After Being Marked By A Powerful Love Rival
After Being Marked By A Powerful Love Rival Chapter 5.1

Faced with his favorite UP master, Song Yi couldn’t help but curl his lips, deliberating over his words and typing a line on the keyboard.

He carefully sent a private message to Long-Legs Brother.

[Macbeth]: I hope master’s friend can get out of the valley of his life soon! As the song goes, “I wish you to ride the wind and waves, to steer the boat and sail the seas, I wish you to do as you please, no more fear in this life.”

Song Yi gazed at the screen a bit worried; did he seem overzealous in speaking like this?

The dialog screen says that the message has been read and Long-Legs Brother is typing his reply.

 Song Yi was on edge waiting for his response.  

[Long-Legs Brother]: O(∩_∩)O HaHa~ Thank you, Xiaobai[1]Xiao is endearment or perhaps role-defining prefix that just means “small” or “young.” And Bai means white so it is literally means Dear/Little White..

He actually used an emoji; master should be a very cute boy in reality.

Song Yi smiled happily and paused to ponder over what to reply: “I’m curious about what kind of person master is…”  

Long-Legs Brother has always been mysterious and has never shown his face.

But Song Yi deduced from his daily live broadcast that master’s living conditions should be good.

Master sings English songs with a standard British accent, he also speaks clearly and logically; you can tell that he has received a good family education.  

[Long-Legs Brother]: (#^. ^#) I’m a handsome guy with long legs!

[Macbeth]: ^_^ I believe it! I can tell you’re handsome by the sound of your voice.

Song Yi fan boy mentality is that even if the Long-Legs Brother is actually fat, round and a Zhong Kui[2]Zhong Kui is a deity in Chinese and Japanese mythology look-like, master’s inner beauty can cancel it all out and he would still be a handsome guy in Song Yi’s eyes.

It seems that Long-Legs Brother is typing his response; Song Yi waited for several minutes but master just keeps typing and deleting.

What was he struggling with?

[Long-Legs Brother]: Are you a fan of Gu Xingchuan?

[Macbeth]: No…

Song Yi frowned; how could he be a fan of Gu Xingchuan, he was more like an anti-fan. 

[Long-Legs Brother]: “Macbeth” is the title song from Gu Xingchuan’s first album.

Song Yi was startled; the name was purely coincidental. 

[Macbeth]: Haha, this is a play I like very much, it has nothing to do with Gu Xingchuan.

[Long-Legs Brother]: So you don’t like him? 

Song Yi didn’t know how to reply, Long-Legs Brother should also dislike Gu Xingchuan very much, otherwise why wouldn’t he sing even one of Gu Xingchuan’s songs!

But speaking ill of others behind their backs is something Song Yi really doesn’t like to do.

He thought about it and replied: “There are many people who like him and I’m not one of them.” 

[Long-Legs Brother]: [Cute] Why is that? 

[Macbeth]: well…because he’s arrogant and despicable. 

Song Yi was being honest and truthful, Gu Xingchuan had a good personality but he was too arrogant and acted that way with everyone.

Song Yi didn’t like seeing him behave that way.  

This time it took several minutes before Long-Legs Brother responded; he slowly typed a line: “I guess you’re an alpha.”  

The downside of being a top class influencer is that it doesn’t appeal to straight men.  

Song Yi tilted his head and said: “Gender confidentiality.” 

[Long-Legs Brother]: [evil laugh] How about fan benefits?  

Master usually talks to his fans on the air in a distant way. Song Yi has never heard of fan benefits.  

[Macbeth]: [Laughs] I really want master fan benefit; is it a song that you can request?

The person on the other end of the screen was quiet for a while, then there was a notification that a picture was sent over by Long-Legs Brother. 

The picture spun in circles as it loaded.

Song Yi leisurely picked up his cup of coffee waiting for the picture to become clearer.


Song Yi choked, the coffee in his mouth nearly spitting onto the keyboard.

The background of the picture was a high-class resort, the sun was shining, the pool was rippling with water.

A slender man was lying on a beach chair, his face covered with a sun hat, wearing only a shirt and a pair of black swimming trunks; his two long legs casually overlapped each other, the muscles clearly tight.

 He exuded strong male hormones.

As the name implies, his legs are really long and in online terms, it is unambiguously one-meter long.  

But… what did master mean by this? Song Yi was starting to have a bad feeling about this.

[Long-Legs Brother]: [Devil face] Do you want a date?

Song Yi frowned and answered bluntly: “What do you mean?”  

[Long-Legs Brother]: Sleeping with fans would be a fan benefit.  

Song Yi was taken aback for a moment, focusing on the word “sleeping “; his impression of Long-Legs Brother instantly fell to the bottom.

Usually in the live broadcast he looked upright and frank, who would have thought that in private he would be such an open person!  

Song Yi choked on his throat; he quickly closed the web page and tried to calm himself down.

It took him a while to come back to his senses. 

Sleeping with fans, this thing, as long as the other party was willing, two adults sleeping together is a normal thing; there is nothing to criticize as bystanders.

It’s just that this person was Long-Legs Brother, the person Song Yi idolizes in his heart.

Song Yi could not calm down.

After a few days, Song Yi left Gu Xingchuan’s matter behind and Gu Xingchuan also seemed to have forgotten and did not contact Song Yi. 

For a while Song Yi just stayed comfortably at home.

Early this morning he drove to Star Entertainment to sign the contract for the new script.

With this contract signed, it was just a matter of waiting for “Hot Love Era” to start production.

Song Yi’s assistant went to the market to buy the everyday items that would be needed for the Seaside.


1 Xiao is endearment or perhaps role-defining prefix that just means “small” or “young.” And Bai means white so it is literally means Dear/Little White.
2 Zhong Kui is a deity in Chinese and Japanese mythology
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