Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar
Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar Chapter 74

TL: snaggletooth

The sun warmed its way to Chu Yi’s heart.

Right now, he was standing at the entrance, in front of Qin Yiheng, holding flowers, and a little over the moon.

This time he also blushed very quickly, so he lowered his head and slowly picked up the flowers.

Qin Yiheng suddenly took a step toward him. Because there were flowers between them, Qin Yiheng pushed the flowers and the flowers pushed Chu Yi, so Chu Yi had to step back.

Qin Yiheng took another step forward.

Chu Yi took another step back.

Step by step like this, Chu Yi was pushed against a pillar on the edge of the porch by Qin Yiheng.

This was Qin Yiheng’s favorite part, Chu Yi was controlled by the flowers and the pillar.

Controlled by him.

Qin Yiheng put the flowers in his hand aside and took the flowers from Chu Yi’s hand.

“Hey hey.” Chu Yi followed his flower with his eyes. He wanted to grab it, but Qin Yiheng lifted his hand and Chu Yi grabbed nothing but air.

Chu Yi jumped for it again, Qin Yiheng continued to raise his head, and he still didn’t get to touch anything.

Chu Yi took back his hands and gave up on this bouquet of flowers, then put on his hood with familiarity.

But he didn’t get to put on his hood like he wanted, because Qin Yiheng stopped him.

Chu Yi’s face was getting redder and redder.

Qin Yiheng, “Why are you hiding?”

Chu Yi looked left and right, “I’m not.”

Qin Yiheng, “Why do you hide from me when you blush?”

Chu Yi lowered his head and gritted his teeth, “It’s ugly.”

Qin Yiheng laughed, “How is it ugly?”

Chu Yi shook his head, “I’ve seen pictures of me blushing, it’s very ugly.”

Qin Yiheng disagreed with what Chu Yi said. He raised Chu Yi’s chin and lifted Chu Yi’s head, “Is it because you feel that it’s ugly that you always hide it from me?”

Chu Yi frowned with his mouth, “Why else?”

Qin Yiheng laughed. He saw Chu Yi’s redness slowly disappear and gently bit his cheek.

Qin Yiheng, “You don’t have to hide in the future, I don’t find it ugly.”

Chu Yi frowned with his brows and then looked at Qin Yiheng in disbelief, “Don’t lie to me.”

Qin Yiheng was very serious, “When did I ever lie to you?”

Chu Yi thought for a moment, “I guess you haven’t.”

Qin Yiheng laughed and raised his hand to knock on Chu Yi’s head.

Chu Yi pursed his lips. Qin Yiheng seemed to like knocking on his head recently.

With a sudden thirst for knowledge, Chu Yi asked, “Where did you learn it?” Chu Yi also raised his hand and knocked on Qin Yiheng’s head, “This.”

Qin Yiheng grabbed Chu Yi’s hand and knocked on Chu Yi three times.

While knocking, he said, “I didn’t learn it from anywhere, I just want to knock on you.”

Chu Yi, “Fine.”

Probably because he instinctively wanted to laugh, but his reasoning told him he shouldn’t be laughing so joyously. From when they’ve began to now, the muscles on Chu Yi’s face were all cooperating with him, putting on a stiff expression on his face.

So for a while, his cheeks got a little sore.

He raised his hand and rubbed his face twice.

Qin Yiheng watched as he rubbed his face.

After he rubbed it, he asked, “Is my face still red?”

Qin Yiheng, “A little.”

Chu Yi tilted his head and showed Qin Yiheng his ears, “How about here? Are my ears red?”

Qin Yiheng didn’t answer Chu Yi’s question, because he stared at it for half a second, then held Chu Yi’s waist and kissed it.

There’s no reason not to eat the food delivered to his door.

Chu Yi’s ears are so sensitive that even though they only got touched, his legs almost turned weak on the spot.

Qin Yiheng approached closer and put Chu Yi’s earlobe into his mouth.

The warm uneven breathing sound was right next to his ear.

After such a thing, his ears, which were not that red at first, instantly became red and hot.

It was a competition between softness and tenderness, when they collided, many intoxicating scents were emitted.

