Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar
Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar Chapter 61

TL: snaggletooth

After Qin Yiheng left, Chu Yi returned to bed.

As soon as he closed his eyes, the phone on one side sounded. He picked it up and found that it was a message from Qin Yiheng.

Qin Yiheng: I ordered you breakfast

Qin Yiheng: I know you’re sleepy

Qin Yiheng: Eat before you sleep

Chu Yi replied: Okay

According to Qin Yiheng’s usual habit, he will definitely say everything together.

So Chu Yi waited for a few seconds, seeing that there were no replies from Qin Yiheng, he planned to put his phone aside.

But as soon as the screen locked, it sounded again.

Qin Yiheng’s message popped up on the screen.

Qin Yiheng said: I don’t have time to come back for lunch today

Qin Yiheng: It won’t end until 4 p.m

Chu Yi: Okay

Nothing came from Qin Yiheng again, but this time, Chu Yi waited a little longer before backing out.

However, just like before, the moment his phone screen locked, Qin Yiheng’s message bounced out again.

Qin Yiheng: I’ll give you a task

Qin Yiheng: Before I come back, come up with a special nickname for me

Chu Yi laughed. Since he was the only one in the room, he didn’t restrain himself. Hahahahahehehehe.

He rolled half a circle to the side where Qin Yiheng slept and replied: Okay

Qin Yiheng: [Picture]

Chu Yi opened it and took a look, and then his whole body turned numb.

He pressed his phone to his heart and stared at the ceiling with his eyes open.

This Qin Yiheng.


The picture was a screenshot Qin Yiheng took, and it was the WeChat chat interface of Chu Yi’s chat. The name “Chu Yi” is replaced by “Loves eating little cake”.

Whether it was about Chu Yi liking to eat little cake or Qin Yiheng liking to eat little cake, nobody knows.


Qin Yiheng: Is this okay?

Chu Yi: Yes

Qin Yiheng: Okay

Qin Yiheng: I hope I can receive a similar screenshot before 4

Chu Yi: I’ll try my best

Qin Yiheng: Try?

Chu Yi: I will!

Qin Yiheng: Baobao, you’re so well-behaved

Chu Yi: Just a little bit well-behaved 

Qin Yiheng: [Link]

Qin Yiheng: The food in this restaurant isn’t bad

Qin Yiheng: If you want, I’ll order it for you at noon

Chu Yi didn’t click it at all. He replied directly: Okay

This time, Qin Yiheng really finished. Chu Yi reread their chatlog five times, but no movements came from him.

After he got sugared up by Qin Yiheng, he lost the sleepiness he had just now. So Chu Yi might as well not sleep.

In his plans, he had no arrangements this morning.

Because long before he came to City Q, he had already predicted that would happen last night and that he would definitely be sleeping in this morning.

So as a result, he suddenly became idle.

Suddenly bored, and Qin Yiheng’s breakfast hasn’t arrived yet. Chu Yi simply went to the living room first, turned on the TV, lay on the sofa, and waited.

With the sound of the TV, the room doesn’t seem so quiet.

Chu Yi watched boring variety shows as he scrolled through his phone. When he saw Zhang Kai in his Moments, an idea suddenly came into mind.

Zhang Kai’s Moments was posted five minutes ago. He took a screenshot of a game. He scolded in the caption, “Fucking hell, I met a pig teammate so early in the morning. Don’t primary school students have to go to class today?”

Chu Yi exited it and immediately called Zhang Kai.

Zhang Kai picked up quickly, said with a spiritless voice, “Hello, Xiao-Yi?”

Chu Yi asked, “What are you doing?”

Zhang Kai, “Laying in bed contemplating about life, I lost 10 games in a row, life’s so difficult.”

Chu Yi laughed, “Why are you playing games so early in the morning?”

Zhang Kai, “It’s not early in the morning, it’s all night. I couldn’t sleep after finishing the bidding document in the early a.m. so I wanted to play a few games, but I ended up playing until now.” Zhang Kai sighed, “Xiao-Yi, you have no idea, fuck…”

Zhang Kai, “@#%*&%”

Zhang Kai, “@#%#&*”

Zhang Kai, “#@%&*”

Zhang Kai, “I’m utterly speechless. How did he get to this rank? Fuck.”

