After Being Marked By A Powerful Love Rival
After Being Marked By A Powerful Love Rival Chapter 4.3

Fortunately, Song Yi’s character is open-minded and has always believed that negative emotions are useless.

He has become an Omega, that’s a fact, and no amount of anger and frustration or self-loathing can change that fact, it would only make his life worse.

All he can do is accept his fate, face reality, and then try to adjust to his new identity.

But deep inside, there was still inevitably some sense of desolation.

Song Yi’s fingers quickly flipped over the keyboard and sent several messages as a string of pop-ups appeared on screen.

[Macbeth]: I’ve been in a bad mood lately, and I want to hear Master sing “Ride the Wind”!  

“Ride the wind” was the only original song of Long-Legs Brother.

He sang it only once a few years ago, and Song Yi liked the cool and cheerful tune, but Unfortunately, you can’t find the screen recording online.

Many of Long-Legs Brother’s long-time fans look forward to hearing him sing “Ride the Wind” one more time.

The pop-up requesting the song “Ride the Wind” was followed with a shower of fireworks, gloriously sparkling.

All sorts of gifts were also sent accumulating into a big line.

“You guys want to hear “Ride the Wind”?” Long-Legs Brother smiled slowly with a characteristic tone and air that seemed to be vibrant through the microphone.

“I can’t sing “Ride the Wind”” Long-Legs Brother paused and said softly:

“” Ride the Wind” was written for a friend of mine who has been having too hard a time. I hope that one day he can ride the waves and cut through the thorns and be his true self.”

“If one day he makes it; I will sing this song to everyone.”

Song Yi thought in his heart:

Long-Legs Brother is really a good gentle person; he is such a good friend.

  1. Pines has spoken 1 year ago

    The singer is ML. But I wonder who the firend is. Also thanks for the chapter

  2. Ruthsic has spoken 2 years ago

    Wonder who is the friend


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