Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar
Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar Chapter 83

TL: snaggletooth

After understanding each other’s intentions, both Qin Yiheng and Chu Yi’s lives became very different.

Although they are still busy with work, they will pretty much always stay together in their spare time.

Sometimes Qin Yiheng will go all the way over just to have dinner with Chu Yi. What’s more, he will stop by Chu Yi’s studio while on his way to other companies and have a sip of tea made by Chu Yi before leaving even if it wasn’t convenient.

Chu Yi also often goes to Qin Yiheng’s. For the convenience of Chu Yi’s work, Qin Yiheng even set up an office space specially for Chu Yi in his office.

The love affairs between the two soon spread through the company. Everyone was curious in the beginning but soon became accustomed to it.

They also freed up a lot of time in the evening. Chu Yi no longer lives the life of two dots and a line [1]two dots and a line: very simple life; dot A is his home while dot B is work, the line is him traveling from home to work and vice versa. He often does things that ordinary couples would do with Qin Yiheng, such as watching movies, taking a stroll, and swimming.

Who knew whether it was because Qin Yiheng was advised by family and friends, Chu Yi found that the frequency of his business trips was decreasing.

Ever since Qin Yiheng came back from City Q last time, he had been staying in City A.

“Boss, is your husband not coming to you for lunch today?”

At noon, just as Chu Yi came out of the office to order food with Rongrong, he was asked this.

Chu Yi shook his head, “He’s still in a meeting. He just said it might take another hour or so.”

Rongrong, “Oh.” Then handed over her phone, “What do you want to eat? Order it.”

Chu Yi took the phone and said, “You guys switched to another store?”

Rongrong, “It’s new. We’ve eaten it for two days, it’s not bad.”

Chu Yi nodded and slid his thumb down to see the meal combos from this store.

But a notification suddenly popped up.

Chu Yi read out the message, “Xiao-Hui’s birthday is tomorrow.”

Rongrong smiled, “Don’t worry about it, boss, you order first.”

Chu Yi didn’t take too long to pick. He quickly finished ordering and returned the phone to Rongrong.

After he said his thanks, he was going to return to his office. However, after thinking for a bit, he turned back.

“What app was that just now?” Chu Yi asked.

Rongrong, “An app for recording dates.”

Chu Yi, “What’s the name?”

Rongrong, “I’ll send it to you after ordering food, it’s quite useful.”

Chu Yi nodded, “Okay.”

When Chu Yi returned to the office, Rongrong had already sent over the app.

Before long, Chu Yi had downloaded the app. He opened it and explored it. He found that this app has many functions regarding dates.

It can not only remind you of various dates but also record important dates and label them.

Chu Yi first entered Qin Yiheng and his mother’s birthday, and then tapped on the day when he and Qin Yiheng got married and entered the words “Marriage Day”.

After he finished setting it up, he clicked confirm. Then Chu Yi saw that the number above showed 100.

While holding his phone, Chu Yi was surprised.

It turned out that, today, they have been married for 100 days.

Although he has never dated before, Chu Yi has heard that couples really like celebrating things like 100 days, one year, two years anniversaries; the days that have special commemorative significance.

Since Qin Yiheng said that he’s not only his little husband but also his lover and his beloved, then they are also a ‘couple’.

So when Chu Yi saw this 100 and felt a flood of emotions, it was probably not a shameful thing.

After giving himself a reasonable explanation, Chu Yi happily sent a message to Qin Yiheng.

Chu Yi: Are you free this evening?

Qin Yiheng, Who was slacking off in the meeting, quickly replied to him: Yes

Chu Yi: So certain?

Qin Yiheng: If you want me to be free, then I’ll definitely be free

Qin Yiheng: What’s the plan?

Chu Yi: What if I say I was just asking casually

Qin Yiheng: Then I’ll plan it

Qin Yiheng: Look at the nickname you gave me

Chu Yi looked up at the words “Big meanie” on the chat interface and gulped.

Chu Yi: Even if I don’t have plans, it seems I need to plan it

Big meanie: See you tonight


Their current relationship is that Qin Yiheng dotes on him and asks him for his opinions about everything.

But he still couldn’t resist the fate of being constantly pressed under Qin Yiheng.

After putting away his phone, Chu Yi opened the door of his office and went out.

When Rongrong saw him, she said curiously, “Hm? Boss, did you smell the aroma of the food? The meal was just delivered and I was going to call you.”

