Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar
Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar Chapter 5

TL: snaggletooth

Qin Yiheng’s house is a two-story duplex villa with a cool color tone. After the entrance came the living room, although it had all the necessary furniture, it looked empty because of how the space was reasonably arranged.

Chu Yi didn’t feel comfortable doing more observations, after walking inside alongside Qin Yiheng, he stood by the sofa.

Qin Yiheng was answering the phone.

“Mn, alright, send it to me, okay.”

With a few words, Qin Yiheng hung up in less than a minute.

He turned his head to face Chu Yi, and Chu Yi immediately stood properly.

Qin Yiheng, “I have something to do right now, for work.”

Chu Yi nodded, “Mn.”

After speaking, he led Chu Yi upstairs. They passed through a hallway, then stood at the door of a room.

Qin Yiheng, “This is the bedroom.”

Chu Yi nodded, “Mn.”

Qin Yiheng, “The study is next door, come find me if you have any questions.”

Chu Yi nodded, “Mn.”

Just like that, Qin Yiheng left to do work.

Without him here, Chu Yi felt a lot more comfortable. He entered the bedroom, closed the door, took a long breath of relief, and turned on the lights.

The simple furnish style particularly matched Qin Yiheng’s temperament. Chu Yi took a look around and admired the precious decorations on the shelves and the famous paintings on the walls.

There is a bathroom in the bedroom, Chu Yi stopped lingering, pulled out a chair and put his bag on it.

As if he were on a business trip, he brought the set of travel-specified toiletries from home, it was a big whole bag.

Only after he brought the toiletries into the bathroom, he realized that he didn’t bring his pajamas.

Chu Yi stood in front of the bathroom mirror while holding his things and spent a few seconds in daze.

He usually doesn’t need to bring pajamas on business trips, he goes to bed in a pair of underwear, or at most, he’ll add a pair of pants.

So like this, he forgot about it when he came here.

Chu Yi tilted his head toward himself in the mirror, and looked at the time on his watch, which showed 11 o’clock.

Might as well go home to get it.

He put away his things, walked out of the bedroom, and knocked on the door of the study.

There was no movement inside, but Chu Yi remembered Qin Yiheng said just now that he can come find him if there are any problems. If so, the him right now probably isn’t an interruption.

Thus, he slightly opened the door and poked his head in.

Qin Yiheng was sitting in front of the desk with his head lowered looking at his computer. Probably because he heard something from his side, he slightly lifted his head.

Chu Yi slowly and cautiously squeezed into the study. Seeing that Qin Yiheng didn’t seem to show a negative expression, he walked over quietly.

Qin Yiheng was wearing earbuds and did not speak after Chu Yi walked over so Chu Yi assumed it’s inconvenient for him to talk at the moment. He must be in a video conference or something else.

Qin Yiheng raised his head, as if asking Chu Yi what’s wrong.

Chu Yi felt that it must be inappropriate to speak right now. So he glanced around, took a blank sheet of paper from the printer and drew a pen from the pen holder.

【I forgot to bring my pajamas, gonna take a trip home】

After he finished writing, he moved to the side of the desk in small steps, squatted down, and passed the paper to Qin Yiheng.

The desk was neither tall nor short. After Chu Yi squatted down, the edge of the table just reached his neck. Qin Yiheng took the paper and read the words on it. He was about to speak but after he turned his head and was met with Chu Yi’s face full of expectation. Chu Yi had both hands on the desk, his chin resting on his hands and was blinking while staring at him.

Qin Yiheng swallowed his words and couldn’t help but curl up the corner of his mouth. Then, he pulled on Chu Yi’s finger.

Chu Yi received his signal and passed the pen over.

Qin Yiheng wrote his response under the sentence written by Chu Yi.

【No need to go back, wear mine】

He handed the paper over, but this[1]the “this” term here is the one used for animals Chu Yi seemed to be afraid of something, he only stretched out one hand, and quickly took the paper.

