Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar
Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar Chapter 56

TL: snaggletooth

Because of Qin Yiheng’s “I want to see you”, Chu Yi ate an extra bowl of rice today.

No matter the reason why Qin Yiheng wanted to see him, with this sentence alone, it was already enough for Chu Yi to be happy all night.

Wow, Qin Yiheng gave him sugar.

After dinner, Chu Yi quickly washed the dishes and utensils, and then went to the living room to accompany his mother.

Mother Chu was watching a TV drama. When Chu Yi came out, his mother looked at him, then handed over the peeled oranges on the table and was about to stand up.

Chu Yi pulled her, “The dishes have been washed.”

Mother Chu glared at Chu Yi and sat down again, “Didn’t I tell you to let me do it?”

Chu Yi, “It’s just a few dishes.”

Mother Chu glared at him once more, then picked up another orange.

Chu Yi swallowed the thing in his mouth and said, “Mom, I won’t be coming back tomorrow night.”

Mother Chu was stunned and turned to look at him, “What’s wrong? Didn’t you just arrive?”

Chu Yi laughed, “Qin Yiheng asked me to go to play in City Q for a few days.”

Mother Chu’s frown suddenly relaxed and turned to a happy smile: “So it’s like that, then that’s great, I was saying how you guys are newlyweds, he’ll definitely miss you since he’s gone for so long.”

Chu Yi didn’t deny it. He ate the orange and giggled foolishly with his head down.

His mother asked, “How many days are you going for?”

Chu Yi, “What he means is that if I’m free, I can just stay for the entire duration and come back with him when his work is done.”

Mother Chu is naturally happy to hear her son’s husband cling to her son so much.

When she talked with Chu Yi about Qin Yiheng yesterday, Chu Yi made ambiguous statements and didn’t really want to talk. He only said that they were pretty good together and Qin Yiheng was very kind to him.

Now that Qin Yiheng asked Chu Yi to go over, it indeed showed that they were pretty good together, she was finally relieved.

Mother Chu asked, “What did you say? Can you go for such a long time?”

Chu Yi shook his head, “I’m afraid I can’t for so long. There’s an order I have to go take a look at in person next week, which has already been discussed.”

Mother Chu nodded, “How many days can you go for?”

Chu Yi, “Three or four days. I’ll head there tomorrow.”

Mother Chu smiled, “Sounds good. Pay attention to safety outside, remember to look at the weather report, and bring more clothes.”

Chu Yi nodded, “I will. When I come back, I’ll bring you some special local products.”

Mother Chu peeled another orange for Chu Yi, “No need, it’s fine if you guys just have fun.”

At night, Chu Yi fell asleep very late because he was too excited.

He checked the weather and traffic of City Q.

It’s a commercial city, the things that could be played there basically also exist in every first-tier city.

Chu Yi checked the delicacies in City Q next.

City Q’s delicacies are much more abundant than their scenic spots.

As Chu Yi searched, he took screenshots of what he was interested in, and then switched to WeChat.

He was just about to send these to Qin Yiheng when he suddenly thought of something and stopped.

What was he thinking?

What was he doing?

Isn’t Qin Yiheng the best thing to look at and to eat in City Q?

Otherwise, why would he call you to come all the way over there?

Chu Yi exited WeChat and turned off the search software. He threw his phone by the bed and buried himself in the quilt.

About that sudden interruption that morning…

Although it’s not to the extent that he would be brooding about it, Chu Yi still thought about it from time to time these past few days.

At first, when the scene flashed into his mind, he would feel embarrassed because they got interrupted by Mother Qin. But thinking about it later, he only thought of Qin Yiheng.


It’s going to be a long night.

He wants to make love.

Qin Yiheng already bought the ticket for him. It’s a flight at four-something tomorrow afternoon. He gave him the time in the morning to deal with things in the studio.

Qin Yiheng also said on the phone that he may not have time to pick him up from the airport tomorrow because he has a meeting at 3 pm.

But Qin Yiheng said that when Chu Yi arrives at the hotel, his meeting will definitely be over.

Chu Yi said okay.

He said okay to everything.

This evening, Chu Yi was so excited that he didn’t go to sleep until 1:30.

The next morning, he got up early and went to the studio after eating the breakfast his mother made.

Today, he arrived early and appeared in the studio before work time. After he divided the priorities of his work, Xiao-Zhan and Rongrong came in with laughter.

Chu Yi handed over the two cups in his hand, “Here’s some coffee I got for you guys.”

Xiao-Zhan took it in fear and asked, “Boss, what’s wrong? You came so early and even bought us coffee.”

Chu Yi smiled, “Of course, I have something to request from both of you.”

Rongrong laughed and took a sip of coffee, “Say it, what’s the request?”

Chu Yi, “I’m leaving for a few days. I’ll have to leave the studio to you guys.”

Rongrong raised her eyebrows, “For a business trip?”

Chu Yi shook his head and admitted honestly, “I’m going to my husband.”

