After Being Rejected, I Brought the Cute School Beauty Home to Be My Wife
After Being Rejected, I Brought the Cute School Beauty Home to Be My Wife Chapter 31.2

Chapter 31: The School Bully Wet His Pants (2/2)

The brick soaked in chemical solution was even more brittle than a biscuit.

With a crash, it broke into pieces on the ground, causing the students to gasp in awe.

“This is real hard qigong!”

“His body is as hard as iron, blocking bricks is nothing!”

“Zhao Qingfeng is so awesome. I get it now, he must have guessed someone would try to pursue the school beauty before graduation, so he deliberately went to the provincial city to train for a month!”

“This is what they call ‘sharpening the axe won’t delay the job of cutting wood’!”

The students’ imaginations ran wild.


Wang Qiang hadn’t vented his anger yet and was determined to regain his dignity.

But as he charged forward with red eyes, a loud voice suddenly came from behind.

“Wang Qiang!”

“What are you doing! Stop right there!”

Wang Qiang was startled.

He turned around and saw the voice belonged to the academic director, accompanied by a plump middle-aged man and a drunken old man.


Wang Qiang shuddered in fear.

Just as he was about to explain.

Zhao Qingfeng suddenly fell to the ground, covering his head with his arm full of brick dust, grimacing and crying out in pain, “Director, help me, hiss… Wang Qiang forced me into a fight, he hit me with a brick!”

Wang Qiang was utterly confused.


He threw the brick, but Zhao Qingfeng had just looked so relaxed…

The director turned pale and rushed to check Zhao Qingfeng’s injuries.

The evidence of the brick dust was undeniable, and Zhao Qingfeng appeared to be in extreme pain.

The director turned furiously to Wang Qiang.

“Wang Qiang!”

“Are you out of your mind?”

“This is a school, not a place for your tantrums!”

“I haven’t even confronted you about last night’s trouble at the amusement park!”

“And now you dare to challenge a classmate to a fight before the college entrance exam?”

“This is disrupting school order and destroying the unity among students!”

“Come with me to the academic office. I’m calling your parents. You must be dealt with severely!”


Wang Qiang felt like he had amnesia. When did he go to the amusement park these past few days? He was just shamelessly trying to hit on girls from the fourth school and ended up getting his face scratched…

He wanted to explain.

But that reason seemed even worse than causing trouble, didn’t it?

The director didn’t care about these details. He kicked Wang Qiang, suddenly noticing his shoe was sticky.

As the stench reached him, the director’s face changed, “You… you wet yourself in fear? Oh, you… how should I even deal with you, hurry up and go to the academic office!”

Wang Qiang was taken away, and Zhao Qingfeng breathed a sigh of relief.

This time, it was perfect.

With the reputation of punishing the little tyrant and being a martial artist, who would dare to trouble him at school in the future?

Sure enough.

Wang Qiang’s lackeys no longer wanted to follow him and lose face.

They gathered around, calling him ‘Brother Feng,’ wanting to switch allegiances and recognize a new leader.

How awesome martial artists were.

As long as Zhao Qingfeng accepted them, they would have confidence in anything, from grabbing a basketball court to seizing computers in an internet café.

Zhao Qingfeng decisively refused.

“Listen up.”

“From today on, you all better study hard.”

“No one is allowed to sneak off to internet cafés or play basketball during self-study sessions.”

“Anyone who disobeys.”

“I will beat you until you lose control of your bladder.”


The lackeys were terrified.

Just the scene of urinating in public was embarrassing enough, let alone losing control of both in public. They might as well live on another planet.

After dealing with them, Zhao Qingfeng then took Zhang Yang around to the front of the school.

Zhang Yang praised him all the way, and they coincidentally met Shen Lingyao, who had just finished cleaning.

Shen Lingyao saw Wang Qiang being taken upstairs as she came down the stairs.

But this time.

Wang Qiang didn’t even lift his head, looking like he had committed a huge mistake.

Curiously, Shen Lingyao asked Zhao Qingfeng, “Brother Qingfeng, what did you do to Wang Qiang? He’s too embarrassed to even look at me now. What happened?”

“I’ll tell you tonight. Zhang Yang, let’s go, I’m arranging for you tonight.”

“Where are you two going?”

“To the internet café! And then to your house for tutoring tonight!”

Zhao Qingfeng quickly ran off with Zhang Yang.

Shen Lingyao couldn’t catch up and returned home in a huff.

There were guests at home, some of whom looked familiar.

“Yaoyao, I haven’t seen you in over a year, you’ve become more beautiful!”

“Yaoyao, this is your Uncle Wang. Put down your bag and get ready for dinner.”

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