After Being Rejected, I Brought the Cute School Beauty Home to Be My Wife
After Being Rejected, I Brought the Cute School Beauty Home to Be My Wife Chapter 33.1

Chapter 33: My Future Father-in-Law Looks Down on Me (1/2)

Zhao Ming circled around and stared directly at the computer screen.

Zhao Qingfeng, without turning his head and acknowledging his presence, skillfully typed on the keyboard. He was adjusting his mouse sensitivity in the CS settings interface, quickly entered the warehouse map, chose the bandit faction, and used shortcut keys to buy an AK47. His face was tense as he crouched and guarded his spot.


Zhao Ming watched this with pleasure in his heart and firmly squeezed the ample buttocks of the woman he met online beside him.

The woman was also very pleased, deliberately cooperating.

On the way here, Zhao Ming had slandered Zhao Qingfeng, saying he was not a pure Zhao family member but rather a bastard born of Qingfeng’s mother and another man.

Looking at Zhao Qingfeng now.

A pure internet addict.

Completely focused when playing games.

Could someone like him really achieve among the top three scores in the university entrance examination?

So, she just needed to wait until the end of the university entrance exam, when the money would be distributed. As Zhao Ming’s girlfriend, she would also enjoy some of the dividends.

“Little bro, you keep playing.”

Zhao Ming brought another bottle of soda and then went into his small room with his online girlfriend.

As the door closed, the two embraced and kissed.

Zhao Ming greedily moved his hands over her, and the woman, named Zhang Ping, responded coyly, mumbling, “But you said, after his university entrance exam, when the money comes in, you’d buy me a Nokia 3310…”


While the two were indulging themselves.

Zhao Qingfeng quickly quit the game.

Zhang Yang was startled, “Brother Zhao, why did you quit? There’s no one to cover me now!”

Zhao Qingfeng glared at Zhang Yang and immediately opened the QQ official website to start registering a large number of QQ accounts.

In 2001, QQ accounts were already 8 digits long, and occasionally finding a 7-digit one was considered lucky.

However, Zhao Qingfeng didn’t care about the length of the number but valued the anonymity of not being real-name registered.

Two hours later, after skilled operations, a hundred QQ accounts were registered.

Just as he sent them to his email, Zhao Ming and Zhang Ping came out, with Zhao Ming’s face covered in lipstick marks, and judging by the sound from the room earlier, they had been up to no good.

“Bro, I’m leaving.”

Zhao Qingfeng refused Zhao Ming’s offer of a free overnight stay and loudly shared some CS playing techniques with Zhang Yang before leaving.

He had originally planned to register a domain name for a future navigation website, but since payment required a bank transfer, he decided to wait until he earned some money later in the week to open a bank account.

When he returned, it was already past 8 pm.

Zhang Yang, as usual, went to help at the small restaurant.

When Zhao Qingfeng got home, Qingfeng’s mother had already heated the dinner and put it on the table. She frowned and asked, “Where did you go after school? Did you run to the internet café again? The university entrance exam is almost here, can’t you let Yaoyao teach you properly?”

Qingfeng’s mother didn’t want to be too harsh.

But she was really worried.

That afternoon, she had received particularly bad news.

The factory had announced that the 50,000 yuan compensation couldn’t be paid for the time being. That morning, the three aunts had gone to the brewery together, causing a scene and threatening not to allow the payment before the end of the university entrance exam, fearing Qingfeng’s mother would run away with the money.

The situation was getting worse.

The whole county knew about it.

The three aunts were notoriously unreasonable, and nobody wanted to provoke these shrewish women.

Of course.

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