After Being Marked By A Powerful Love Rival
After Being Marked Cy A Powerful Love Rival Chapter 1.3

Before he could think more about that, Shen Li gently took his lips and said in a slurred voice: “I really missed you.”

It’s not like Song Yi didn’t miss him too, it’s just that Shen Li’s aggressive kissing method made him a bit uncomfortable.

His arms seemed to be unable to exert strength so he softly coaxed: “Let’s take it slow baby.”

Although Song Yi really wants to hold his white moonlight, who he had missed for so long, but to go to bed as soon as he entered the room is too much like a sexual encounter.

They should at least catch up on old times and act a bit more like an enamored couple.  

Shen Li didn’t respond and went straight to the point, undressing Song Yi in a very skillful manner.

Song Yi was shocked and just when he was about to stop him, Shen Li put his arms around his waist with a bit of urge and fell into the soft couch: “I can’t bear it any longer.”

Shen Li had never been this open before, Song Yi laughed quietly when he thought of that image: “That’s pretty hot.”

Shen Li gently bit his ear and said: “You don’t like me like this?”

Song Yi gently curled his neck, the smell of Shen Li’s body made him feel strange, like he was running a high fever, so he replied sincerely: “I like it.”

Having been an alpha for twenty-six years, Song Yi had never felt this way before, so he didn’t understand at the time.

Shen Li’s hand was cool, and his voice was slightly hoarse from excitement, saying: “You’re so hot.”

Song Yi’s body was damp with a layer of sweat.

His body was burning up with heat. He felt sore and limp as if the strength inside of him flowed away like water.

Something was wrong with this situation.  

“Wait” Song Yi’s voice trembled, catching the remnants of what was left of his sanity, he said: “I’m feeling a little sick.” 

The man sniffed the air and could smell the pheromones belonging to an omega, to be exact it smelled like the pheromones of an omega whose about to go into heat.

It smelled different from the ordinary sweetness of most omegas.

This one was very fresh, with a little warm and soft milk scent, creamy and pure, giving off a wonderful and fragile combination of sensations.

Even putting together all the omega’s pheromones the man has ever smelled, they would not compare to this temptation. 

“Well? What’s wrong with this place?” The man’s cold overcast fingertips made Song Yi feel inexplicably scared.

Song Yi couldn’t smell himself, but Shen Li’s action just now was extremely suggestive, so even a fool would know what it meant

There was a fucking misunderstanding on Shen Li’s part, right? 

Song Yi’s scalp felt numb for a moment, this misunderstanding went too far, although in society there are alphas that like to bottom, but Song Yi was not one of them.

Song Yi’s lips trembled slightly.

Just as he was about to speak, a very shallow and light kiss landed on his neck, at the same time the alpha brute pheromones broke through the barrier occupying the entire room like a beast out of its cage.

The strong tobacco smell was strongly aggressive, like an insurmountable mountain, it firmly imprisoned Song Yi on that square couch.

The man’s hoarse voice exclaimed in a low tone: “Shen Li, your waist is so delicate, I can hold it with one hand.”

Song Yi’s head exploded, like fireworks flying in the sky, it took him a few seconds to gather up his thoughts.

Who the fuck is this? ? ?

Song Yi mustered up the strength to climb up and tried to push away the man on top of him, but an omega in the midst of estrous simply couldn’t compete with a strong alpha, and his resistance only served to entice the man even more.

The man just grabbed Song Yi’s arm and pressed it to one side, he then lovingly touched the glands on his neck and said: “I like you so much, Shen Li.” 

The sensitive glands were subjected to repeated torments; it was like an electric shock of sensations.

Song Yi gave a humiliating glare in the silent night, it was all too strange.

It was as if he was being strangled, and when he opened his mouth, all he could do was let out a slight breath.

Having given away a bride, to lose one’s army on top of it[1]A Chinese proverb meaning to suffer a double loss after trying to trick the enemy.

Song Yi felt like he has never felt worse in his entire life.

It was a natural progression of what an alpha would do to an Omega in heat. 

As pain pulled him back from his trance, Song Yi bit down hard on the other man’s shoulder, with only one thought in his mind.

I have to kill this alpha.


1 A Chinese proverb meaning to suffer a double loss after trying to trick the enemy

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