Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar
Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar Chapter 85

TL: snaggletooth

Extra: First Encounter Part 2

After Chu Yi said this, he immediately realized his mistake.

It was very impolite.

And very lunatic.

What the heck is this?

Is he a pervert?

“Sorry, sorry, sorry, I’m speaking nonsense, sorry.” Although the liquor didn’t make him flush, he still turned red from apologizing.

He quickly withdrew his hand and said sorry one more time.

Though the drunken Chu Yi was like a goldfish, he pretty much only had a 7-second memory.

So during the moment of apologizing, he suddenly forgot what he wanted to say.

And also forgot why he was apologizing.

Qin Yiheng asked, “Mister, are you drunk?”

Chu Yi finally sobered up. He first looked at the two glasses of alcohol on the table, and then nodded vigorously, “Yes, you’re right. My head is a little dizzy, I’m probably drunk.”

He tilted his head and felt very vexed, “I don’t know what I’m doing or what I said.”

Qin Yiheng affirmed, “You’re drunk.”

Chu Yi nodded three times, followed by three sounds of acknowledgement, “Mn, mn, mn.” He raised his head and looked at Qin Yiheng, “What did I just say to you?”

Qin Yiheng stared into Chu Yi’s eyes, “You forgot?”

Chu Yi widened his eyes to look at Qin Yiheng. He looked very magnanimous, which indeed seemed like he didn’t remember anything.

Chu Yi, “I forgot.”

Qin Yiheng, “You didn’t say anything.”

Chu Yi nodded, “Okay.” He consciously felt that he had disturbed the other and apologized, “I’m sorry.”

Qin Yiheng said faintly, “Mn.” Then stood up, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll be leaving first.”

“Hey hey hey, you can’t.” Chu Yi anxiously grabbed Qin Yiheng’s sleeve, “You can’t leave.”

Qin Yiheng pulled his sleeve, but he couldn’t pull it back.

Just when he wanted to pull harder, he saw Chu Yi’s expression.

Which looked very reluctant, aggrieved, and wanted him to stay.

Qin Yiheng gradually loosened the strength of his arm. In the end, he sat down.

After he sat down, Chu Yi immediately let go of him and giggled foolishly.

Probably because he was afraid that Qin Yiheng would leave again, Chu Yi thought real hard about a topic, “I’ll buy you a drink. Yes, I’ll buy you a drink.” Chu Yi suddenly became energetic, he pointed to the glass on the table and introduced vigorously, “Let me tell you, the drinks here taste so bad. It’s so bitter yet so strong that it’s hard to swallow. You must try it!”

Qin Yiheng suddenly laughed and asked Chu Yi, “Are you serious?”

Chu Yi nodded, “Look, I had two glasses.”

Chu Yi’s eyes were especially sincere. For an instant, Qin Yiheng thought of many people.

Those people also use this kind of gaze to recommend their own things, projects, programs, or the like to Qin Yiheng.

In his view, this kind of gaze reveals their confidence, desire, and expectation.

The expectation of others was that Qin Yiheng could accept their ideas and carry out further cooperation.

But the expectation of this person in front of him…

“Okay, I’ll go order one.” Qin Yiheng said.

This person’s expectation was probably wanting Qin Yiheng to also drink this alcohol, and then come to the same opinion.

That it tastes awful, bitter, and strong.

Quite interesting.

Before long, Qin Yiheng came out from inside.

When he sat down again, Chu Yi looked at him with uncertainty for a long time.

During this ‘long time’, Chu Yi was experiencing the following process.

Who is this man?

Why is he sitting next to me?

He’s quite handsome.

Then fine, sit, sit.

Not like anything would happen.

After Chu Yi finished thinking, he smiled at Qin Yiheng.

Then he thought for a moment and asked, “Mister, what’s your surname?”

Qin Yiheng, “Surname Qin, the Qin from the state of Qin[1]an ancient Chinese state during the Zhou dynasty..”

Chu Yi suddenly laughed, “Say, what a coincidence. My surname is Chu, the Chu from the state of Chu[2]a Zhou dynasty vassal state..”

Qin Yiheng said faintly, “Mn”.

Chu Yi laughed again, pointed to the empty glass on the table, and said, “Since we’re so fated, I’ll buy you a drink.”

