Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar
Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar Chapter 58

TL: snaggletooth

Qin Yiheng’s voice was very soft but also heavy. Chu Yi was still shocked and didn’t raise his head for confirmation at the earliest time, so gradually, he began to doubt whether he had heard hallucinations just now.


Which kind of gentleman’s guidelines did this come from?

Chu Yi raised his eyes without raising his head. He glanced at Qin Yiheng and found that Qin Yiheng had already started drinking soup.

So he could only continue to drink soup as well.

When Chu Yi raised his head again, he had finished the soup.

Qin Yiheng asked him, “How is it?”

Chu Yi nodded, “It’s good.”

Qin Yiheng smiled at him.

The two stopped talking. Chu Yi turned his head and began to enjoy the view of the fountain outside. Qin Yiheng continued to drink soup.

And fell deep in thoughts.

He didn’t expect that calling out “baobao” would be so awkward and difficult for him to accept. It wasn’t like what he had thought at all.

While drinking soup, Qin Yiheng recalled Zhou Ze from that day.

How could Zhou Ze say the words ‘baobao’ so naturally?

But he couldn’t?

Qin Yiheng began to regret it. He felt that he should have practiced in private. He never fought unprepared battles, not to mention that the other party today was Chu Yi.

It was too hasty.

And the response Chu Yi gave him wasn’t good either.

Neither his face nor his ears turned red.

Basically no response.

Qin Yiheng felt he needed to reflect on this.

The waiter served the food nicely on time. The soup was an appetizer, when Qin Yiheng finished it, the waiter knocked on the door and came in. Then the waiter placed all the food Qin Yiheng ordered today on the table.

The fountain outside shifted. When the waiter left and there were only two people left in the room, the fountain had changed from a little doggie to a little turtle.

Chu Yi was curious so he took several more glances as he ate.

With these glances, he saw through the trick.

It was nothing more than the change of the water nozzle and the pressure of the water, resulting in different shapes of water flow.

“You like this fountain?” Qin Yiheng suddenly asked.

Chu Yi retracted his gaze and picked up the fork in front of him, “I’m seeing it for the first time and was curious how it came out.” Chu Yi smiled at Qin Yiheng, “It gave me some inspiration for designing.”

Qin Yiheng nodded.

Chu Yi, “I sometimes go for a stroll outside when I don’t have inspiration. Inspiration is a magical thing, it might just suddenly flash into my mind.”

Qin Yiheng nodded.

Chu Yi originally wanted to continue talking about the things he encountered on the road of designing. However, seeing Qin Yiheng’s lack of interest and how he only smiled and nodded just to give him respect, he simply gave this up.

The two stopped talking and began to eat.

In fact, after not seeing each other for so many days, Chu Yi should have a lot he wanted to say to Qin Yiheng.

He thought about Qin Yiheng every day, especially at night.

And he even thought about Qin Yiheng to the extent that he needed to lay where QIn Yiheng usually sleeps to fall asleep.

He didn’t know that liking someone was originally like this.

Although he has never been in love before, Chu Yi has heard of how many people are like when they’re in love.

Whether it was high school or college, or now at work, from time to time, there will be friends who quarreled with their partners or those who are heartbroken and came to consult him on resolving the issue.

First, it was because Chu Yi is a good listener.

Second, Chu Yi was single. If he had nothing specific happening, he was basically always available.

After hearing a lot of people’s love stories, he thought that love was only so.

But now he thinks differently.

This sort of thing definitely needs to be experienced before you get to know the taste.

As Chu Yi thought about this, he suddenly smiled.

It must be the sudden sad music in the room that made his inner thoughts so sad.

Qin Yiheng didn’t exactly do anything to him?

On the contrary, Qin Yiheng is as perfect as he needed him to be.

Before long, the music in the room moved on to a soothing sound. After a while, Chu Yi had finished eating.

There are two chairs placed at the floor-to-ceiling windows where the fountain could be seen. Chu Yi was sitting bored. Seeing that Qin Yiheng was still eating, he said to him, “You eat first, I’ll go sit over there for a bit.”

Qin Yiheng heard him, then he first looked up at Chu Yi, then looked at the chair over there, and finally nodded.

Chu Yi took his phone with him as he went to sit over there.

The fountain had now become a bear.

Chu Yi had figured out its rules. There were five kinds of animals: rabbit, bear, cat, dog, and turtle.

