After Being Marked By A Powerful Love Rival
After Being Marked By A Powerful Love Rival Chapter 2.1

Song Yi was the first to wake up.

He felt dizzy, and the muscles all over his body ached terribly, as if he had been disassembled and reassembled again.

His back felt warm and a strong and sturdy leg was hanging on his waist, as if someone was holding him from behind,

Song Yi turned his head in a daze and saw a furry head.

The man’s eyes were closed, his long eyelashes casting a shadow on his eyelids, he was sleeping peacefully.

He had a very beautiful face, quite handsome and upright.

Red lips, white teeth and eyebrows with a bit of masculine wildness.

One look at him and you’ll never be able to forget him.

Song Yi’s head was buzzing non-stop, as if struck by lightning or as if he had been cast a spell.  

This man, Song Yi knows, not only that, but the two have a long history together. 

Of course, an excellent Omega like Shen Li does not only have Song Yi as a suitor.

Gu Xingchuan was the best out of all Shen Li’s suitors, though.

In high school, the three of them happen to be in the same class.

Gu Xingchuan and Song Yi often butted heads because of Shen Li.

It can be said that both of them are a thorn in each other’s eyes, and they have not been in contact with each other since graduation.

Although both of them have entered the entertainment industry, but one was an actor, and one was a singer so they have not met for several years.

The moment Gu Xingchuan opened his mouth, Song Yi would not hear a sound. 

Everything that happened last night was vividly replying in his mind.

All the ways Gu Xingchuan has violated him in this dark room!

Song Yi hated it so much that he couldn’t help but want to strangle Gu Xingchuan to death.

Gu Xingchuan hummed a few times, tightening his arms around Song Yi’s waist and pushing his lower body against Song Yi’s meaty butt.

Whether it was intentionally or unconsciously, Song Yi didn’t know and didn’t care.

His body stiffened automatically and he froze up, he really didn’t dare move a hair.

“Xiao[1]A Chinese term of endearment that literally means “little” or “young”, here it can also mean dear. Li, let’s sleep for a bit longer” Gu Xingchuan said in a low and sticky voice, like a whisper between lovers.

Song Yi, as if possessed by an evil spirit, felt chills all over his body and nearly vomited blood[2]It means he was really angry..

Is there something fucking worse than this?

He didn’t know what was happening to his body and he got fucked by Gu Xingchuan as Shen Li!

Being fucked by his own love rival, this was a damn humiliation!

Gu Xingchuan continued to sleep soundly, his breathing smooth and even.

Song Yi left Gu Xingchuan’s embrace, struggling to climb up from the bed.

However, once his foot touched the ground, he felt pain all over his body.

These legs had been forcibly broken by Gu Xingchuan all night long yesterday.

His muscles were sore and weak, unable to hold the weight on his body, he nearly fell to the ground.

Song Yi leaned against the wall for support and it accidentally touched the place that had been repeatedly explored yesterday.

Song Yi felt a stinging pain reminding him of what had happened.

Gu Xingchuan moved a bit and noticed that his arms were empty.

His black eyelashes quivered a few times before opening his eyes and looking at Song Yi’s back.

Yesterday, it was so dark that he couldn’t see anything.

But this time there was morning light and he realized that the person in front of him had a very nice body.

The legs were straight and slender, the flesh was evenly distributed, the skin tone was white and dazzling, and the two upper buttocks were quite the handful just like a ripe peach.

There was also a small, crimson tooth mark on the side of his thigh that Gu Xingchuan had left in the haze of passion.

Seeing that, Gu Xingchuan’s mouth got dry and he could not wait to have a redo of yesterday once again.

Gu Xingchuan’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down a few times, his eyes looking very eager, he said to Song Yi:

” Xiao Li, I want to hold you.”


1 A Chinese term of endearment that literally means “little” or “young”, here it can also mean dear.
2 It means he was really angry.
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