s name, Chu Yi seemed to be able to foresee the dark eye bags on his face tomorrow morning.

He planned to put this order last. If he can’t finish it as required in the studio, he will take it home.

He did this the last few times too. The previous time, it even took him until 2 in the morning. Then at 4 o’clock, because the client was suddenly dissatisfied again, he had to get up and change it again before finally finalizing it.

After returning from Qin Yiheng’s company, Chu Yi finished the first order first.

Chu Yi had already finished the design for this order a few days ago, he just needs to polish it today.

He spent more than an hour editing it before finally sending it to the client and collected the payment.

It was almost evening. Chu Yi randomly ordered a meal, ate outside, and then started the order of the difficult to satisfy Mr. Zhao.

Like before, Mr. Zhao listed many requirements.

“Ah? Boss, it’s his order again.” A voice suddenly appeared behind him.

Chu Yi turned to look at Rongrong, lowered his head, and drank a mouthful of soup to swallow down the rice in his mouth, “Yeah.”

Rongrong smiled, “I think Mr. Zhao must have looked for a lot of studios. He’s so difficult to satisfy, who would want to cooperate with him? Only boss, you have the ability and patience to deal with him.”

Chu Yi shrugged, “Designers need to have patience after all.”

Rongrong shook her head and disagreed, “This is a different kind of patience that only you have.”

Chu Yi looked at Rongrong, “It can’t be helped, I’m the boss after all.”

Rongrong sighed and stood beside Chu Yi with a water cup, “I don’t know who it is that could be so lucky to marry an immortal like you.”

Chu Yi smiled, “My husband’s the real immortal.”

Rongrong made a heart-shooting action, “Wow wow, boss is showing off his love life.”

Chu Yi flapped his hand and laughed.

After going over Mr. Zhao’s requirements, Chu Yi clicked into his Moments again.

Many of his friends like basketball, and many became friends with him because of basketball. So the post he just posted on his Moments has received a lot of likes and comments.

Other than those who were surprised and exclaimed, some of his friends even grabbed the keywords certain person in the caption and came to asked Chu Yi what’s the situation?

‘You’re dating?’
‘A certain person, why do I smell the scent of love?’
‘Be honest, who is this certain person?
‘Huh? A certain person? Huh?’

Chu Yi put away his phone and didn’t reply.

Rongrong and Xiao-Zhan finished their tasks at nearly 6 o’clock. They said goodbye to Chu Yi and left the studio.

In such a big studio, Chu Yi was the only one left to fight against Mr. Zhao.

Mr. Zhao lived up to his reputation this time as well. Chu Yi made the first draft in an hour and sent it to him. Sure enough, he saw a number of points sent back from Mr. Zhao.

Chu Yi: Okay
Chu Yi: I’ll change it again
Mr. Zhao: Thank you, xiao-gege[1]this could be regarded as flirty, you can treat this as “cutie”(?), but it’s also really common to call strangers you see on the street xiao-gege/xiao-jiejie even if they’re not older … Continue reading
Mr. Zhao: It’s a little demanding
Mr. Zhao: You’ve worked hard, xiao-gege
Chu Yi: No, it’s fine

This Mr. Zhao, Chu Yi had seen his Moments and seen his pictures. He didn’t seem younger than him?

However, since the first time he received his order, Mr. Zhao has always been calling him xiao-gege.

In the past, Chu Yi didn’t feel anything. A lot of people called him xiao-gege before.

Although many people frequently use the terms xiao-gege and xiao-jiejie nowadays, based on what Chu Yi had just experienced this afternoon, he thinks something must be done.

So Chu Yi first sent Qin Yiheng a WeChat, he asked him: Can I post our marriage on my Moments?
Five minutes later, Qin Yiheng said: Yeah

So Chu Yi looked through the pictures of the marriage certificate he took before, and only selected the one with the cover[2]marriage certificate is a little red book and posted it to his Moments.

With the caption, “Taken, by the same certain person from the last post”.

In the future, when people call him xiao-gege again, he can be more frank.

Chu Yi received even more likes and comments than the previous one.

Chu Yi was busy right now so he didn’t have time to reply to every comment. He just scanned through them once.

They were mostly people who were surprised and congratulations.

He was going to exit the app after this but found a red dot on Qin Yiheng’s profile picture in his Moments.

Chu Yi tapped into it again and saw that Qin Yiheng also posted.

And even stole his picture.

The caption reads, “I have a little husband, his name is Chu Yi”.

The translator has something to say:
manager: zhou xiao what r u smiling at?
zhou xiao: hehehe my ship came true


1 this could be regarded as flirty, you can treat this as “cutie”(?), but it’s also really common to call strangers you see on the street xiao-gege/xiao-jiejie even if they’re not older than you
2 marriage certificate is a little red book
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