Idle and bored, he took pictures of the bear, then as soon as he put down his phone, the fountain turned into a turtle, so Chu Yi took a few more pictures.

When he put down the phone again, Qin Yiheng sat down in the chair next to him.

“You’re finished too?” Chu Yi said something.

Qin Yiheng nodded, “Mn.”

Chu Yi asked, “Going back? Or?”

Qin Yiheng, “Do you want to go back?”

Chu Yi thought for a few seconds, “Let’s sit for a bit.”

Qin Yiheng, “Okay.”

What Chu Yi meant by “sit for a bit” was to take pictures of the remaining animals.

When the rabbit was photographed, he thought that he should chat with Qin Yiheng about something, it was pretty quiet after all.

But when he got to photograph the dog, he thought forget it, because he was just about to photograph the cat and before long, they’ll be heading back home.

When the dog fountain disappeared little by little and the cat was about to come up, Qin Yiheng, who had been silent beside him, spoke.

“When you decided to study design, was it because you were interested in design or because of your college entrance examination score?”

Chu Yi put down his phone a little, “Because I was interested in design, but also because of my score. I didn’t want to leave City A and wanted to attend University A. At that time, I was most interested in the design major, so I chose this.”

Qin Yiheng nodded and asked, “Is the booklet you designed for graduation still there?”

Chu Yi nodded, “Yes, it’s at my mother’s.”

Qin Yiheng, “I want to see.”

Chu Yi nodded, “Sure, I’ll go get it when I go back.”

Qin Yiheng, “You know photography?”

Chu Yi smiled, “Not really. I just take some pictures occasionally.”

Qin Yiheng, “Do you have any works?”

Chu Yi shrunk, “How would I have any works? I rarely take pictures recently. The ones I took are all in my Moments.”

Qin Yiheng, “I’ve seen them, I saved those.”

Chu Yi was surprised, “Ah? Which one did you save?”

Qin Yiheng, “I saved all of them.”

Chu Yi was even more surprised, “There’s a lot, it’s been several years, you saved them all?”

Qin Yiheng nodded, “I saved them all.”

Chu Yi quickly put away his phone, “Show me, it’s been a while since I’ve looked at my Moments. What have you saved?”

Qin Yiheng took his phone out of his pocket.

As soon as he unlocked it, Chu Yi was on the wallpaper.

“T-t-this, why do you have this picture of me? I don’t even have it.” Chu Yi widened his eyes and stared at Qin Yiheng.

Qin Yiheng met Chu Yi’s line of sight, and then looked down at Chu Yi in the photo, “I asked other people for it.”

Chu Yi paused briefly.

Qin Yiheng’s “I asked other people for it” gave Chu Yi a trace of the taste of youth.

It’s like when someone had a long time crush on a male classmate from the class next door, and others ask him where they got the picture, they will answer in this tone.

Asked other people for it.

Aren’t I impressive?

Chu Yi grew happier and pursed his lips for a while before saying, “Why did you set me as your wallpaper?”

Qin Yiheng, “I can’t?”

Chu Yi nodded.

He couldn’t help laughing and could only lower his head, “Yes you can, you can.”

Qin Yiheng then clicked into his albums and opened a folder called “Chu Yi’s works”.

As the title shows, it was full of Chu Yi’s things, not only the photos he took, but also some pictures he adored and posted in his Moments.

“You even saved these too.” Chu Yi muttered.

Qin Yiheng, “I saved everything that I think looks nice.”

Chu Yi suddenly started thinking.

He likes Qin Yiheng with all his heart, but compared to Qin Yiheng, he hasn’t actually done a single thing.

Holding a worthless heart, he only knew to be excited and jump blindly all day.

All the cells on Chu Yi’s body became active. He looked at Qin Yiheng’s phone as it scrolled down little by little, then said, “Why did you save so many things from me?”

Qin Yiheng’s thumb stopped and carefully explained, “I want to know more about you.”

Chu Yi lowered his head even more, “Oh.”

Qin Yiheng continued, “I talked about those things just now was also because I want to know more about you.”

Chu Yi blinked, “Is that right.”

No wonder he took the initiative to speak.

Chu Yi coughed in his mind and said quietly, “I still have a lot of things in my past you can learn more about.”

Qin Yiheng responded to him, “Let’s take our time.”