Chu Yi put down the water cup in his hand, “It’s just a game. Don’t be angry, do you have to go to work today?”

Zhang Kai, “No, I’m resting today.”

Chu Yi comforted, “It’s no big deal. Win it back when you’re free. Who’s Zhang Kai? It’s the god who can carry even if your teammates afk. Isn’t it a matter of minutes for you to rank up?”

Zhang Kai finally laughed, “Yeah yeah yeah.” Then he asked, “Did you see my Moments and specifically called to comfort me?”

Chu Yi, “Perhaps not.”

Zhang Kai sighed, “I knew it. Come on, why are you looking for this ge?”

Chu Yi licked his lips, “It’s just, uh, I…”

Zhang Kai sighed, “It’s about your husband, right? Look at you being all shy. Just say it. What do you want to discuss with me?”

Chu Yi also imitated Zhang Kai’s tone and sighed, “Only you understand me. Hey, what blessing did I receive in my last life to be able to become friends with Zhang Kai in this life…”

“All right, all right.” Zhang Kai interrupted. “If you have something to say, say it.”

Chu Yi, “I’m planning on pursuing Qin Yiheng.”

Zhang Kai was instantly amused, “You’re finally willing to engage in this enjoyment.”

Chu Yi, “That’s right, you have a lot of experience so give me some advice.”

Zhang Kai, “There’s plenty of advice but first, tell ge how this happened? Why do you suddenly want to pursue your husband?”

Chu Yi laughed, “I feel that he has been a bit kind to me recently, which was very different from how it was in the beginning. He even has a lot more skinship with me. I feel like it’s time, I want to try. “

“Give it a try then.” Zhang Kai agreed, “I told you long ago that no matter how you advance or retreat, he is still your husband, you can’t make a loss from pursuing him.”

Chu Yi demolished his stage, “You clearly never said that.”

Zhang Kai, “…”

Zhang Kai, “Do you want to hear or not?”

Chu Yi, “I want, I want, I want.”

By now, Chu Yi had already taken out his computer.

The last time he sorted out how to pursue the person he likes, it was already uploaded to his iCloud. As Zhang Kai talked, Chu Yi also opened that document.

“The most important thing in pursuing people is to find the right medicine. Everyone has different personalities and likes different things. Do you know what your husband likes?”

Chu Yi, “…”

Likes to kiss Chu Yi.

Likes to make love with Chu Yi.

Chu Yi coughed in his heart, “I might know.”

Zhang Kai snapped his fingers, “Then move according to his likes. Plus, I can see how you guys live seems to be quite calm. Go out with him more, go on some dates to promote your feelings. Don’t be meeting at home every time, that’s so boring.”

Chu Yi looked at numbers 2 to 15 in the document and nodded, “I see.”

That’s what netizens said too.

Go out more, see more and communicate more.

Zhang Kai, “Didn’t you go see him today? Where?”

Chu Yi, “City Q.”

Zhang Kai: “There should be places to hang out in City Q. Search it up, and then take a stroll with him when he’s free.”

Chu Yi lowered his head to type, then asked, “Then, when should I tell him?”

Zhang Kai, “Wait for the right time, I guess. It’s not good if it’s too early. Wait until the water flows, when it’s a natural time, you’ll tell him and surprise him. You’ll also snipe his heart.”

Chu Yi touched his chin, “Then, when will the water flow? When will it be natural?”

Zhang Kai, “When you think he also caught some feelings too.”

Chu Yi thought for a few seconds, “This, how do you tell?”

Zhang Kai took a breath of air, “You’re right, you’re so insensitive to feelings that you don’t know whether others like you or not.” Zhang Kai dragged out an “uhhhhh” sound, then continued, “Just see for yourself. In fact, with your situation, you can do as you like. It’s so easy. Aren’t you always saying that your husband is serious about engaging in this marriage? Maybe if you confess to him, he might even think…” Zhang Kai suddenly changed his voice and deepened it, “My Chu Yi baobao likes me? It needs to be fair so I have to like him too.”