Chu Yi couldn’t help but put his arms on Qin Yiheng’s shoulder and closed his eyes.

Between their two families, Qin Yiheng is the man at the top of the food chain. Whatever he wants to eat, he will never not get to eat it.

Chu Yi is food without appeal. Sometimes he’s Qin Yiheng’s little cake, sometimes he’s Qin Yiheng’s gluttonous meal, sometimes he’s the bone Qin Yiheng left behind, and sometimes he’s the breathless soul under Qin Yiheng’s mouth.

He’s fine with anything, he’s okay with anything.

He enjoys this man devouring him and doesn’t want to resist.

Qin Yiheng stayed at his ears for a long time before departing from it. Chu Yi opened his eyes to look at Qin Yiheng, there was a small change in the air and the atmosphere became a lot different.

Two bouquets of flowers around them, and the faint fragrance of roses constantly transmitted over, stimulating their nervous systems. Chu Yi could not lower his excitement at all.

He gulped and asked Qin Yiheng, “How did you know I like you?”

Qin Yiheng looked into Chu Yi’s eyes and said gently, “It’s easy to tell.”

Many people say that it’s not easy to hide it when you like someone.

Even if your behaviors are hidden, with a single glance into your eyes, it’s clear as day.

Chu Yi doesn’t excel in lying and can’t hide things well. He likes Qin Yiheng so much, how will he be able to hide it?

Chu Yi laughed, “Why aren’t you asking me how I know?”

Qin Yiheng opened his mouth, but still didn’t make a move. He suddenly laughed and cooperated with Chu Yi, “Then, Mr. Chu, how did you find out that I like you?”

Chu Yi pfft-ed into laughter.

“What.” Chu Yi frowned his brows and then said with a smile, “What did you want to say before you held it back?”

Qin Yiheng, “I just wanted to say, I’ve been pursuing you for so long that if you still can’t tell, aren’t I a failure?”

Chu Yi raised his eyebrows, “So you were pursuing me?”

Qin Yiheng, “…”

Chu Yi haha-ed into laughter. He carefully recalled what had happened these recent days right in front of Qin Yiheng.

“Mn mn mn mn.” Chu Yi nodded with every mn. “You were indeed pursuing me, yep.”

Qin Yiheng paused for a long time, he didn’t know how to express his emotions, so he could only lower his head and bite Chu Yi’s cheek.

Chu Yi exclaimed “ah” then laughed, “Hahaha, it hurts.”

In order to comfort Mr. Qin, Chu Yi also said, “Then could you tell I was pursuing you?”

Qin Yiheng looked surprised, “Really?”

Chu Yi haha-ed into laughter again.

What the actual hell were they doing?

Chu Yi,, “So, then, why did you just change your statement and cooperated with me instead?”

Qin Yiheng blinked, “I want to be in a relationship with you.”

Chu Yi took a deep breath.

Saying this kind of thing all serious like this, it really strikes the heart.

Qin Yiheng continued to act in seriousness, “They say that people in love will become childish, they will ask questions even when they know the answers, and cooperate with each other.”

Chu Yi gulped, “Who’s they?”

Qin Yiheng, “Netizens.”

Chu Yi said, “Oh, no wonder.”

Qin Yiheng stared at Chu Yi, “As it turns out, they’re right.”

Chu Yi let out a fake laugh, “Hehehe.”

Qin Yiheng stared at Chu Yi’s lipsc “Okay, let’s not talk anymore. Let me kiss you. I haven’t kissed you for a long time.”

He then grabbed Chu Yi’s wrist and used his favorite way; he pressed Chu Yi’s hand against the wall.

Just as Qin Yiheng’s lips were about to touch Chu Yi’s, Chu Yi suddenly opened his eyes and shrunk back.

Chu Yi, “Wait, no.”

Qin Yiheng raised his head slightly, “What’s wrong?”

Chu Yi, “I’m sick, I’ll infect you.”

Qin Yiheng didn’t care. He tilted his head to avoid Chu Yi’s nose, and then kissed him.

Creatures at the bottom of the food chain have no say.

Just like Chu Yi.

