After Being Marked By A Powerful Love Rival
After Being Marked By A Powerful Love Rival Chapter 5.2

Just as Song Yi was coming out of the office door, he met with Liu Zhenzhen who was sitting in the lobby on his phone.

When he saw Song Yi, Liu Zhenzhen showed a stern face, called him over and said: “Song Yi, you got into trouble and you didn’t tell me?”

“What is it?” Song Yi already had a hunch about what this is about.

Liu Zhenzhen looked around to make sure that no one could hear them and said in a low voice through gritted teeth: “Did you hit Gu Xingchuan with your car?”

Song Yi narrowed his eyes and replied: “Yes, I accidentally grazed him.”

«You drive too recklessly” Liu Zhenzhen was livid and anxious:”You didn’t tell me either, if I hadn’t met Gu Xingchuan’s agent today, I wouldn’t have known about this matter. How long were you going to keep it from me?”  

Liu Zhenzhen paused for a moment; he looked at Song Yi’s unruffled and calm face, took a deep breath and said: “You have put me through a difficult situation right now!”

“I’ll take care of it” Song Yi was feeling very helpless.

Liu Zhenzhen gritted his teeth as he said: “Let me make it clear to you, Gu Xingchuan’s father, Gu Shaoyuan, acquired a portion of Star Entertainment’s shares at the last the shareholders’ meeting and is likely to be Star Entertainment’s largest shareholder in the future.”

“So you, you ran over the future boss’s son!”

Everyone in the company was cracking their heads trying to figure out how to suck up to this future prince while his own artist went and hit Gu Xingchuan with his car!

Now he is most likely to be hated by him.  

Liu Zhenzhen was about to vomit blood.

Song Yi frowned, if he had known that Gu Xingchuan’s father was going to be the boss of Star Entertainment, he would have terminated his contract eight hundred years ago:

“When did this happen?”  

“Don’t ask about these things.”

Liu Zhenzhen’s face eased up a bit; he glared at Song Yi and said:

“You bumped into Gu Xingchuan, how come you don’t even care if he’s going to be your future boss? You’re usually quite good at staying out of trouble ah, what’s wrong with you this time?”

Song Yi stayed silent, unable to say anything.

Liu Zhenzhen sighed: “Don’t concern yourself with the company’s affairs, I’ll deal with it, just as a favor to me, you go to Gu Xingchuan’s house now and try to get him to forgive you.”

Faced with Liu Zhenzhen, Song Yi could hardly refuse him.

Although Liu Zhenzhen was not very good-tempered, but the two of them got along quite well all these years and he could almost be considered a friend.  

“Understood, I’ll be heading there” Song Yi said as he pinched the bridge of her nose.

Liu Zhenzhen was finally relieved and patted Song Yi’s shoulder: “I also know that Gu Xingchuan is not easy to get along with, but people under the eaves have to bow their heads, you just bow your head, and everyone will have a better time in the future.” 

Song Yi faintly smiled, a great man should be able to yield. Only after walking through the valleys, can he climb to the highest peak.

He would consider Gu Xingchuan as a trial in his life, as long as he can overcome this hurdle, nothing can defeat him. 

Although Song Yi thought so, but when he received a text message from Gu Xingchuan, his anger flared up miserably.

The phone number was an unfamiliar number, but that tone of speech, Song Yi could not find another one among the people he knew who would talk like that.

[A box of orange flavored sweets, a box of avocado, sweet oranges with leaves, avocado to Pinkerton, and the seafood congee from Snow Congee, the shop on the fourth floor of Nan Mao Mall. Be at my house by four o’clock].  

Song Yi sat in the car, squeezed his phone and searched for an official phone number for Meituan[1]Delivery service delivery and sent the order over. 

Soon after Gu Xingchuan called. Song Yi waited until it was almost time to disconnect before slowly answering.

“Hello, may I ask who is this?” Song Yi very politely asked.

“It’s me, Gu Xingchuan” Gu Xingchuan’s voice sounded as black as dark clouds.

Song Yi acted surprised: “I thought someone ordered takeaway and sent the wrong message, so it’s you, you should have said so.”

Gu Xingchuan sneered: “Remember me now?”

“I’ll do it, I’ll get them for you right away” Song Yi smiled, seemingly completely unfazed.

Gu Xingchuan hesitated and said in a stiff tone: “Save my number and put an A in front of my name, so you it can be at the top of your contact’s list, I’ll send you a message whenever I need something.”

Song Yi smiled and said: “Okay, Young Master, your wish is my command.”


1 Delivery service
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