After Being Marked By A Powerful Love Rival
After Being Marked By A Powerful Love Rival Chapter 4.2

Gu Xingchuan’s mouth hooked into a smile.

It was rare to see Song Yi angry, after knowing him for so many years, he had only seen Song Yi get angry a few times.

Gu Xingchuan liked seeing Song Yi like that. He looked much more alive and vibrant than his usual self.

Song Yi looked at the time on his phone, it was already 9.0 pm.

He said his farewell and got ready to leave: “It’s late, you have a good rest, I’ll see you again when I’m free.”

Usually the word “free” is equivalent to “goodbye”.

Gu Xingchuan lazily wiped his hair and said: “I haven’t eaten yet, are you in such a hurry to get home?”

Song Yi held the fire in his belly and said in sarcastic tone: “My dog at home is hungry, it’s time to feed him, if I don’t go back soon, the dog is going to bite people around.”

How could Gu Xingchuan not understand these words!

He looked at him sideways with a dirty look on his face and said: “You should remember to get vaccinated, otherwise you wouldn’t even know how you died.”

Song Yi eyes narrowed but still wore a gentle expression and replied: “Thank you for reminding me, I will get an injection as soon as I go back. The best hospital for treatment should be open 24 hours, it’s not too late to go.”

Gu Xingchuan touched his nose.

On the matter of talking back, he has seen the power of Song Yi’s mouth from their high school days.

Even though he would be smiling, his words would not spare you at all.

“Go out and water the flowers at the entrance” Gu Xingchuan coldly said and then left.

Song Yi thought to himself I would also water you, though, with pouring hot boiling water.  

When Song Yi returned home it was already 9.0 pm[1]It is not a mistake, the author kept the 9.0 pm.

His house was outside the Fifth Ring Road. He had bought it a few years ago when prices hadn’t risen yet. It was medium-sized and very well-kept.

Unlike native people of the imperial capital, both his parents were ordinary people.

Song Yi’s family were immigrant.

Since he could afford a house in this part of town, Song Yi was already considered a “successful man” in the eyes of his relatives and friends.

Song Yi took a shower, took an inhibitor and sat languidly on the couch with his laptop.

He clicked on L station’s website and noticed that the UP master with the ID name [Long-Legs Brother] in the watch list was live streaming.

Song Yi excitedly clicked on it.

[Long-legs Brother] was the first UP master that Song followed.

A few years back when he switched from drama to film, something not so pleasant happened, it was a windy and stressful time.

Song Yi decided to download a popular game to decompress.

Long-legs Brother was playing this game. He was the rare technical anchor of L Station.

He spoke in a soft, sultry voice and could get people wet just by opening his mouth.

Later, the game fever subsided and Long-legs Brother switched to the music section.

He had both the ability to sing and play music. From the guitar to the bass to the accordion, he could play them all.

He was also able to sing a few songs in English, French and Japanese.

You could say his talent was as abundant as the water flowing across the Pacific Ocean.

But what Song Yi liked the most was that Long-legs Brother, the UP master, was particularly virtuous.

His virtue was reflected in the fact that he had never sang Gu Xingchuan songs, not a single one of them.

There was once a fan who paid a reward of 10,000 just to beg Long-legs Brother to sing a Gu Xingchuan song but Long-legs Brother didn’t even bother to respond.

What a noble and honorable man, not compromising even for money!

Song Yi really admired this about him.

He was different from the other superficial UP masters in the music section who once Gu Xingchuan’s new song was out would do a refresh of all Gu Xingchuan repertoire giving Song Yi a headache.

So Song Yi sent a lot of gifts to Long-legs Brother and was a member of his fan association.

This is how he got acquainted with the man himself.

Long-legs Brother sang a soothing song today with a deep voice, which was deliberately lowered, but still sounded good.

It was like the evening breeze in the summer night as it brushed the tips of the hair, giving Song Yi a quiet, heartfelt calm, as if everything around him ceased to exist.

After listening to the song, Song Yi closed his eyes, still reveling in the aftertaste of the beautiful melody.

Song Yi’s life had been turned upside down in these recent days.

He had changed from a male to a female and had become involved with his old rival, Gu Xingchuan.

In all his twenty-six years of life, he had never been so messed up.


1 It is not a mistake, the author kept the 9.0 pm

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