Qin Yiheng took a glance at the computer, then another glance at Chu Yi, and sort of understood. Chu Yi mistakenly thought he was in a video call and was worried that he would enter the scene.

Chu Yi had already begun continuing to write. Qin Yiheng stared at Chu Yi’s drooping eyes and did not interrupt him, nor did he explain that he was only looking at a powerpoint.

Chu Yi lowered his head as he wrote, and after he finished writing, he passed the paper back to Qin Yiheng. Since Qin Yiheng only turned on a single lamp and Chu Yi’s position was at the junction of light and dark. When he looked over, it was an image where half of Chu Yi was in the light and the other half was in the shadow.

Qin Yiheng dangled his hand over the keyboard and didn’t click next slide for a long time.

He zoned out watching Chu Yi, so when Chu Yi raised his head, their eyes met for a few seconds longer. Chu Yi noticed that something was unusual, so he passed the paper over a bit more and smiled politely at Qin Yiheng.

Qi Yiheng collected his gaze, took the paper and read the words on it.

【Won’t that be too troublesome? I will return very quickly】

He replied.

【Open the closet, the shelf of the far left are all pajamas, go pick one】

Qin Yiheng passed the paper over and Chu Yi received it.

【Ok, thank you】

Logically speaking, after Chu Yi finishes this last sentence, he can leave. He was also about to stand up when he saw Qin Yiheng taking the paper back and began writing again.

So he can only continue to wait.

A few seconds later, Qin Yiheng passed the paper back, Chu Yi borrowed some light and lowered his head to read.

【Everything in the bathroom can be used】

Chu Yi replied to him.


QIn Yiheng wrote again.

【I will take a while longer, if you’re sleepy, you can sleep first】

Chu Yi replied to him.


Qin Yiheng suddenly asked.

【Squatting for so long, aren’t your legs numb?】

Chu Yi flamed in his mind, actually, he didn’t need to squat for so long, isn’t this because you, President Qin, suddenly decided to start chatting?

【It’s not numb, then I’ll go shower[2]this can be shower or bath, it just means washing up. i will be translating this to ‘shower’ for the entire novel., you’ve worked hard】

Qin Yiheng finally stopped writing, he took Chu Yi’s paper and nodded to him. Chu Yi received the signal and stood up.

He just said his legs aren’t numb and like retribution, when he stood up, it felt like there were a thousand ants nibbling on his leg.

However, since it had already been said, in order to show that his legs really didn’t feel numb, he endured the pain, waved goodbye to Qin Yiheng, and walked to the door pretending to feel at ease.

The moment the door closed, Qin Yiheng picked up the conversation between the two just now.

They didn’t say much, the conversation only took up half the paper.

Chu Yi’s handwriting is very good and upright. Although he hasn’t been trained, it looks very comfortable. It is the kind of writing that can make teachers add bonus points to exam papers.

Qin Yiheng folded the paper in half, then in half again, and inserted it into the book that he most recently read.

Outside, after Chu Yi closed the door, he leaned down and fiercely beat his thighs.

He returned to the bedroom, opened the closet that Qin Yiheng talked about, and then he couldn’t help but let out a “wow” when he saw the display inside.

As expected of Qin Yiheng.

The way everything is placed was too regulated. There wasa shelf for suits, a shelf for trousers, a shelf for two-piece suit sets, a shelf for dress shirts, and a shelf for sports sets…

Everything’s clear at a glance. And the far left that Qin Yiheng referred to, which is also the smallest shelf in this wardrobe, is all pajamas.

Chu Yi chose a set of light gray long sleeves at random, closed the closet, and went into the bathroom.

Although Qin Yiheng said that everything in the bathroom could be used, Chu Yi still wasn’t comfortable enough to touch his things.

It’s one thing for Qin Yiheng to not treat him as an outsider, but it seems that Qin Yiheng doesn’t like touching things that others have touched. Chu Yi thinks that Qin Yiheng might have mysophobia.