Chu Yi laughed out loud.

It really does sound like Qin Yiheng’s style.

Chu Yi, “How did you know he calls me baobao?”

Zhang Kai, “…”

Zhang Kai, “I, found, out, just, now.”

Zhang Kai said in a hateful tone, “He actually calls you baobao? You-, you guys-, are really angering me to death. Are you here to learn from my experiences or to show off your love? Just kill me instead, why don’t you? I’m not living anymore, don’t pursue him, don’t pursue!”

Very coincidentally, after Zhang Kai finished this sentence, the doorbell in Chu Yi’s room rang.

Chu Yi intentionally made an ”aiya” sound, “The breakfast my husband ordered for me has arrived, I have to go eat.” Chu Yi said, “Have you eaten, Zhang Kai?”

Zhang Kai shouted, “I’d rather lose 11 games in a row, I’ll never answer your phone again.”

Chu Yi laughed.

Chu Yi, “Okay, thanks. Have some breakfast and go to bed early, stop playing games.”

“Not playing anymore.” He said and snorted, “Not sleeping either, you’ve irritated me.”

Chu Yi laughed, “I’ll order you a meal?”

Zhang Kai, “No need! No need! No need! You go eat your breakfast of love.”

Chu Yi took the breakfast from the delivery guy and said thank you.

Zhang Kai asked, “What are you eating?”

Chu Yi, “Porridge.”

Zhang Kai, “Then I’ll order porridge too.”

Chu Yi, “Sure.”

Zhang Kai, “Okay, let’s end it here. If you have any news or problems, come to me again. I’m so sleepy.”

Chu Yi made an “mn” sound, “Hanging up.”

Chu Yi brought the porridge to the computer, but he didn’t hurry to eat it. Instead, he sorted out the unsaved document on the computer first.

In fact, what Zhang Kai said wasn’t much different from what he found on the Internet. It seems that everyone had the same routine.

Chu Yi retyped a few words, saved it again, and backed up a copy to his phone.

After turning off the computer, Chu Yi took out his phone and gave the porridge a close-up, then he sent it to Qin Yiheng.

Chu Yi: Eating breakfast

Chu Yi: What did you eat in the morning?

After ten minutes, Qin Yiheng replied: I also had porridge

Qin Yiheng: From the same store as your takeout

Chu Yi was surprised: What a coincidence

Qin Yiheng: No coincidence

Qin Yiheng: I got it there on purpose

Chu Yi: This store’s porridge that delicious?

Qin Yiheng: It’s alright

Qin Yiheng: It’s mainly because I want to have the illusion that I’m eating in the same space with you

While they were texting, Chu Yi had his phone hanging above the porridge. After Qin Yiheng sent this sentence, Chu Yi was so shocked that his hands shook.

Seeing that his phone was about to fall into the porridge, Chu Yi hurriedly slapped it.

There was a dreary noise in the room. The phone flew out and fell on the carpet.

Qin Yiheng was too good at this.

What the fuck is he saying.


Chu Yi picked up his phone. The more he thought about it, the happier he became, but the more he thought about it, the more he refused to be defeated.

So early in the morning.

Can’t be teased in vain.

He’s going to do it too.

Chu Yi: Why?

Chu Yi: Do you miss me?

After Chu Yi sent this, he immediately closed his eyes and leaned back on the sofa.

No one needed to do anything this time, he took the initiative to throw out his phone himself.

What did he just do?

What did he just send?

Chu Yi looked down at the aggrieved phone lying on the ground and clenched his teeth.

He’ll wait two minutes before picking it back up.

So then he won’t be able to withdraw the message anymore.

Chu Yi clenched his fists tightly.

He heard his phone ring.

If Qin Yiheng replied no, he wouldn’t look for Qin Yiheng before 4 today.

As time passes second by second, Chu Yi’s nerve cells are like a roller coaster.

After waiting for three minutes, Chu Yi walked over tremblingly and picked up the phone.

He tapped it. The moment the phone screen lit up, Chu Yi’s heartbeat followed.

Qin Yiheng: I miss you

Chu Yi threw his phone out again.

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