Qin Yiheng, “…”

Qin Yiheng asked, “Exactly how much did you drink?”

Chu Yi put the two glasses on the table together, “Just these.”

Qin Yiheng sighed, “Your alcohol tolerance is so bad.”

Because there were very few guests, Qin Yiheng’s drink was soon served on the table.

The exact same wine glass, the exact same decorative fruit. Chu Yi was immediately shocked.

“Why did you order this?” Chu Yi whispered to Qin Yiheng, glancing at the waiter far away, “This drink tastes awful.”

Qin Yiheng, “…”

Chu Yi continued, “Why didn’t you ask me? Did you see that it was the store manager’s recommendation on the menu? It’s a scam!”

Qin Yiheng asked back, “If it’s not good, why did you drink two glasses?”

Chu Yi shook his head, “I don’t know, it was already two glasses before I knew it.”

Qin Yiheng lowered his head and took a sip under Chu Yi’s scorching gaze.

Chu Yi, “How is it?”

Qin Yiheng nodded, “It really is awful.”

Also really strong.

Chu Yi clapped his hand, “Right?! It tastes so awful!”

Qin Yiheng smiled helplessly, “Yes.”

But Qin Yiheng took another sip before he put the glass down.

Probably because Qin Yiheng understood that this Mr. Chu in front of him was already drunk enough that he can’t even remember things clearly, he simply decided to stop staying at this bar.

He drew a tissue to wipe his hands, said goodbye to Mr. Chu, and then stood up.

But this forgetful Mr. Chu held on to him in the same way again.

And showed the same expression.

History repeated itself.

But before Chu Yi said anything, Qin Yiheng sat down on his own initiative.

“What’s wrong?” Qin Yiheng asked him.

This man in front of him licked his lips, as if he was thinking hard about how to keep him here.

“I, uh, what time is it right now?” Chu Yi asked.

Qin Yiheng, “11 o’clock.”

Chu Yi seemed to have thought of a way, “I drank, I drove here, I can’t go home.”

Qin Yiheng analyzed the meaning behind Chu Yi’s words and expressed that he’s helpless, “I also drank, I also can’t drive.”

Chu Yi said disappointedly, “Oh”.

Qin Yiheng said, “I can call a car for you.”

Chu Yi said even more disappointedly, “Oh”. Then hung his head down.

Qin Yiheng tilted his head and looked into Chu Yi’s eyes, “Why? You’re not satisfied?”

Hearing Qin Yiheng said this, Chu Yi found the reason for his sadness. He nodded, “Yeah, I’m not satisfied.”

Qin Yiheng asked, “What do you want then?”

Chu Yi raised his head, he looked embarrassed yet still wanted it very much, “Call me a car and also send me back.”

After they stared at each other’s eyes for three seconds, Qin Yiheng compromised.

Xiao-Chen asked for leave recently, so he called Xu Jing instead. He gave him the address and asked him to come over right now.

After hanging up, Chu Yi nodded politely to Qin Yiheng and said, “Thank you.”

Qin Yiheng, “You’re welcome.”

While waiting for Xu Jing, Qin Yiheng finished the rest of the drink.

As for why he drank it.

He also doesn’t know.

In short, whenever he glanced at Mr. Chu and took back his line of sight, he would subconsciously sip a mouthful of alcohol. And only after that would he feel how awful it tasted.

And it repeated again and again.

Kept moving in circles.

Twenty minutes later, Xu Jing’s car arrived slowly.

Qin Yiheng said let’s go to the person beside him, then stood up.

When he stood up, he noticed that his clothes had been pulled on.

Qin Yiheng looked down.

The part Chu Yi pulled on wasn’t large. It was as if he was afraid that he would be found out. What he grabbed onto was the back of Qin Yiheng’s clothes, where it wasn’t obvious.

But he also seemed to be worried that Qin Yiheng would run away, since he was holding on very tightly.

“Is the car here?” Chu Yi also stood up.

Qin Yiheng pulled his clothes but couldn’t pull them back, so he simply didn’t try again.

Qin Yiheng, “Yes, the car’s here.”

Chu Yi looked at Qin Yiheng with grateful eyes and said, “You must send me home safely.”

Qin Yiheng, “Okay.”


1 an ancient Chinese state during the Zhou dynasty.
2 a Zhou dynasty vassal state.
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