After Being Rejected, I Brought the Cute School Beauty Home to Be My Wife
After Being Rejected, I Brought the Cute School Beauty Home to Be My Wife Chapter 32.1

Chapter 32: Jokes at the Dinner Table (1/2)

Shen Lingyao greeted the guests absentmindedly.

As the meal was served, she sat at the table trying hard to recall who this Uncle Wang was. Finally, she remembered.

Wang Tieshan, her father’s business partner.

She had heard her mother mention that her father had opened an advertising company in the provincial city a few years ago as a backup plan, fearing he might fall behind in the internal competition at the beer factory. The company’s property, a small room of about thirty square meters in a well-known office building on the provincial city’s commercial street, was bought entirely by her father.

Wang Tieshan was his only partner in the provincial city, responsible for running the business.

However, as business became increasingly difficult over the past two years, Wang Tieshan planned to change his line of work. This visit was to discuss withdrawing his shares.

Her father agreed straightforwardly.

The two had cooperated for more than two years and, although they didn’t meet often, had a good relationship. Deducting various expenses over the years, her father needed to refund Wang Tieshan over five thousand yuan.

Her father cheerfully said, “Old Wang, let’s have a drink first. Listen, about the money, I’ll have to give it to you next week.”

“It’s not that I’m going back on my word. You know how my daughter loves to save money, always putting it in fixed deposits.”

Wang Tieshan nodded with a smile, “Old Shen, we’ve been partners for more than two years without any unpleasantness. How could I not trust you?”

“Then it’s settled for next week. You can transfer the money to me. I’m currently looking for other business opportunities. If I find something good, you can invest again, and we’ll continue our partnership.”

Shen Lingyao wasn’t interested in adult conversations.

She hurriedly ate a few bites, not wanting to listen any further, and after a polite goodbye, went to the study to prepare study materials for Zhao Qingfeng’s tutoring session that evening.

That day, Mr. Yan had talked about the method of ‘studying and progressing together.’

Shen Lingyao found the textbooks and set them aside, as usual, starting with writing in her diary.

“May 15th, 2001. I’m so mad, Brother Qingfeng is up to no good, actually…”

But after writing just a sentence, she suddenly heard a burst of hearty laughter from outside.


Wang Tieshan’s voice pierced through the door, laughing, “Hahaha, Old Shen, it’s a deal then. If I really find a good project this time, you have to introduce your daughter to my son. You’ve seen my son, he’s also applying for college this year, planning to go to the School of Business and Commerce. No joke, let’s drink, we’ll talk more later!”

His son?

Shen Lingyao’s memory was instantly pulled back to two years ago.

Indeed, there was such a person.

The young man was about 1.7 meters tall, fair-skinned.

He was somewhat shy when speaking. The last time he saw her, he not only stared at her face but also occasionally sneaked glances where he shouldn’t.

What was his name? She remembered…

Shen Lingyao continued writing in her diary.

“His name is Wang Jian, and he even asked for my QQ number.”

“Being with him? Impossible. This must be just a joke among the adults at the table.”


What Shen Lingyao thought was just a joke was actually a dream for Wang Jian, far away in the provincial city.

This matter could have been resolved with a phone call, but the usually shy Wang Jian insisted his father come in person.

Initially, Wang Tieshan thought his son was being silly.

Just because they met once two years ago, he was still thinking about her?

Despite his reluctance, he fulfilled his son’s request and came.

Upon seeing Shen Lingyao again, he also agreed with his son’s idea.

After all.

Who wouldn’t want a well-bred, beautiful, and sensible daughter-in-law like Shen Lingyao?

Moreover, his relationship with Old Shen had always been good.

If they became in-laws.

It would be a double joy.

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