He can only wait to be fed and raised, and eat something glutinous. If he behaves well, he can get a chance to breathe for a moment.

If he doesn’t behave well, he will have to keep eating.

Keep eating.

Keep getting eaten.

Keep eating.

Keep getting eaten.

Only after being eaten to the fullest can he be released and then slaughtered.

He didn’t know whether Qin Yiheng had become lazy or if he had gotten a little impatient.

Or maybe Qin Yiheng wanted to try something new. After the kiss, Qin Yiheng put Chu Yi on top of the shoe cabinet.

The two bouquets of flowers from just now, one was placed on his left and the other on his right. With this, the fragrance became stronger.

Qin Yiheng said to Chu Yi in a quiet voice, “Turn up the heating.”

Chu Yi separated some thoughts and turned up the heater.

While the temperature in the room increased, Chu Yi’s state of being eaten also changed.

The little cake turned into a big bone.

Qin Yiheng also became fiercer.

There were no handrails where the shoe cabinet was. During an intense moment, Chu Yi grabbed randomly but only caught some petals.

Then he mercilessly pushed the flowers to the ground.

Qin Yiheng’s neck also got scratched by him.

In the middle of the confusion, Qin Yiheng began to call him baobao unceasingly and coaxed him into saying things.

Chu Yi was coaxed into saying everything.

He was obedient to death.

In order to prevent falling off the shoe cabinet, Chu Yi tightened a certain muscle.

As a result, he felt a feeling he had never felt before.


On the spot.

At the end, Chu Yi’s throat turned dry, he didn’t have any strength left and could only lie on Qin Yiheng’s shoulder.

His legs were covered with marks from being pressed against the cabinet. Some marks were even red from being pressed too hard.

Chu Yi looked at the small bottle on the ground and asked Qin Yiheng quietly, “Why did you also put this at the door?”

Qin Yiheng also looked down, “It’s placed at many parts of the house.”

Chu Yi buried his head deeper and performed what Qin Yiheng said about ‘asking questions even when they know the answers’, “What for?”

Qin Yiheng, “What do you think?”

Chu Yi chuckled.

Qin Yiheng seems to be…

Learning naughty.

After lying down for a while, Qin Yiheng held Chu Yi’s shoulder and rubbed his head.

Chu Yi pursed his lips, “Now you know I’m a patient? You only know to bully me.”

Qin Yiheng let out a quiet chuckle, “I find you extra cute when you’re sick.”

Chu Yi, “I’m not cute.”

Qin Yiheng, “You’re cute.”

Chu Yi compromised and took a step down, “My mind burned out from the fever.”

Qin Yiheng laughed.

They didn’t waddle at the door, Qin Yiheng carried Chu Yi to the bedroom.

The two got a simple wash, then Qin Yiheng used the thermometer to check Chu Yi’s temperature.

Chu Yi sat weakly and said, “It definitely got worse.”

Qin Yiheng looked at the temperature displayed above, “And if not?”

Chu Yi rotated his pupils and glanced at Qin Yiheng, “If not, I’ll let you bully me again.”

After Chu Yi said this, he closed his eyes.

He’s definitely burned out his mind, what the heck is he saying?

Since Qin Yiheng asked him this, then it definitely means that he isn’t feverish anymore.

He indeed still wanted more.

But it’s not necessary…

To make the appeal so obvious.

“Look.” Qin Yiheng handed the thermometer to him.

Chu Yi only glanced at it, then closed his eyes again, and then dragged out a long, “Ohhhh.”

In the following time, all his attention was all on Qin Yiheng.

In the corner of his eyes, he saw Qin Yiheng put the thermometer into a transparent box and put it back in the drawer.

Then he poured a glass of water.

He first took a sip himself.

Then he passed it to Chu Yi for a sip.

Next, Qin Yiheng put the water glass on the table.

Then he came over and lifted the quilt.

Qin Yiheng, who had been moving slowly, suddenly increased his movements the moment he came to bed.

He fished with his big hands and directly held Chu Yi in his arms. Then used his short stubbles to rub against Chu Yi’s neck.

“Baobao, I’m here to bully you.”

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