Chu Yi answered vaguely, he took the meal and followed Rongrong to the break room.

Today, Xiao-Zhan had an outing mission, so only Rongrong and Chu Yi were in the studio.

Perfectly convenient.

Chu Yi asked, “How long have you been with your boyfriend?”

With a “pa”, Rongrong split her chopsticks, “Boss, again?”

Before Chu Yi said anything, Rongrong said, “Ah, I got it. Just say it directly, what do you want to ask?”

Chu Yi thought for a bit, “Did you guys celebrate being together for 100 days?”

Rongrong laughed, “Of course.”

Chu Yi raised his eyebrows and said, “As luck would have it.”

Rongrong, “Ah.” Then repeated, “As luck would have it!” Rongrong was excited, “It’s 100 days for you guys?”

Chu Yi nodded, “100 days since marriage.”

Rongrong, “A big day!”

Chu Yic “Really?”

Rongrongc “How many times can you get married for 100 days? Only once! Enjoy it!”

Chu Yi laughed, “It’s not so exaggerated. The first day after getting married, the second day, the tenth day, it’s all only once.”

Rongrong felt uncertain, “Mn? Why does it feel so reasonable?”

Chu Yi didn’t waste his breath with her and asked directly, “Do you have any suggestions?”

Rongrong thought carefully, “I’ve been with my boyfriend for too long. At that time, er, I think we only ate and watched a movie? Ah, he also gave me flowers, nothing special.”

Chu Yi thought for a bit, “Flowers again?”

Rongrong, “Right, it hasn’t been long since you last gave him flowers. If you keep giving flowers, the value of giving flowers will become low.”

In his thoughts, Chu Yi suddenly glanced at Rongrong’s finger. He pointed to it, “Ring?”

Rongrong was surprised, “You guys don’t have a ring yet?”

Chu Yi, “No.”

Rongrong nodded, “Right, you haven’t even had a wedding yet.”

Chu Yi, “Mn.” He stared at Rongrong’s ring, and immediately had an idea.

So, Chu Yi, who always acted quickly, went to the largest shopping mall in City A after lunch.

Choosing gifts for Qin Yiheng had always been about the attraction of first-sight. Today, he also chose a pair of rings with the attraction of first-sight on the recommendation of the sales assistant.

The simple yet generous style that can be worn normally for fun and will not affect their wedding next year.

After the selection, Chu Yi happily returned to the studio and looked forward to the evening.

But Chu Yi had so few orders today that he was idle in the afternoon and began to fall into imagination.

He thought about what Qin Yiheng would do when he saw it. Will he do this, and that to him?

He also thought about whether it was a little too simple to give a ring? Qin Yiheng did free up his entire night for him after all.

Might as well cook him a meal.

It’s been a while since he cooked.

He’ll fill the table!

By making Qin Yiheng’s favorite foods.

Should he also make a cake?

Chu Yi thought about it and soon rejected the idea of making a cake.

First of all, Qin Yiheng doesn’t like eating cakes.

Secondly, if Qin Yiheng wants to eat cake, then he just eat, which had nothing to do with cakes.

Finally, making cakes is too troublesome.

But making cake is easy.

Chu Yi laughed when he finished thinking about this series of things in his mind.

Time flashed by, and another hour had passed.

Chu Yi couldn’t hold it in and finally took out his phone and gave Qin Yiheng a field of flowers.

Chu Yi: Do you know what day it is today?

It soon appeared that the other party was typing, but after typing for a long time, he only sent a: What day?

Chu Yi: We’ve been married for 100 days

Qin Yiheng: Oh

Qin Yiheng: This also a day?

Chu Yi: …

Straight men’s thinking is deeply rooted and can’t be changed.

Chu Yi: A big day!

Chu Yi: How many times can you get married for 100 days in your life? Only once!

Qin Yiheng: Every day after marriage only happens once

Chu Yi saw this and laughed on the spot.

Then, Qin Yiheng sent another message: But since you say so

Qin Yiheng: So that’s why you wanted me to free up the evening?

Chu Yi: Yep

Chu Yi: What time can you get home?

Chu Yi: I’ll cook for you tonight

Qin Yiheng: I can get home right now

Chu Yi: Well it’s not necessary to be that fast

Chu Yi: Give me some time to prepare

Qin Yiheng: When do you want me to get home?