Rongrong suddenly laughed strangely, “Mn~ Boss~”

Xiao-Zhan also laughed, “Here I was wondering what’s up, so you’re going on a date.”

Chu Yi shushed the two, then said, “Then I’ll hang the studio over to you guys.”

Rongrong nodded, “You can rest assured.”

At almost three o’clock in the afternoon, Chu Yi received Qin Yiheng’s faraway concern and asked him if he had gone to the airport yet.

Qin Yiheng: Have you brought enough clothes?

Qin Yiheng: It’s colder here compared to City A

QIn Yiheng: If you’re sleepy, you can take a nap on the plane

Qin Yiheng: Someone will contact you when you get off the plane

Chu Yi didn’t immediately see the message because he was dragging his luggage.

It was not until Xiao-Chen picked up his suitcase that he took out his phone.

Qin Yiheng sent another message a minute ago.

Qin Yiheng: I’m attending the meeting now
Qin Yiheng: Call me if anything happens
Chu Yi lowered his head and typed: Okay
Chu Yi: I brought enough clothes
Chu Yi: See you later

When Chu Yi thought that Qin Yiheng was already in a meeting and would not reply to him, Chu Yi’s phone rang again.

Qin Yiheng: See you later
Chu Yi got in the car and continued typing: Aren’t you in a meeting?
Qin Yiheng: Yeah
Chu Yi: You can play on your phone?
Qin Yiheng: No
Chu Yi laughed: Then what is President Qin doing?
Qin Yiheng: Shhh

Chu Yi laughed out loud. Xiao-Chen, who was driving in the front, couldn’t help but look back at him.

Chu Yi shook his head to Xiao-Chen, then lowered his head and replied: Okay, I won’t disturb you, you pay attention to the meeting, shhh

After this message, Qin Yiheng didn’t send a message again.

Chu Yi put away his phone.

It wasn’t long before they arrived.

Chu Yi got out of the car, said thanks to Xiao-Chen, and pushed his suitcase into the airport.

Before the plane took off, Chu Yi took a picture of the window and the blue sky, edited it a little, and then opened his Moments.

He uploaded the picture first.

What should he write for the caption?

Chu Yi couldn’t help grinding his teeth. He thought for several seconds, and then finally typed “Going to see a certain person”.

He immediately posted it after he finished typing, and then quickly put his phone away, put his hands in his pockets, and calmly looked out the window.

What’s the matter with him now?

Why did he become so showy?


Going to see a certain person?

How could he say these kinds of words that contain specific meanings?


Chu Yi reflected on himself, but couldn’t help giggling foolishly.

After a while, he took out his phone again and noticed that there had been a lot of likes and comments on his post.

Deskmate: Student Chu is reduced to a romance blogger
Zhang Kai: I’m not living anymore
Zhao Yao: So it turns out that when you show off your love, it’s by using this kind of subtle style
Friend 1: I’m sour
Friend 2: Today is also a day where I’m squeezing lemons
Friend 3: Gimme another ton of dog food, I can still eat
Customer 1: Designer Chu and your husband are so sweet
Customer 2: Designer Chu must be feeling so much happiness

Chu Yi smiled as he looked through these, but when he scrolled to the end, he saw Zhao Xin’s comments.

Zhao Xin: Ahhhhhhhhhh
Zhao Xin: Gege, sao-zi, chargeee!

Chu Yi was puzzled and couldn’t understand it.

Mr. Zhao, what’s the matter with you?

As a result of making many friends, like the Moments when he announced their marriage last time, new comments poured in continuously.

The flight attendant was already announcing everyone to shut down their phone, so Chu Yi simply stopped scrolling and turned on flight mode.

City Q is a little farther than City W. It’s a long distance and Chu Yi was extremely bored on the plane. Before long, Chu Yi dozed off.

Not only did he dozed off, but he also had a dream.

It was a sweet dream about Qin Yiheng.

When awakened by the announcement sound, Chu Yi stayed in a trance for some time. He almost believed that Qin Yiheng, who confessed to him in his dream, was the same Qin Yiheng he knew.

Chu Yi drank a glass of water and laughed at himself.

It was as Qin Yiheng told him, when he got off the plane, someone called him and told him where to go and where they would be picking him up.

After getting in the car, Chu Yi first sent a message to Qin Yiheng.

A long time has passed since he sent it, but Qin Yiheng didn’t reply. Chu Yi speculated that he was probably still busy.

The airport of City Q wasn’t far from downtown, they arrived at the hotel in less than half an hour.

The driver dragged Chu Yi’s suitcase to the door of the hotel and politely said goodbye.

Chu Yi said thank you and then dragged the suitcase in.

Not long after entering the door, a hotel server came over and took the things in Chu Yi’s hand.

“Are you Mr. Chu?” The waiter asked him.

Chu Yi nodded.

“Mr. Qin asked me to pick you up here,” The server bowed slightly. “Please follow me.”