Chu Yi nodded, “Okay.”

When Qin Yiheng returned to the home page and was ready to put away his phone, Chu Yi suddenly flashed over and held down Qin Yiheng’s arm, “Wait a minute.” Chu Yi looked up at him, “Give me a photo too. I’ll set it as my wallpaper as well.”

The corner of Qin Yiheng’s mouth lifted, but it was a pity, “I have no photos on my phone.”

Chu Yi loosened his hand and replied feeling disappointed, “Fine.”

Just as Chu Yi was about to take his hand away from Qin Yiheng’s arm, Qin Yiheng suddenly grabbed his wrist, put it back on his arm, and said to him, “Take one now.”

Chu Yi didn’t react in time, “Ah?”

Qin Yiheng patted Chu Yi on the shoulder, then stood up immediately and pointed to the cat fountain that just appeared behind him, “Come on.”

The cat will soon disappear, which left Chu Yi with little time. He has no time to marvel at Qin Yiheng’s actions. He quickly stood up, stepped back, and squatted in front of Qin Yiheng.

In fact, the portraits he takes are quite ugly, but Qin Yiheng seemed like a natural model. In his lens, he doesn’t need to find the angle at all. Qin Yiheng looks good no matter how he took it.

A 187 cm man, dressed in a long coat, stood in the night, behind him was the reflected night view of the city and the shining fountain.

Chu Yi couldn’t help taking several pictures in a row. He also noticed that Qin Yiheng was becoming gradually gentler in his lens.

“All done.”

Chu Yi stood up and walked over.

Qin Yiheng didn’t even look at it, he directly said, “You can set it.”

He seemed to be urging, but Chu Yi didn’t think much. He quickly entered his phone settings, selected the one of Qin Yiheng smiling and not looking at the camera, then set it as the page.

“Qin-laoshi, please check.” After setting it up, Chu Yi handed it to Qin Yiheng.

Qin Yiheng was very satisfied, “Not bad.”

Chu Yi laughed, “Is Qin-laoshi calling himself handsome?”

Qin-laoshi asked back, “Am I not handsome?”

Chu Yi laughed even harder, “You are, you are.”

Qin Yiheng then turned on his phone and looked at the Chu Yi on his screen, “This one is also handsome.”

Chu Yi was very amused by Qin Yiheng, but he couldn’t laugh out loud and had to hold back his laughter.

He held it in until they were on their way back. Whenever he thought that Qin Yiheng asked him to take a picture on the spot, staring at him as he set the picture as his background, and didn’t even feel shameful about complimenting his own handsomeness. He wanted to laugh.

And he couldn’t even let Qin Yiheng see him laughing. He could only cover his mouth and laugh, then turn down the brightness of his phone, and secretly take it out again and again to see the wallpaper.

Since dinner ran late, it was almost eleven o’clock when they returned to the hotel.

Previously, Xu Jing had already sent the schedule to Chu Yi. Qin Yiheng has something to do tomorrow morning.

Chu Yi thought about how they might be doing something in bed later, he didn’t drag on any longer and went to wash up in the bathroom as soon as he got back.

Not long after Chu Yi entered the bathroom, Qin Yiheng took out his phone and tapped into the folder of the 50 ideas on how to pursue people he recorded yesterday.

The more he looked at it, the more he frowned.

The more he looked, the more dissatisfied he became.

As he was looking at it, a message suddenly popped up on his phone.

It was from Zhao Xin.

Zhao Xin: Gegegegegegegegegege
Zhao Xin: Sao-zi went over today right?
Zhao Xin: How’s it? How’s it?
Zhao Xin: Did anything happen today?
Qin Yiheng replied: He only arrived in the evening
Qin Yiheng: We had dinner together
Zhao Xin: That’s it?
Qin Yiheng: That’s it
Zhao Xin: You didn’t make a move?
Zhao Xin: You didn’t do anything?

Qin Yiheng raised his head and looked in the direction of the bathroom.

He did do something.


Qin Yiheng: It wasn’t very successful
Zhao Xin immediately started caring: How?

Qin Yiheng thought about today’s Chu Yi, thinking about how his expression was no different from how he usually was.

Qin Yiheng: Everything I said, everything I did, he reacted indifferently and remained unswayed.
Qin Yiheng sighed and lowered his head to continue typing.
Qin Yiheng: It’s so difficult

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