After Being Marked By A Powerful Love Rival
After Ceing Marked By A Powerful Love Rival Chapter 1.2

At the hotel, Song Yi found that Shen Li has booked a suite for them.

Song Yi took the room card from the front desk and went inside.

The room was pitching black, the curtains were drawn tightly, and only the bathroom emitted a bit of light.

Through this small ray of light, Song Yi saw a set of unlit heart-shaped candles on the floor of the living room and noticed that the bed was covered with red rose petals.

The sweet scent of roses filled the air giving off a romantic and touching atmosphere.

It seemed that Shen Li had put a lot of thought into this; Song Yi was moved thinking that Shen Li was serious this time.

The sound of running water could be heard from the bathroom.

Through the translucent frosted glass, Song Yi could make out the lines of a beautiful male body.

The person showering had narrow hips, wide shoulders and long legs.

Song Yi squinted his eyes and admired the view for a few seconds.

Shen Li had grown much taller and stronger, and while still pleasing to the eye, it wasn’t the same type of lankiness as before.

But that’s okay, a bit of muscle would feel better to hold.

Song Yi took out the ring and placed it on the coffee table; he then leisurely poured himself a glass of wine.

Just as he was about to take a sip, his vision went black as the bathroom light turned off.

With a “thud”, the bathroom door slid open and steady footsteps could be heard coming his way, one step at a time.
Shen Li, an Omega, has taken the initiative to invite him here.

As an alpha, Song Yi can’t just sit back and enjoy the show; he has to give Shen Li a little surprise too.

Song Yi embraced the man’s waist, turned around and pressed him against the wall.

Since it was dark, Song Yi could not see Shen Li’s expression but he still gave his lover a tiny gentle kiss on the lips while his hand went to explore his warm body.
Song Yi was a little surprised.

Just now when he peeked at Shen Li’s body through the glass mist, he did think that he had gained a bit of muscles, however, now that he is touching him, he noticed that his figure is way too tall and strong for an Omega.

Even for alphas, as most of them don’t have such peculiar muscle lines.

He wondered how Shen Li managed to achieve this.

The man in his arms was startled, as if he hadn’t expected Song Yi’s arrival, but soon, soft laughter escaped his throat, his sturdy arms hooked forcefully around Song Yi’s neck and he savagely kissed his lips.

The wet, hot and soft lips pressed against Song Yi’s tightly, carrying a faint smell of smoke, mixed with the dry fragrance from the shower.

Shen Li’s kissing skills were way too good.

Song Yi was unwilling to be outdone though, returning the kiss with more passion, however, even so, Shen Li was obviously still the better kisser.

In the quiet room, Shen Li’s breathing was getting heavier and heavier and the arms holding Song Yi’s neck were getting tighter and tighter.

Breathless, Song Yi used a hand to push Shen Li’s shoulder a bit, forcing a distance between them and said: “Baby, you’re so passionate. “
“I’ve always been passionate about you.”

The man’s voice was low and clear, somewhat familiar, like a fine musical instrument.
Song Yi was startled, how did Shen Li’s voice change so much?

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