It was a very reassuring service, Chu Yi was taken all the way to a room on the 18th floor.

The server took out the room card from his clothes, opened the door for Chu Yi, handed the room card to Chu Yi, and said respectfully, “We hope you have a good time in City Q.”

Chu Yi smiled, “Thank you.”

Along the way, Chu Yi acquiesced that Qin Yiheng was still working, so when he entered the room, he naturally assumed that he was the only one here.

But the moment the door opened, he saw a man standing in the corridor in the room.


Chu Yi was both surprised and frightened.

But the moment he was sure it was Qin Yiheng, he immediately laughed and felt a little helpless.

“You’re done with the meeting?” Chu Yi said and turned to close the door.

He heard Qin Yiheng’s quiet “mn”, and then Qin Yiheng walked towards him.

Step by step, very slowly.

The ceiling of the corridor is lined with several small lights. Qin Yiheng is tall enough that with every two steps he took, he would shadow over a light.

Qin Yiheng’s tall body alternated in the flickering lights, calm and unhurried, and also smiling slightly.

Chu Yi’s heart skipped a beat in this instant.

When all the shadows fell, Qin Yiheng was already in front of Chu Yi.

But Qin Yiheng still seemed to be dissatisfied and took another step towards Chu Yi.

So Chu Yi had to retreat.

Qin Yiheng took another step.

Chu Yi retreated again.

Qin Yiheng took another another step.

Chu Yi couldn’t retreat anymore. His back was against the door.

“Qin Yi… Mm.”

When Chu Yi opened his mouth to speak, Qin Yiheng lowered his head and kissed him.

Qin Yiheng turned his head sideways when he kissed him, and the nearest small light was exposed.

Chu Yi couldn’t tell whether it was the glare of the light or Qin Yiheng’s sudden kiss that made him close his eyes naturally and consciously.

Qin Yiheng kissed him very gently, their lips were touching, and the tip of his nose also swiped across his cheek and nose.

It was itchy, but he wanted it to be even itchier.

However, before long, Chu Yi suddenly felt that something was strange.

He moved back a bit and looked up at Qin Yiheng, “Wait.

Qin Yiheng looked at Chu Yi with a faint smile, “What’s wrong?”

Chu Yi licked his upper lip a few times and looked at Qin Yiheng in doubt and surprise, “Cream?”

Qin Yiheng’s smile grew deeper, he lowered his head and touched Chu Yi’s lips, then asked, “Am I sweet?”

Chu Yi’s heart instantly started jumping wildly.

Qin Yiheng!

Chu Yi tried hard to calm his mood and nodded, “It’s sweet.”

Qin Yiheng looked into his eyes for a few seconds, then lowered his head and kissed him again.

This time, Qin Yiheng kissed him for a long time. It was until Chu Yi felt he had a lack of oxygen that Qin Yiheng let him go.

Qin Yiheng caressed his hair and pulled his suitcase in.

As soon as he got to the living room, Chu Yi saw a cake on the table, which was in a state that had already been eaten.

Thinking that Qin Yiheng ate cream silently before coming to kiss him, Chu Yi’s head exploded.

Chu Yi looked at the table and asked, “Why did you suddenly buy a cake?”

Qin Yiheng pulled out the chair in front of Chu Yi and motioned him to sit down, “Today is the 14th.”

Chu Yi’s heartbeat, which had just been steadied, immediately went crazy again.

He sat down slowly and told himself not to giggle foolishly.

When he picked up the fork, Qin Yiheng put out a small bag.

Chu Yi asked, “What is it?”

Qin Yiheng, “A gift, but there’s nothing special in City W, so it’s not very good.”

Chu Yi shook his head and smiled, “No, everything you give is good.” Then he thought for a bit, and added, “I like them all.”

He put down the fork and took out the box from the bag.

A folding fan.

Chu Yi opened it and looked at the words on it. It was a very common poem.

“City W only has this that’s a little famous, but it’s not that popular, almost no one knows about it.”

Chu Yi put the fan away and smiled, “I heard it for the first time too.”

Qin Yiheng, “I bought it for you to play with. Just leave it if you don’t like it.”

“I like it.” Chu Yi put it away nicely, “It’s also useful, it can be used in the summer.”

Qin Yiheng laughed.

Chu Yi picked up the fork again, but after he put it into the cake, he didn’t move again.

After thinking for a few seconds, he turned to Qin Yiheng and suddenly felt guilty, “You gave me so many things. I haven’t even given you a gift yet.” Chu Yi shook his fork, “You even remembered to buy me a cake on the 14th.”

Since all of this was said, Chu Yi thought about it, he might as well use this chance to flirt, “I’ll buy you a cake on the 14th of next month too.”

Qin Yiheng shook his head, “No need.”

Chu Yi nodded, “It’s needed.”

Qin Yiheng smiled, “It’s really not needed.”

He then pressed his hand gently on Chu Yi’s head and looked at the cream on the corner of Chu Yi’s mouth, “Aren’t you my cake?”

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