After Being Marked By A Powerful Love Rival
After Being Marked By A Powerful Love Rival Chapter 1.1

At Cartier’s proposal ring counter in the mall, business was slow at 3 p.m.

The counter lady looked on with enthusiasm at the only customer in sight.

The man lowered his head slightly.

He wore a pair of thin-rimmed gold glasses on his high nose and kept looking at the diamond rings section intently.

He was wearing a black turtleneck shirt, which did a good job accentuating the pectoral muscles on his chest.

The nape of his neck was a contrast of white and black which added an ascetic seductive beauty to his charisma.

Under the golden light, his white skin looked soft and shining.

His whole person was like surrounded by a dizzying charm that was particularly awe-inspiring.

“Please help me with this one.”

The straightforward words were spoken in a clear and simple voice.

The counter lady blushed and proceeded to take out the ring from the shelf.

The Solid rose 18k gold ring was embedded with a circle of shining little diamonds.

It has a neutral style, modern and unique and was the store’s pride.

“Mr. Song, this is our new season’s model.”

The counter lady eyed him carefully and spoke in a very soft voice as if she was enchanted by his whole aura.

Song Yi took a closer look at the ring; it is Shen Li’s favorite style.

Although it was not big enough to be a proposal ring, but it will have to make do for now because he was in a hurry.

Anyway, he will make up for it and buy Shen Li a big diamond ring on the first anniversary of their wedding.

“Help me wrap it up, please.”

The counter lady swiftly wrapped the ring, somewhat envious of this fiancée who she has never met before!

She actually has never seen a man so devoted and sincere in choosing his engagement ring, most male customers think that they are only responsible for paying for it, as for choosing the ring itself, this kind of thing was left to the wife to handle.

They can’t be bothered with such a small thing.

That’s why this man right here was really a rare specimen.

After Song Yi swiped his credit card and paid for the ring, the counter lady sincerely wished him a happy marriage saying: “Mr. Song, I wish you and your wife a hundred years of happiness and an eternity of love.”

Song Yi’s eyes lit up at her sweet words and his pouty lips slightly curved forming a smile: “Thank you.”

The cabinet lady was dazzled by this “should be illegal” smile, her heart beating faster than ever before while her eyes floated straight ahead.

Today was a good day, Song Yi’s first love Shen Li has returned from abroad.

Thinking about his first love made Song Yi’s heart squeeze with a bittersweet feeling.

Shen Li was Song Yi’s high school classmate. Song Yi fell in love with him at first sight on the first day of school.

It was the first time he fell in love and the first time he felt so strongly about someone.

Shen Li looked exactly like Song Yi’s dream lover.

He has a beautiful face with red lips, white teeth and big clear eyes.

He also has a nice body with long thin legs and a tiny waist.

Every part of his body is perfectly suited to Song Yi’s aesthetic tastes.

From the first year of high school until the summer vacation after the College entrance examination, Song Yi had chased Shen Li for three full years.

On the day of his high school graduation, Song Yi summoned the courage to finally confess.

Shen Li blinked and said helplessly: “When I come back from studying abroad, if you’re still single, then we can be together.”

This rejection was quite tactful, feelings can’t be forced, Song Yi knew and accepted this fact.

However, six years have passed, and Shen Li has returned to China.

Today, he sent a WeChat message to Song Yi, it was a hotel address and a room number accompanied with a pink heart.

They are both adults so what can this mean?

Of course the meaning was crystal clear, without a need to spell it out!

To be honest, since Shen Li had been away for so long, Song Yi’s youthful passion towards him had cooled down a long time ago, but when he saw this WeChat, he became enthusiastic again.

The thing you don’t get will always be the best in your eyes, so Song Yi went to see Shen Li.

Not only does he want to fall in love with Shen Li, he truly wants to marry the man and commit to him for the rest of his life. 

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