In the morning, he wouldn’t shake hands, and in the evening, he wouldn’t wear slippers that others wore. He even used his own pen when they went to get their certificate. Up until now, he still hasn’t had any physical contact with him.

Therefore, it might be best for Chu Yi to touch less of Qin Yiheng’s things.

After showering, Chu Yi packed his stuff back in his bag. The dirty clothes were also packed in a plastic bag he prepared, ready to be taken home tomorrow.

When he had just finished packing his bag and zipped up the zipper, the bedroom door suddenly opened.

Chu Yi turned his head and met Qin Yiheng’s line of sight.

Qin Yiheng slowly walked in, it seemed like he was looking at him… or his clothes.

Chu Yi laughed, “It’s a bit long.”

The sleeves covered half his palms and the pants covered half his heels.

Qin Yiheng faintly said, “Mn”.

What Chu Yi didn’t see was that Qin Yiheng’s Adam’s apple unnaturally rolled up and down once.

After everything, Chu Yi had nothing left of concern. And Qin Yiheng went to shower.

He played on his phone for a bit, built himself up in his mind and climbed up the bed.

This bed is very large, with him on the left and Qin Yiheng on the right, it can fit one more person in the middle. After Chu Yi climbed up, he lay down on his side on the side of the bed.

Very soon, Qin Yiheng walked out of the bathroom.

It was already time to sleep, Qin Yiheng turned off the lights in the bedroom. Like what Chu Yi expected, he walked around to that side of the bed, lifted the quilt and lay in.

Chu Yi felt the bed sink a little.

Then, the lamp was also turned off.

It suddenly became dark in front of him, so Chu Yi habitually closed his eyes.

But he kind of can’t sleep.

This is practically the first time he slept with someone in his 26 years of life. If talking about awkwardness, it was definitely awkward. If talking about insomnia, he felt that he would definitely suffer from insomnia.

“How are your sleeping habits?” Qin Yiheng suddenly asked.

Chu Yi thought for a bit, “Should be adequate.”

His university dorm mates never made complaints, and also said he sleeps very quietly.

Qin Yiheng said, “My sleep quality isn’t very good, so try not to make too much movement in your sleep, and do not touch me.”

Chu Yi held his breath, answered, “Okay.”

Chu Yi was cautious not to move, and very soon there were no more movements from Qin Yiheng.

Gradually, a long time passed, a part of his neck was fiddled with his hair for a long time, it was very itchy. Qin Yiheng should already be asleep, Chu Yi thought, so he raised his hand to scratch it lightly and slowly.

But he didn’t expect that Qin Yiheng would suddenly move.

Chu Yi’s hand paused beside his neck.

“Not asleep?” Qin Yiheng suddenly spoke.

Chu Yi panicked, “No.”

Qin Yiheng didn’t speak anymore, Chu Yi slightly scratched one more time before slowly retracting his hand.

A few seconds later, Qin Yiheng spoke again.

This time, the volume of his voice seems to be lower.

He said, “The body wash you used isn’t mine.”

Chu Yi, “Mn?”

He was confused, is something the matter?

But he still answered, “It’s mine, I brought it.”

QIn Yiheng stopped talking.

Another half a minute passed, Qin Yiheng spoke again.

This time, he suddenly called out, “Chu Yi.”

His name was called, Chu Yi started feeling flustered, he immediately responded, “Here.”

Qin Yiheng’s voice seemed to be a bit hoarse, “Sexual activities within marriage, is it acceptable?”

Chu Yi didn’t react in time, “What?”

Qin Yiheng asked again, “Is it?”

Chu Yi suddenly felt hot, “Y-yeah.”

The author has something to say:
*blushing and heart-beating*

The translator has something to say:
o-oh. (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


1 the “this” term here is the one used for animals
2 this can be shower or bath, it just means washing up. i will be translating this to ‘shower’ for the entire novel.
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