Chu Yi: 6?

Qin Yiheng: Okay

After chatting with Qin Yiheng, Chu Yi immediately tidied up and drove back home.

On the way back, he went through the dishes to be cooked in his head. So when he arrived at the supermarket, he bought the ingredients very quickly.

There was still some time before 6, and Chu Yi began to prepare without delay.

Since there was something to do, the time moved much faster.

The timing was just right. After everything was brought to the table, the minute hand on his watch pointed to 11.

Like last time, Chu Yi also lay down by the window and waited for Qin Yiheng to come back.

He only lay there for a minute when Qin Yiheng, who had always been on time, came back.

Chu Yi hurried to wait at the door and put the ring in his pocket.

As he waited, he laughed.

Isn’t it just 100 days? Why’s he as nervous as he was when confessing?

He cleared his throat and the door opened.

Chu Yi stood upright immediately.

Qin Yiheng opened the door and saw Chu Yi at the door. He was only surprised for half a second, and then calmly lowered his head and changed his shoes.

In the process of Qin Yiheng changing shoes, Chu Yi got an idea.

He took a few steps back silently, staying at a distance from Qin Yiheng. When Qin Yiheng raised his head again, Chu Yi stretched out his hand to Qin Yiheng, “Don’t move.”

Qin Yiheng stood still.

Chu Yi said, “Catch me.”

Chu Yi ran a short distance, and then jumped onto Qin Yiheng.

Probably because Qin Yiheng didn’t expect Chu Yi to jump so suddenly, after he caught him, he was also pushed back a small step.

“Mr. Qin,” Chu Yi put his hand on Qin Yiheng’s shoulder, lowered his head to look at Qin Yiheng, and said with a smile, “Congratulations on your 100 days of marriage.”

Mr. Qin laughed, “You too.”

Chu Yi chuckled, then stared at Qin Yiheng’s lips.

He didn’t stare for long because they kissed.

It was a very wet, very hot, and very deep kiss that took a long time to end.

Although Chu Yi didn’t make a cake, he bought a cake[2]I think he’s talking about himself.

So at the end of the kiss, Chu Yi held Qin Yiheng’s face and asked, “Is the little cake sweet?”

Qin Yiheng, “It’s sweet.”

Chu Yi smiled, “It’s for dessert after the meal.”

Hearing this, Qin Yiheng raised his head. Chu Yi understood the meaning and lowered his head to kiss him.

Chu Yi asked, “Can you free your hand?”

Qin Yiheng had ‘are you serious’ particularly written on his face, “What do you think?”

Chu Yi laughed. “You can’t.” Then he put his hand into his pocket. “But I have a gift for you.”

Qin Yiheng was a little surprised, “You even prepared a gift?”

Chu Yi, “That’s right.”

Qin Yiheng didn’t put Chu Yi on the ground, but took two steps and put Chu Yi on the shoe cabinet.

Chu Yi’s legs that hung in the air spread open. He hooked his legs around Qin Yiheng, lowered his head, and took out the box from his pocket.

“Ring?” Qin Yiheng asked.

Chu Yi, “Mn.” He opened the box, “The wedding will still be some time, but what if someone wants to flirt with my husband during this time? There needs to be something that can prove that he is married.”

Chu Yi took out Qin Yiheng’s ring, “Right, laogong?”

Qin Yiheng smiled and stretched out his hand, “Right.”

Chu Yi put the ring on Qin Yiheng’s finger and stretched out his hand to Qin Yiheng.

Qin Yiheng cooperatively took out the other one and put it on Chu Yi’s finger.

When it was on, Chu Yi clenched his fist. Then Qin Yiheng also clenched his fist following him. Chu Yi aimed his fist at Qin Yiheng’s fist and bumped it.

The rings collided and made an oppressive noise.

Chu Yi raised his head to look at Qin Yiheng, “Without my permission, you can’t take this ring off.”

Mr. Qin stared at Chu Yi’s fawn -like eyes and said, “Okay.”

Chu Yi said, “I wish an everlasting bond for Mr. Qin and your little husband.”

Qin Yiheng, “Definitely.”


The translator has something to say:
stay! seated! there! are! extras!


1 two dots and a line: very simple life; dot A is his home while dot B is work, the line is him traveling from home to work and vice versa
2 I think he’s talking about himself
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